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    How to Choose the Best Astrology Gifts for Her

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    Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday or birthday present for your girlfriend, mom, BFF, or any other special woman in your life, Birthdate Co. has the perfect astrology gifts for her. Few things are as special as receiving a personalized gift, which is why Birthdate Co. creates zodiac birthday candles specifically for each day of the year. But, there are many options when looking for astrology gifts for her. 

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    Zodiac Birthday Candles

    Birthdate Co.’s zodiac birthday candles are made to order with all-natural soy and coconut wax. Unique fragrances that were meticulously crafted for each of the twelve zodiac signs are blended into the candles. Each candle features a personalized reading that encompasses astrology, numerology, and Tarot, based on the exact birthdate. For astrology lovers, this is one of the greatest gifts you can get. It makes a beautiful and unique home decoration and provides further insight into her sign.

    Astrological Birthday Book

    The astrological birthday book is the ultimate astrology gift for her. Filled with more than 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, this book is insightful, unique,, and beautifully crafted. Inside, you’ll discover a beautiful depiction of the birth chart, a comprehensive view of how the night sky appeared at the moment of the book recipient’s birth. It goes on to explain all of the different planet’s meanings in the chart in detail.The Birthdate Book unlocks deep insights into your personality, life, interactions, and much more. 

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    Zodiac Jewelry

    Astrology lovers like to wear their signs loud and proud, embracing the many quirks and qualities that make up each person. So, if you’re seeking the perfect astrology gift for her, consider zodiac jewelry. Depending on your person’s style, she might prefer rings or bracelets over earrings and necklaces. Whatever she likes to wear, you can find the right style with horoscope symbols incorporated into the design. 

    If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry with a bit more sparkle, opt for a piece with your special person’s birthstone instead. Check out the guide below to figure out the right birthstone. Some months have two possible stones as the traditional and modern birthstones vary slightly. You can also choose a beautiful gift from our latest collection of zodiac-themed jewelry.

    • January: Garnet
    • February: Amethyst
    • March: Aquamarine or Bloodstone
    • April: Diamond
    • May: Emerald
    • June: Alexandrite or Pearl
    • July: Ruby
    • August: Peridot
    • September: Sapphire
    • October: Tourmaline or Opal
    • November: Yellow Topaz or Citrine
    • December: Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli

    Map of the Sky

    Astrology lovers have a natural affinity for the planets and stars, looking to them for wisdom. Constellations in the sky can tell us a lot about ourselves as humans, who seem to have an inherent connection to the universe. For the astrology lovers in your life, a large map of the sky may be the perfect gift to help her bring a little piece of the universe into her home. This is a great reminder of how big the world is and what our place within it is. You can also consider ordering a custom snapshot of the sky at the time of her birth to make the gift even more personal.

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    Tarot Cards

    Anyone who loves astrology is likely to be interested in all things occult and mystical, which of course includes tarot cards. The Tarot  consists of 78 cards broken into two categories: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The cards reflect the human experience and can reveal what’s happening in your life presently, what happened in the past, and possibly what will happen in the future.. They are a spiritual tool that has gained a lot of popularity in mainstream culture as a form of self-care and introspection. Whether your friend is interested in mastering the art of cartomancy or you simply think she’ll enjoy looking at the gorgeous illustrations and learning a new skill, tarot cards make an excellent gift.

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    Find The Perfect Astrology Gift for Her

    Astrology is a unique and personal hobby for many. Giving a gift that relates to a person’s interest in the subject or their zodiac sign is a thoughtful way to show you care. There are dozens of great astrology gifts for her out there, from zodiac birthday candles and jewelry to a personalized birthday book.

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