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    Gemini Guide: What Are the Traits of a Gemini?

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    Birth Range: May 21 to June 20

    Symbol: ♊

    Element: Air

    Ruler: Mercury

    Modality: Mutable

    Favorite Gift: Gemini Candle

    Favorite Emojis: 👯 🦋 🧠 🎉

    Ultra-social, endlessly playful and relentlessly curious, Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Born between May 21 and June 20, they possess a mutable modality that makes them extremely adaptable and unsuspectingly complex. Often misunderstood, Gemini is represented by the celestial twins for a reason. Those born in this constellation are full of dualities and contradictions, making them almost impossible to predict. Your guess is as good as theirs for what will happen next! . 

    In this guide, we’ll go over a few of the most common traits of Geminis to help you understand the twin sign. Use these traits to help you pick the perfect May and June birthday gifts for your fave Gem. Hint: Give them the gift of our Gemini candle plus a big party with plenty of people to  honor both their spiritual and social sides! !

    Shop the Perfect Gift for a Gemini 1. Geminis Are Expert Conversationalists — Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, which makes them enthralling and inquisitive conversationalists. Bring a Gemini along to your next social gathering and watch them charm a crowd with their linguistic expertise. . Geminis are also deeply curious, so you can expect a two-sided conversation with plenty of questions mixed in with funny and witty anecdotes.

    2. Geminis Are Natural-Born Leaders — Along with Libra and Aquarius, Gemini is an Air sign. These three zodiac signs are known for their witty, analytical, and intelligent ways, which makes them exceptional leaders. Communicating comes easy for the twin sign, always learning as the go along and not afraid to change their mind when new information is presented. . Their inquisitive natures  make them successful entrepreneurs, managers and politicians. Gemini is the Zodiac sign of many influential world leaders, for better or for worse, including Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy and Boris Johnson.

    3. Geminis Are Chameleons — The mythology of the Gemini traces its roots back to the two twin stars within its constellation, Castor and Pollux. In the Zodiac, the twins symbolize the Gemini’s multifaceted personality. Often mischaracterized as moody or two-faced, in truth Geminis are effortless chameleons, bringing energy and charisma one day and quiet intelligence the next. They fit in anywhere and have no trouble adapting to any situation.

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      4. Geminis Are the Life of the Party — Quick-witted and hilarious, Geminis have no trouble charming a crowd and making themselves at home at the center of a big group. Rather than exclusivity, they’re curious about anyone and everyone which makes them popular people. And because they’re always craving more knowledge, others easily open up to them. . Chances are the celestial twin in your life knows everybody’s deepest, darkest secrets.

      5. Geminis Are Deeply Intelligent — Don’t let Gemini’s playful nature fool you! Their natural duality and mutable modality puts them in all kinds of unique and unexpected scenarios, where they can’t help but pick up information along the way.Contributing to their reputation for extreme intelligence,  a study showed that Gemini is the most common sign among Nobel Prize winners

      6. Geminis Are Adventure-Seekers — With their unrelenting curiosity and natural sociability, Geminis would most likely prefer scuba diving or skydiving to staying in or going to the movies. They’re known for their fun-loving, passionate personalities, so they have no trouble stepping out of their comfort zone and encouraging everyone around them to do the same.

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        Surprise Your Favorite Gemini

        With all of this in mind, you might be asking yourself: What are the best May and June birthday gifts for your Gemini besties? Anything that stimulates Gem’s curiosity, intelligence, or social tendencies will do the trick. No matter what you get your favorite Gemini, remember to spend time with them on their big day! Socializing with the ones they love is what brings this Zodiac sign the most joy.

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