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    Are Aquarius and Libra Compatible?


    Aquarius and Libra are both air signs, ruled by the air element,, which means they share similar traits and have a high chance of compatibility. They are excellent communicators that value intellect and look for a partner with wit and charm (something that they both possess in spades). Often, these two meet and fall in love quickly, but in order to truly find out if Aquarius and Libra are compatible in the long run, we need to dive a bit deeper into both of their personalities. 

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    Aquarius and Libra Trust

    Aquarius and Libra usually develop trust between each other — but this doesn’t come instantly. Their open, communicative nature makes them willing  to trust one another, but they will need to build a bit of a deeper bond before they offer their trust fully. Though neither sign is known for jealous tendencies, both Aquarius and Libra are social, friendly people who like to have a lot of friends. In a relationship this can cause unfounded feelings of jealousy, but as long as Aquarius and Libra communicate openly, they won’t have issues with this. They are both very supportive partners that can help the other work through problems or insecurities.

    Aquarius and Libra Communication

    One of the strongest elements of an Aquarius/Libra partnership is their ability to communicate, and good communication is a key element to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. They are both intellectual and talkative, which means they quickly build rapport upon first meeting. And, they have plenty to discuss and debate the more they get to know each other. Libra will be intrigued by Aquarius’ quirky interests and humanitarianism, and Aquarius will passionately appreciate  Libra’s rational sense of justice. 

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    Aquarius and Libra Intimacy

    Aquarius and Libra can create a fulfilling sex life for both partners. Aquarians thrive on being unconventional and are interested in taboos. They don’t live their life worried about what others think of them, which can be freeing for a Libra in the bedroom who tends to be a bit more reserved and concerned with  others’ opinions. Aquarius can help Libra feel comfortable in their skin and deepen the intimacy in their relationship.

    Aquarius and Libra Feelings and Emotions

    Librans balance an emotional side with a slight tendency towards detachment. Their love of love  drives them to create lasting relationships and fantasize about a storybook ending, but that doesn’t mean that they will be ready to jump into a marriage early. 

    Aquarius shares a similar detachment and wants to stand apart as unique, though also craves honest connection. Aquarius is known to be fiercely independent while Libra likes to become a unit with their partner and can have codependent tendencies. As long as they understand each other’s boundaries and lean into their highly developed communication skills, this won’t be a major issue. 

    One potential bump in the road is the two signs attitudes toward marriage: Aquarius is unconventional and balks at tradition while Libras have a more traditional view of marriage. This is something they can work through, but it will require open discussion.

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    Aquarius and Libra Interest and Hobbies

    Aquarius is wildly spontaneous and a thrill seeker. While Libras are fun and enjoy a good time, sometimes they let their introverted side come out and they just want to stay in with a book and a good bottle of wine. Aquarius could decide on a whim to take a weekend trip while Libra is more indecisive and needs to more heavily weigh their options. With Aquarius’ encouragement, Libra can learn to lean into the spontaneity a bit more and Aquarius can learn how to have a beautiful night in relaxing.

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    So, Are Aquarius and Libra Compatible?

    Overall, yes. Aquarius and Libra are very compatible, though they’re not without their small speed bumps like every relationship. Generally, these two will have a lot in common, share similar interests and provide the wise counsel and support that the other seeks. Both signs are level headed and problem solvers, making it easy for them to work through their issues and find common ground to agree on.

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