How Scorpio Compatibility Can Make or Break Your Relationship With Them

    How Scorpio Compatibility Can Make or Break Your Relationship With Them

    Ah, the Scorpio. You love to hate them, and you hate to love them, but they have a tendency to keep drawing you back in with their sheer, innate magnetism. When it comes to your relationship with a Scorpio, it all comes down to compatibility. Unfortunately, this is something that you just can’t fake.

    Let’s take a closer look at Scorpio compatibility with each sign and what you can do to make your relationship with the Scorpio (people born from October 23rd to November 21st) in your life as strong as possible. People in this birthdate range (or any birthdate range) can also treat themselves to a Birthdate Candle, a beautifully designed, uniquely scented candle that corresponds exactly with that date of your birth. Birthdate Co. has everything you need to know.


    Scorpios and Aries

    Both Scorpio and Aries are all about power, and they can be single-minded when trying to find success. Both signs are ruled by the planet of passion, Mars, which can be good and bad depending on the context. When they’re both on the same page, the romance and passion are unmatched. But when they’re fighting, arguments have a tendency to get heated quickly and stay that way.

    When it comes to their elements, Scorpio is a Water sign, while Aries is a Fire sign. Although fire and water don’t sound like they’d play well together, opposites attract. They can work to balance each other out, each offering something the other doesn’t have. However, if one sign outweighs the other or won’t compromise, it can easily negate the other’s power and autonomy. 


    Scorpios and Taurus

    Taurus is the sign directly opposite Scorpio, which gives these two signs a powerful connection. Their union is always an intense one, but that can go both ways. When they work well together and are equally committed to each other, it’s an unbreakable bond where each perfectly compliments the other. But remember, passion can very easily go wrong, leading to fights that neither is willing to back down from.

    In many cases, though, the Scorpio/Taurus bond is one of yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Scorpio’s water elemental qualities, like sensitivity and deep personality, perfectly match with Taurus’s earth elemental qualities and how much of “rock” they can be. This is a perfectly matched pair, as long as Scorpio is willing to let down their guard.


    Scorpios and Gemini

    Scorpio and Gemini are not a pair that comes naturally. They are very different from each other, both in how they think and how they choose to express themselves. Gemini’s tend to approach life lightly, while Scorpio’s are much more intense and serious. 

    The misunderstandings that can result can cause a significant amount of arguments in the relationship, which can ultimately drive a wedge between them. This isn’t a very comfortable relationship for either person, and it can be challenging to feel constantly misunderstood and misrepresented.

    Unless you’re really, truly in love with the other person and willing to work hard to make it a successful relationship, it’s best to find someone who may be more compatible with you.


    Scorpios and Cancer

    If you thrive on emotional intensity, the Scorpio/Cancer pairing may be the one for you. Both signs are water signs, and they are as deep as the ocean, often spending plenty of time thinking about how they feel instead of acting on it. Cancer likes to lead, which can work well for Scorpio as long as they feel like they’re the center of Cancer’s attention.

    If both people can start speaking about how they feel instead of just dwelling in it, the possibilities are endless. You may even learn more about how you truly feel about things, and being able to connect with your own inner workings is super important (whether you are in a relationship or not).


    Scorpios and Leo

    Leo loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party, and Scorpio is often content staying on the sidelines. However, because of Scorpio’s natural tendency to be jealous of their partners, this can be a tricky partnership in many cases.

    Both signs are also fixed, which makes them even more stubborn and resistant to change. Unless each of the people involved is willing to put their egos aside (which can be especially hard for Leos), this isn’t likely to be a very successful pairing. It’s less about Scorpio compatibility and more about having to be ok living in Leo’s limelight.


    Scorpios and Virgos

    Virgo and Scorpio are both natural introverts, preferring to spend time on the couch than being the life of the party. However, both are loyal, so the time they spend together is intimate, loving, and comfortable. Virgo can help to level out Scorpio’s tendency to be all over the place emotionally, and Scorpio helps Virgo to open up a little and express how they feel more. 


    Scorpios and Libras

    Scorpio and Libra are right next to each other in the zodiac, which means that they tend to have a lot of similarities, especially if they are close in birthdate. When they come together as a couple, Libra’s intelligence and Scorpio’s emotionality make an excellent, supportive pair. They can accomplish a lot together and develop a sense of unity that is unique from any other match-up on this list.


    Scorpios and Scorpios

    It’s a known fact that humans tend to be attracted to people who are like them. That’s why most Scorpio/Scorpio relationships are so intense; it’s often just like looking in the mirror! But think about what it would be like to spend too much time with yourself… it could be fun, or it could be absolute torture.

    When this match goes right, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. When it goes wrong, it’s a war zone. At the very least, you don’t have to worry much about Scorpio compatibility if you’re dealing with a mirror image of yourself, right?


    Scorpios and Sagittariuses

    The trouble with a Scorpio/Sagittarius relationship is its tendency to be shallow. Often, this is the result of two signs that like to rush into things without really thinking about them, leading to a pairing that may not work for either party in the long run.

    Sagittarius tends to lack the intensity that Scorpio needs to feel secure, and Scorpios may be too intense for Sagittarius. If they can communicate well and shift the relationship from shallow to open and deep, the pairing does have the potential to be long-term.


    Scorpios and Capricorns

    Scorpio and Capricorn are a powerful duo. When they are in a relationship, they grow together as a couple and develop a much larger sense of self-awareness of themselves as individuals. It’s not often that relationships like this exist, where one or both people don’t lose their sense of individuality as part of a couple. However, this is also a relationship where it may take time for things to heat up, as both Scorpio and Capricorn are cautious in nature.


    Scorpios and Aquariuses

    Unlike a lot of the other sign combinations on this list, Scorpio and Aquarius have very little in common. Often, this doesn’t equal a sense of balance and acts as a hurdle that can be difficult to get over. Both signs are also stubborn and will fight to the death when challenged. However, that stubbornness can actually help the relationship succeed if both parties are determined to make it work. With this pairing, Scorpio compatibility really comes down to how bad you both want it and how hard you’re willing to work for it.


    Scorpios and Pisces

    Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs, which means that they get each other on a level that many other signs don’t. Both signs like to spend a lot of time in their own head and are often introspective to a fault. While this isn’t great when one sign spends a lot of time in quiet meditation and the other is outgoing and not particularly self-reflective, both signs understand each other and don’t take offense. Scorpios and Pisces can and do live deep, emotional, fulfilling lives together.


    Comparable Compatibility

    If you’re wondering what your Scorpio compatibility may be, or if you’re a Scorpio looking for your perfect match, you now know what signs to look out for. We are all unique, beautiful people who deserve happy, fulfilling relationships. Being able to truly understand your partner and accept them for who they are is key to sustaining relationships. 

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