Valentine’s Day Love Horoscopes by Sign

    Valentine’s Day Love Horoscopes by Sign

    Valentine’s Day always arrives in the final few days of Aquarius season, suggesting that the love we celebrate shouldn’t be reserved for intimate partners exclusively, but extended to the many different people that makeup our communities. That said, Valentine's Day 2023 has a few extra special moments in store for all of us. Keep reading to uncover all the Valentine’s Day love horoscopes by sign.

    The entire birth chart is at work when we talk about relationships, but when we think about “love” specifically, a couple distinct planets come to mind. Venus is the main planet we focus on, as it rules all things harmony and affection. It’s also important to witness what the Moon is up to, as it rules our emotions and how we feel nourished.

    The astrology of Valentines Day, 2023 specifically is really beautiful. First of all, there are ZERO planets retrograde! That alone is something to rejoice. The Moon enters Sagittarius in the afternoon, giving our emotions a buoyancy and bravado, because of Jupiter currently transiting the sign of Aries. That hopeful feeling will be balanced by a good dose of practicality, though, because the Sun will be approaching a conjunction with Saturn.

    Finally, the best astrological moment of Valentines Day 2023 is the conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Pisces alone means we’ll experience a Valentine’s Day that dreams, feels, and intuits what we need on an etheric level. Combining that energy with Neptune…we’re all going to be in love with love!

    It’s a beautiful day for daydreaming and getting swept up in the currents of emotion. Practicality can catch up with us later in the week.

    Valentine’s Day Love Horoscopes by Sign

    Our Lead Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, wrote these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!

    Aries ✧ 

    Usually identified as the “fighter” rather than the “lover” in the zodiac, Valentine’s Day 2023 will provide even the toughest Aries with an opportunity for softening. If you need a nap, take it, and know that your dreams will offer intuitive insights and good luck. 

    Taurus ✧

    Taurus is ruled by Venus, so these are people that know a thing or two about love…Valentine’s Day and otherwise. But this year in particular will be sweet for Tauruens friendships. That “collective” spirit of love will pull focus, and all manner of relationships will bring sweet moments of transcending the norm.

    Gemini ✧ 

    Valentine’s Day this year could engender a love of work for the Gemini’s among us! While the office is rarely a place to center romance, this is an opportunity to show care for your coworkers. Your boss might be particularly receptive to a surprise delivery of jelly donuts.

    Cancer ✧ 

    Long distance love affair, anyone? Cancerians will be celebrating the value of different cultures this Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t booked a trip in a while, know that this week is a beautiful one for a self-care vacation.

    Leo ✧ 

    Healing becomes you this Valentine’s Day, Leo. When you learn to surrender to the ebbs and flows of your relationships, magical support will find its way towards you. Your love life is in a process of transformation this year.

    Virgo ✧ 

    While the astrology of Valentine’s Day does point to a collective spirit, you’re dialing in on your one on one partnerships. You’re feeling the love with those you’re in serious commitments with, and should celebrate the sweetness your favorite individuals bring to your life. Plan a date night and enjoy each other’s company.

    Libra ✧ 

    Never strangers to love, very few Librans can resist the siren call of Valentine’s Day. And this year is likely to be even sweeter than most, because of your ruling planet’s connection with Neptune. There could be a spiritual air to the love you’re celebrating and copious treats consumed.

    Scorpio ✧ 

    You keep your heart close to your chest, Scorpio, and Valentine’s Day is unlikely to change that. However, this year could have you opening up creatively in a whole new way. Notice how you can channel your emotions into powerful art. 

    Sagittarius ✧ 

    While jet setting is usually your MO, this Valentine’s Day is likely to find you pondering the love you find wrapped up at home. Whether it’s a physical place or just carried within your heart, your foundations are expansive. Honor your ancestors.

    Capricorn ✧ 

    Fluffy pink teddy bears might feel a bit excessive to a Capricorn, but you’re still going to embrace Valentine’s Day in your own special way. Your friends will be an especially sweet spot this year, so make a date to catch up with someone. There are plenty of people waiting for you to get off work to hangout.

    Aquarius ✧ 

    Love to an Aquarian can be…conceptual. And this year, that ideating will come in the form of bank stubs. Take a closer look at your finances around Valentine’s Day and reflect on how your spending aligns with your deeper values.

    Pisces ✧ 

    Pisceans are always happy to float away on a dreamboat of their own making, and this year’s Valentine’s Day will be no exception. The potential for being carried away by love is make sure you wear a life vest. Noticing your bodies' response to love, both physically and psychically, should be indulged.

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