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    The Astrological Mother's Day Gift Guide


    Finding the perfect unique Mother’s Day gifts can be tricky. You want the gift to be personal but useful. Cute but meaningful. Why not try a different way of finding the perfect gift for mom this year? Use this astrological gift guide to figure out the perfect item for your mom based on her zodiac sign — whether it’s an adorable candle bundle or a great new cookbook. We’ve got everything you need to find the most unique Mother’s Day gift.

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    Unique Mother’s Day Gifts by Astrological Sign 


    The Aries mom is always on the go — looking for a new project or hobby to set her sights on. For Mother’s Day this year, give mom a DIY craft set that you can work on together!


    Taurus is all about the finer things in life. For the Taurus mom, there’s nothing better than receiving a self-care kit complete with a fragrant candle bundle, face masks, bath bombs and, of course, her favorite wine and sweet treat.


    Gemini moms can be seemingly unpredictable. They are quick-witted and always getting involved in new ventures. Geminis tend to be tech-savvy, so consider an electronic gadget or create a homemade gift. Gemini is the sign of communication, so anything that communicates your love for her will be a surefire hit.

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    Moms love their families no matter their sign, but Cancers value family over almost everything else. For a unique Mother’s Day gift this year, give your mom a scrapbook of family memories or unique items with a family picture printed on it.


    Leos are natural leaders and they often turn heads when they walk into a room without even trying. Give your Leo mom something that makes her feel this special any time of the day. Look for something beautiful and personal, like zodiac jewelry, which can incorporate her sign or her birthstone. You can even look for pieces that incorporate you and your siblings' birthstones alongside hers. 

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    Virgos are practical thinkers, which can make them difficult people to buy a gift for. If your mom is a Virgo, consider purchasing a high-quality version of something useful in everyday life — like a leather work bag or a nice daily planner. 


    Much like Taurus, Libra likes the finer things in life. An extravagant dessert tray, a subscription to a wine club or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers would all make unique Mother’s Day gifts for the Libra in your life.


    Though mysterious to others, Scorpio is pretty simple to understand if you know them well. Scorpios are all about comfort and relaxation. A fuzzy robe with matching slippers or a luxurious-feeling weighted blanket are great gift ideas for your mom this year.


    Ever the adventurer, Sagittarius moms would love embarking on a new experience with their children. Find an activity you will both enjoy and get your Sagittarius mom a more experience-based gift. Alternatively, you can get her gifts that help her remember all of her great adventures like a travel scrapbook or a scratch-off destination map.

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    Capricorns are highly motivated, business-oriented people, which means they need a way to kick back and relax after a long day of work. Find your Capricorn mom a gift that will help her do just that like a candle bundle or relaxing foot bath — something that reminds her to take time for herself.


    Aquarians are eccentric characters who always seek out the strange and unusual, which actually makes them somewhat easy to shop for. You can find your mom something quirky that relates to her hobbies and interests, and she’s sure to be delighted by the new mystery. Or, you can tap into her free-spirited nature and get her a new plant or some mystical items like tarot cards or crystals.


    Much like Cancer, Pisces is an emotional sign, so tapping into this when looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift will help you find the perfect gift. Get your Pisces mom something personalized or a DIY craft you created that will stir up happy memories whenever she sees or uses her gift.

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