The Aquarius Symbol: What Does It Mean and What Does It Look Like

    The Aquarius Symbol: What Does It Mean and What Does It Look Like

    There has been a lot of focus on Aquarius over the years… there was even an entire musical written about them! But would you be able to recognize the symbol that represents it? Do you know what common qualities they say that people who are born under this sign have? 

    If you have an Aquarius in your life, or if you’re an Aquarius interested in knowing yourself a little bit better, Birthdate Co. has created a primer on everything Aquarius. Learn about everything from the Aquarius symbol to Aquarian traits and even how you can deal with common issues that may plague you (or the Aquarius you love).

    The Aquarius Symbol

    There are two symbols that are interchangeably used to represent the Aquarius (or anyone born between January 20th and February 18th) - two parallel lines in a zig-zag pattern and a character known as the water bearer. 

    The zig-zag lines are known as a “glyph,” or a symbol known to represent something without using words. Think of it as similar to a hieroglyphic, where everything was designed with symbols instead of the written word. In fact, the glyph that represents Aquarius actually comes from the Egyptian hieroglyphic that represents water, which is two wavy lines. Instead of soft, curvy lines, each of the two parallel lines that make up this glyph makes three “hills,” starting and ending down. 

    The reason for the zig-zags is that it represents the way that the wind blows against the water to make waves because Aquarius is actually an air sign and not a water sign. It also represents the spreading of information. This symbol draws attention to the fact that each of the lines is equal and how important it is to the Aquarius to share information (and everything else) equally. 

    Although not an official Aquarius symbol, some people will use a single lightning bolt or a pair of them together. Some think that the glyph is actually two lightning bolts and not waves, representing the spark of life and humanity that helps light up the dark. 

    Aquarius is also often represented by a person (most often a woman) carrying a jar full of water, known as the water bearer. This is another reason people are often confused about what element is connected with the sign. However, it is the person who is carrying the jar that represents Aquarius and not the actual water inside of it. The reason behind this Aquarius symbol is that the people who fall under this sign put a lot of importance on being able to bring knowledge to others, just as the water bearer is bringing water. 

    Basic Aquarius Associations

    The Aquarius symbol does not represent water --  it represents air. They join Geminis and Libras to make up the Air sign triad, known for their “live and let live” attitudes. These signs are communicators, doers, and thinkers. Much like air is absolutely essential to keeping us alive, air signs are essential to life as we know it. And don’t get air signs confused with being airheads. They are very smart, deep-thinking people who love to have long, intelligent conversations about how they can save the world.

    Aquarius is also considered a “fixed” sign, which means that they are located right in the middle of their season. Aquarius is in the middle of the winter, Taurus in spring, Leo in summer, and Scorpio in fall. Fixed signs put a lot of focus on stability and creating a solid foundation. They also tend to be a bit more stubborn than other modalities (the name for this category to divide the signs into  - which also includes “cardinal” and “mutable”).

    The Constellation

    The constellation that represents Aquarius in the sky is also primarily a winter constellation, at least when viewed from the Northern hemisphere. It consists of 11 stars that were also given their own names, the brightest of which is called Alpha Aquarii (or Sadalmelik) and is located near the constellations of Pisces and Cetus.

    There are also a few random things that have been connected with Aquarius. There are multiple birthstones that people associate with the water bearer, including garnet and amethyst. The color sky blue, like the water coming from their famous jar, and the beautiful orchid are also closely tied with these winter babies. If you want to celebrate the Aquarius in your life, try a Birthdate Candle, each of which is designed with scents that will specifically speak to you and your Zodiac sign.

    Aquarius Strengths

    Those born under the Aquarius symbol are known for a few common strengths. Number one among them is just how unique, independent, and enigmatic that they all are. While this may be represented in many different ways, it’s their desire to really stand out for being genuinely who they are that they all have in common. They hate being put into any boxes, choosing to defy any titles or limitations that people may try to put on them. 

    Aquariuses also believe very strongly in everyone’s ability to grow, change, and evolve, so the label that they are given at birth and how they choose to express themselves is very unlikely to be who they are as teenagers or as adults.

    Aquarius is known for intelligence, although how they choose to focus their brain power varies. They also tend to be very passionate about anything they concentrate their mind on but take their time deciding what that is going to be. Unlike a lot of other signs, Aquarius can take a big step back and see the whole, big picture instead of focusing on the small stuff. 

    When it comes to expressing their emotions and how they treat the people around them, Aquarius is warm, compassionate, and loyal. They value their close relationships, especially those with their family, more than any other relationship, which can make them seem a bit flaky to their acquaintances and coworkers. 

    And finally, when it comes to how they view themselves and what they think is their main purpose on Earth, Aquarius really believes they were meant to change the world for the better. With famous Aquarians like Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and Oprah Winfrey, we can definitely believe that to be true. 

    Aquarius Weaknesses

    A lot of the strengths of Aquarius are also ultimately their weaknesses. What you focus on and become passionate about can also be a vulnerability, especially if you care about it so much that you lose focus on everything else. For the people who are in the inner circle, this is a huge pro. For everyone else, it can definitely feel like a negative. 

    Our Aquarius symbol friends are also prone to being very, very stubborn. When they put their mind to something, no matter what it is, they are often unwilling and even unable to change their opinion about it. They are dedicated to their causes, from the small to the large. This can lead to a lot of arguments, which are ultimately futile because they aren’t very good at compromising or giving up any concessions. Loving an Aquarius can be difficult for the same reasons unless you’re willing to give them all of the daydreaming space that they need to thrive.

    If you’re an Aquarius, take time to spend in quiet contemplation. Because it’s so easy to get focused on the end goal and the big picture, you have a tendency to avoid living in the moment. Ultimately, when you’re able to get a better handle on how you feel right now, you can ease a lot of the unsure feelings about how you may handle the future.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to the Aquarius, these idealistic, intelligent, compassionate people are focused on doing everything that they can to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, it’s also easy for them to get lost in that and forget about the little things that matter just as much. If you were born under the Aquarius symbol, or an important person in your life was, we hope that you learned something that can help you make your life a better place. Birthdate Co. is here for all of your astrological needs and all the knowledge you need to be the best person you can possibly be.


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