Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes

Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes

Saturn is the planet of maturity in astrology. It’s all about learning lessons (often the hard way) and it serves to provide the necessary structures of our lives. We experience Saturn transits both collectively and personally, and on March 7th, 2023, Saturn will enter Pisces.

Saturn spends 2.5ish years in each sign, taking about 30 years to make its way around the entire zodiacal wheel. Saturn hasn’t been in Pisces since 1993-1996, and if you were born with Saturn in Pisces, you’ll be entering your Saturn Return.

The Saturn Return is a period of extreme, concentrated growth. While every planet in your astrological birth chart could be referred to as “karmic,” Saturn has a special way of ensuring you understand that your past actions (good or bad) brought about your current situations.

Overall, whether navigating your return or not, Saturn is the planet of time. Whatever house it’s currently transiting in your chart is where you’re learning to cultivate patience, commitment, and “no” as a full sentence. And with Saturn entering Pisces…we’re all being signed up for a crash course in divine timing.

As annoying as the term can be, it’s time to trust that it all works out in the end. Pisces, afterall, is the sign of completion. It’s represented by The World card in Tarot which represents coming full circle…and with Saturn’s influence, these endings, and consequent beginnings, will arrive as overflowing cups of hardwon spiritual lessons.

Our lead astrologer, Erin River Sunday, wrote these horoscopes based on your Ascendant/Rising sign. Don’t know yours? The Birthdate Book can help.

Aries ✧ 

A major cycle in your life is coming to a close, Aries, and it’s your job to tie up all the loose ends. The next few years will challenge you to uncover where you’ve run away in the past, and what happens when you can no longer seem to escape the skeletons in your closet. Learning to surrender will be your greatest task.

Taurus ✧

Friendships and group belonging are coming into focus for you now, Taurus. You might find yourself no longer identifying with the groups you once did, opting to engage with different kinds of people. These shifts will serve to catapult you into a new level of visibility in your public spheres. Decide how you want to be known.

Gemini ✧ 

Your work life is about to get a lot more serious, Gemini. While this might seem intimidating, with the right perspective, you can view the next few years as an opportunity to come into your power at the office. If you’ve had an itch to change careers, you could reach a pivotal turning point during Saturn in Pisces.

Cancer ✧

You’re learning something over the coming years, Cancer, and it’s likely to feel like quite the spiritual quest. Whether it arrives in the form of physical travel, or traversing your mental landscape, you’re ready to get serious about the big picture. If there was ever a time to publish your life’s work…now could be it.

Leo ✧ 

The resources you receive from other people are due for an overhaul, Leo. Whether it’s joint finances with a spouse or the physical connections you share- you’re going to understand the notion of security on a much deeper level. Pay close attention to what you’ve been holding onto…because you will be challenged to let it go.

Virgo ✧ 

Your relationships are up for a reset, Virgo, and maybe that’s music to your ears. While partners, or potential partners, could be frustrating over the coming years- a deep review of your patterns in partnership is underway. You’re no stranger to boundaries on a personal level- but it might now be time to bring them into your love life, too.

Libra ✧ 

If anyone can make the journey towards health a more beautiful venture, Libra, it’s you. The next few years will have you focused on your daily routines and understanding what practical self-care means for you. If you’ve been dreaming about a radical overhaul in your daily life…now’s the time to make it a reality.

Scorpio ✧ 

If at one time you were a flirty Scorpio going out on multiple dates a week…those behaviors are now up for review. You’re learning that your life force energy can be depleted when it’s spent on people (or creative projects) that won’t stand the test of time. Over the next few years, you’re dialed in on supporting your inner-child.

Sagittarius ✧

You could be downsizing over the next few years, Sagittarius. If you’re not deciding to move into a physically smaller place, you may simply look around and realize you have too much stuff! Notice where feelings of restriction come up on the home front and use any frustrations that arise to understand your shifting needs around security. 

Capricorn ✧ 

Hanging out in your favorite local spots could present some newfound challenges over the coming years, Capricorn. Whether it’s certain friends leaving your life, or just having less socializing time because you’re busy with something else…your inner circle is likely to get tighter. Trust that it’s for a reason.

Aquarius ✧ 

The physical supports, namely money, that keep you feeling secure in this realm are ready for some new parameters, Aquarius. Over the next few years, you could cement some revenue streams that previously lacked solid containers. While some deals might fall away, trust that dependable sources of income are what’s paramount now.

Pisces ✧ 

Saturn entering your home sign will provide a deep testing ground. While Pisceans enjoy being boundless…the next few years will challenge you to define where you end and another begins. Learning your limits that you might’ve ignored or otherwise dissociated from in the past will ultimately transform the way you show up in the world.

While Saturn’s ingress into Pisces is one of the biggest astrological transits of the year…Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23rd and keep the drama of the month high. Check back soon for your Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes!

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