Capricorn Season

    Capricorn Season

    Capricorn season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Saturn…we love to see you get serious about magic!

    December 22nd - January 19th

    Our Resident Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!


    Aries ✧ 

    Mercury is retrograde in your career sector this season, Aries, so use this time to re-charge at the office. Think about the professional goals you’re setting for the year ahead and prepare for your next act. The Full Moon on December 26th will have you feeling especially nostalgic at home. Are one of your parents in special need of your attention? Your ruling planet, Mars, will transition into Capricorn on January 4th, and you’ll quite literally be ready to get back to work. After facing whatever snafus at the office you dealt with at the end of the year, you’re ready to attack 2024 goals by this time. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th is the ultimate fresh start for your public facing roles– so write down what you hope to manifest and get to work.


    Taurus ✧

    You’re focused on being transported this season, Taurus, and there might be a few snafus along the way. Don’t be surprised if things you thought were done need to be revisited. Take all the doubling back with a grain of salt, though, because Mercury will station direct come January 1st and you’re ready to explore what 2024 has to offer. You might be planning travel at the start of the year, or even committing to a book club that promises to expand your horizons. Staying open to possibilities is your MO over the coming weeks, and grand plans will likely start to make themselves known. Take all of the excitement to the next level on January 11th as we welcome the New Moon in Capricorn. Make a vision board and watch the pieces fall into place.


    Gemini ✧ 

    It’s a major period of rebirth for you now, Gemini, so welcome in the new year with open arms. And if anything is going awry in your relationships, know that the frustration is temporary. Especially by December 29th, when Venus will enter your opposing sign of Sagittarius and light up your one on one partnerships for the rest of the season. Your people will be feeling extra cozy and supportive, so lean into their support. There’s more good news come January 1st, when your ruling planet Mercury, will blessedly station direct. These periods hit you harder than most…so if the holidays were full of misdirections, know that you can get back to juggling everything as well as you usually do!  

    Cancer ✧ 

    Committed partnerships aren’t for the faint of heart, Cancer, and yours will come into focus this season. You’re likely to be especially busy, so if day-to-day life becomes overwhelming, lean on your people for support. There’s a Full Moon in your home sign on December 26th, and it’s a beautiful moment for reflection. Because Chiron will station direct on the same day, you might be thinking about wounds that surfaced in 2023– and that’s ok. Honor everything you navigated by feeling it all fully, then let go. When Mercury finally stations direct on the first of January, your partnerships will be back in order and you’ll be feeling ready to take on the new year refreshed.


    Leo ✧ 

    New Year’s Resolutions might not be for everyone, Leo, but you’re leaning into them this season– especially around your health and wellness. Notice how your creative practices are informed by your daily rituals. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th is an emotional moment for you– you’re likely to be in the final stages of releasing everything that unfolded in 2023, and setting the stage for your next act in the year ahead. Let yourself mourn the things that didn’t workout, but also know that a change of luck is just around the corner. Venus entering Sagittarius on December 29th spells magic for your love life as 2024 begins…and there’s more where that came from next month! Be prepared to be swept off your feet.


    Virgo ✧ 

    You’re preoccupied with pleasure this season, Virgo, and if anyone deserves it…it’s you! Count your lucky stars in love and if Mercury is causing hijinks at home, put the frustrations down on paper. The Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th is a beautiful moment to let go of anything that didn’t serve you in 2023. It’s a time of closure– but any doors that are closing for good around this date are freeing up space for something new. Thankfully, Mercury stations direct on January 1st and you’re getting things put into place for the year ahead. There’s no sign that loves order quite as much as you! The following weeks will have you feeling especially creative. 


    Libra ✧ 

    You’re revisiting your roots this season, Libra, and you might find yourself noticing pockets of joy you had previously overlooked. You’re also getting reacquainted with your community– let yourself be surprised. The Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th gives you hope surrounding a project that may have been in the works for many mo(o)nths. If you’re receiving appreciation at the office around this date, know that it has been earned and you’re worthy of the accolades! Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Sagittarius just a few days later on December 29th, and will have you ready to explore. Get out to your local coffee shop and shamelessly bat your eyelashes! 


    Scorpio ✧ 

    You’re bound and determined to have some serious conversations this season, Scorpio, just don’t get frustrated if others aren’t. Mercury is causing wires to get crossed over the holidays, so take your time getting where you’re going. Thankfully, Mercury stations direct on January 1st so any frustrations that were felt will be temporary. The New Year ushers in your cosmic green light to discuss whatever’s been weighing on you. A few days later on January 4th, your ruling planet enters Capricorn. This is going to stroke the fires of your friendships and might have you texting your friends a mile a minute. By January 11th we’ll witness a New Moon in the same area, so if you haven’t said what you need to say yet…now’s the time.  


    Sagittarius ✧ 

    Mercury is retrograde in your home sign at the start of this season, Sagittarius, so be prepared to come under review. Whether you’re rethinking outfit choices, hairstyles, or your specific brand of activism– don’t be afraid to change your mind. Good news arrives at the end of the month, though, when both your ruling planet and Mercury station direct within a couple days of each other. You should feel quite the boost as Jupiter stations on December 30th– so indulge with the best of them with hope for the new year ahead. The first few weeks of 2024 will have you dialed in on your finances, so play close attention to the bottom line. While it might not always be the most fun adventure, it ensures you can pay for your next one!


    Capricorn ✧ 

    Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You’re welcoming this season with a bit of a holiday hangover. Whether from working too hard or saying “yes” to too many holiday gatherings, let yourself regroup with some solo time. We welcome a Full Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on December 26th and you’re likely to be emotional around your committed partnerships. Notice how you’ve grown and changed over the past year, and how the people closest to you have been a reflection of that maturity. There’s a lot of action in your home sign in the first couple weeks of 2024, with Mars and Mercury entering Capricorn, as well as a New Moon on January 11th. Now is your time to shine!


    Aquarius ✧ 

    The holiday season isn’t always the easiest time to relish in solitude, Aquarius, but you’re craving privacy this season. The key phrase for you right now is “no is a full sentence.” There’s still fun to be had, though, especially once both Jupiter and then Mercury station direct, on December 30th and January 1st, respectively. This gives a buoyancy to ringing in 2024 and a hopefulness that may have been elusive in recent months. But you’re likely planning something behind the scenes this season, so don’t rush to put everything on full display quite yet. Take your time and rest when you need it. January 11th, the New Moon in Capricorn, is a great time for you to tap into your intuition. Notice what your soul is whispering to you about the coming year.


    Pisces ✧ 

    You’re refocusing on work matters that need your attention this season, Pisces, but friends will be an equally important piece of your 2024 puzzle. When the office gets stressful, call on your friends to recharge. Good news arrives around December 30th, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations direct. For the past six months or so you’ve been revisiting your big dreams, and now it’s time to move towards them in reality! Mars will enter the community sector of your chart on January 4th, followed by a New Moon on January 11th, and Mercury following suit in the same area on January 13th. As you can see, your social calendar is set to be especially busy the first few weeks of the year, so ensure you’ve allowed plenty of rest in-between. Have fun!

    Erin River Sunday is the Resident Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here  

     A little more about Capricorn season...

    Keywords: Boundaries, Maturity, Sustainability, Non-Fiction, Effort

    • Planetary/Luminary ruler: Saturn
    • Modality: Cardinal
    • Triplicity (Element): Earth
    • Symbol: The Sea Goat
    • Famous Archetypes: Timothée Chalamet, Dolly Parton, Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington


    Capricorn people are literally the GOAT. On a constant quest towards the mountain’s peak, Capricorns teach us about hard work and dedication. Rather than an imaginative, idealized version of the future…Capricorns know what it takes day in and day out to realize our dreams.


    This season will have us all rising to the occasion- by putting in the practical effort and remembering that “no” is a full sentence. Diligence and a “slow and steady wins the race” mentality is the way to the finish line!


    Because Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is currently in Pisces, though…our boundaries are no longer a firm line. We’re learning how to go with the flow while we get things accomplished and we’re understanding that empathy along the way is just as important.


    Journal prompts to connect with Capricorn energy:

    1. Where am I putting in consistent effort over time? Why?
    2. When should I learn to say “no” more often in my life?
    3. What boundaries in my life benefit from flexibility?


    In addition to all the regular Capricorn season stuff, 2023/2024 features some specific standout moments…

    2023/2024 Capricorn Season Highlights

      • Wednesday, December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn 
      • Saturday, December 23rd: Mercury retrograde enters Sagittarius
      • Tuesday, December 26th: Full Moon in Cancer
      • Tuesday, December 26th: Chiron stations direct
      • Friday, December 29th: Venus enters Sagittarius 
      • Saturday, December 30th: Jupiter stations direct
      • Monday, January 1st: Mercury stations direct
      • Thursday, January 4th: Mars enters Capricorn
      • Thursday, January 11th: New Moon in Capricorn
      • Saturday, January 13th: Mercury enters Capricorn
      • Wednesday January 18th: Mercury stations direct

    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Capricorn rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Capricorn season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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