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    Candle Scents: The Power of Floral-Scented Candles

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    Are you a scent lover? Do you often find yourself obsessing over the aroma derived from the tulips in the park? Do you unconsciously find yourself stocking bunches of flowers in your kitchen or unintentionally gazing at cherry blossom trees down the street?

    If you are the romantic described above, this post is for you. In other words, since you are already suffering from an incurable "scent syndrome," you might as well up your aroma game by sliding a few more scents into your bucket list.

    That's where woodsy-scented candles from Birthdate Candles come in. Thanks to our wide range of scented Scorpio candles, October candles, and Libra candles, you won't need to miss a fresh floral delight to spice up your ambiance this fall.

    What's more? You no longer have to worry about accidentally killing your flowers and ruining the magical scent. With these gems, expect nothing short of pleasant fragrances  neatly housed in artistic jars.

    But why floral-scented candles? Do they offer a special type of inspiration? Let's see how much they exude the following striking benefits.

    Liven up Your Living Room With Our Woodsy Scented Candles

    1. Mood Enhancers

    In addition to smelling lovely, a flora-inspired treat like our Libra Candle boosts powerful mood-enhancing capabilities to instantly amplify your relaxation. Whether you are soaking in your bath or enjoying a bedtime novel, the strong floral aroma intuitively impacts your emotions, uplifting your mood. In particular, floral fragrances such as lavender, jasmine, and roses add to your calmness to help you feel better.

    2. Better Sleep

    Getting a good night's sleep is no longer easy to come by, thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle the world is adapting. Yet, it is no secret that poor sleep adversely affects daytime productivity. Thus, you need all the help you can get to improve your sleep without medication. Nothing beats the floral-scented candle alternative. Scientists believe the presence of lavender fragrance in essential oils induces better, more rejuvenating sleep thanks to its relaxation magic.

    3. Stress Reduction

    A busy lifestyle can quickly turn into a stressful one. In turn, a stressful life can rob you of many things: happiness,productivity, and sleep, among others. The sooner you can manage your stress , the faster your life can turn around. That's why you need a stress-relieving recipe that features a floral-scented candle. Researchers affirm that sniffing or inhaling floral scents carries the power to suppress stress-related chemicals. The powerful scents may also reduce depression and inflammation to afford you better sleep.

    4. Promoting Eco-Friendliness

    Our floral scents are derived from plant aromas, so they are 100% natural. You don't have to worry about deadly volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with our October candles. That is to say, the plant-derived candle ingredients pose zero harm to you, the inhaler, as well as to the environment. And the candle wicks are lead-free.

    5. Improving Romance

    Has your romantic life  recently grown dreary? There's no better romance booster than an idyllic floral-scented candle. Whether you are going for a romantic dinner or simply giving (or receiving!) a luxurious massage, the right scent helps to evoke that lovin' feeling. According to aromatherapy expert Jo Lu, the sense of smell directly affects emotions and memories. In turn, this overpowering effect leads to relaxing the mind, soothing the body, and improving self-confidence to set the perfect scene for expressing affection.

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    6. Perfect Birthday Surprise!

    Do you have a friend's birthday coming up but feel unsure how to spoil them? Well, take a breather, for in floral-scented candles lies the ideal birthday gift for pampering your pal. Our zodiac-centric candles not only boast enchanting floral aromas but also offer a detailed reading for one-of-a-kind birthday presents that astrology fans everywhere will love. Who doesn't appreciate a customized gift?

    Delight Your Astrologically Inclined Friend With the 70 Personalized Pages of the Birthday Book

    Better Living With Floral-Scented Candles

    Who would have thought floral scents were this powerful? You’re just a few clicks away from the inviting inhalation of a gorgeous fragrance to help put your woes to rest.

    That is the incredible power of a good old candle scent. Whether you want the candle to carry astrological inspiration like our Scorpio candle or artistic glamour like the Libra candle, the glowing charm of floral-scented candles is endless.

    Want to inhale a dose of pure niceness from life? Keep a floral-scented candle by your bed or bath. It's that simple!

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