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This Tarot Candle was designed to offer you mystical wisdom from the Universe — and to smell and look great while doing it.


Before you dive in, might we suggest tuning in to our Tarot Candle Playlist on Spotify? These songs were curated with pure magic in mind to provide an awesome and mystical backdrop to your Tarot Candle experience.


The Tarot is a symbolic, pictorial, and allegorical language, all at once. You can use it to tap into your psyche, access the astral plane, and explore nuance that exists beyond your immediate perspective. The Tarot card charm within your candle is part of a comprehensive, self-contained universe, which means that all of the answers you seek lie within your unique interpretation.


Your candle contains a mystery tarot charm reflecting a single card from the Major Arcana tarot deck. As the wax melts, you’ll be able to extract the charm (please use tweezers!), and reference the information you’ll find below to discover a powerful message, ready to be revealed.


Your Tarot Candle sparks dreamy wonder through top-notes of bergamot, lemon leaf, and rich cardamom, journeys deeper towards mid-notes of wild verbena, water orchid, and blue eucalyptus, and fortifies you with otherworldly base-notes of allspice, violet flower, and amber crystal. We developed the scent with our master perfumers. Let us know what you think! (@birthdateco)

How to Use

Discovery: We recommend lighting your candle when you have time for a quiet, relaxing experience. The magic of this candle rests in your hands, so you can incorporate it into a tarot spread with physical cards, light it on your birthday or another special occasion, or simply when you need a moment of clarification.


Extraction: The candle burn time is approximately 40+ hours, but your tarot charm will begin to reveal itself within approximately 1-2 hours. When the charm emerges from the wax, extinguish the flame and use tweezers to carefully extract the charm from the candle (bearing in mind the charm may be hot!). Let it cool before moving to interpretation.

Interpretation: Use the information on this page to explore the symbolism and meaning of your special tarot charm. It may resonate immediately with you, or it could seem ambiguous. It’s important to remember that you received the specific charm in this specific candle for a reason and that only you can arrive at its true meaning—so try using your intuition as part of the story.

Recommended Ritual

Before you light your candle, we encourage you to pause and set an intention. It can be as simple as “be here now.”


If possible, dim the lights and put your phone away. Place one hand on your heart and one on your stomach, and connect with your breath. And don’t forget to cue up our Tarot Candle Spotify playlist!


Once you’ve connected with your intention, ignite the flame. The charm will begin to reveal itself in about an hour, which gives you a bit of time for self-care (cough, cough, bubble bath?). Whatever you do between the candle being lit and the charm revealing itself, know that the time is sacred, and it is yours.


When you begin to see the charm in the wax, ensure that you have a question ready—a response will soon be revealed. (We’ve selected several questions below that you can choose from when you’re ready to retrieve your Tarot charm, but we recommend creating your own for the most meaningful experience.) Ponder what’s going on in your life at the present moment, and ask an open-ended question to reveal your guidance from the Universe (note that yes or no questions aren’t always the most helpful when trying to interpret).


Once you’ve retrieved your charm, reflect on its name and image before looking up what it means. Your charm will reflect the general definitions we’ve listed here, but your intuition will always speak the loudest if you take a moment to listen closely.


It may help to journal your impressions, both before and after looking up your charm. Even the tiniest details may prove to be profoundly significant.

Reflection Prompts

  • What do I need to know about my past?
  • What should I focus on in the present moment?
  • Where am I headed next?
  • How should I define my potential?
  • What does my highest and greatest path look like?
  • How can I reframe my recent experiences?
  • What qualities should I lean into for my ultimate career/love life/friendships?
  • What are my most sacred spiritual gifts?
  • How can I best lean into my creativity?


Q: How do I safely remove the charm?

A: Patience is key! Light up and enjoy your candle for a few hours. Once at least half of the charm has revealed itself, it is time to extinguish the flame. After putting it out, use tweezers to grab the top of the charm and gently pull the charm from the wax. Keep in mind that the melted wax is still quite warm, so it is important to avoid any skin contact. Let your charm cool before moving to interpretation. You can relight the candle once you’ve removed your charm.

Q: What happens if I get a “bad” tarot charm?

A: No such thing! Promise. While some tarot charms may seem intimidating by name alone (for instance, Death or The Devil), every charm contains a multidimensional experience, with its own set of advantages and nuances. Be sure to incorporate a full spectrum of meaning into your interpretation—and remember to follow your intuition!

Q: How do I know if I’m interpreting my charm correctly?

A: Tarot offers a rich language. At its core is pattern-recognition, self-awareness, curiosity, and intuition. No matter whether you’re a skilled metaphysical practitioner or just beginning your magical journey, your innate, organic impression of the charm should always feel like exactly what you need to hear (whether you want to hear it or not!). When in doubt, use a journal to help unpack your impressions. Reflecting on your charm through quiet meditation may also yield transformative discoveries.

🎴 Tarot Charm Interpretations 🎴  

Card 0: The Fool

Card 1: The Magician

Card 2: The High Priestess

Card 3: The Empress

Card 4: The Emperor

Card 5: The Hierophant

Card 6: The Lovers

Card 7: The Chariot

Card 8: Strength

Card 9: The Hermit

Card 10: Wheel of Fortune

Card 11: Justice

Card 12: The Hanged Man

Card 13: Death

Card 14: Temperance

Card 15: The Devil

Card 16: The Tower

Card 17: The Star

Card 18: The Moon

Card 19: The Sun

Card 20: Judgement