Why Zodiac Scented Candles are the Perfect Addition to Your Meditation Practice

Zodiac-scented candles are the perfect addition to your meditation practice for many reasons. While you could use and plain, non-scented candle when you meditate, adding astrology elements and a customized scent will take your
meditation candles from good to great.


The History of Candle Gazing

Do you need to have a candle lit during your meditation practice? The short answer is no. Meditation looks different to many people and is different for all. However, candles for meditation are a popular tool to guide your concentration.

Candle gazing is a way to bring zodiac signs, candles and any other type of candle you might enjoy into your meditation practice. Candle gazing has been part of Ayurvedic teachings for centuries, and it involves focusing your attention on a single object for a more extended period.

In India, candle gazing is believed to improve mental clarity and spiritual awareness, making it an excellent meditation option.


Candles for Meditation

While you can use any candle during candle gazing and meditation practice, why not get one that relates to you personally? Candles for zodiac signs are becoming increasingly popular and available in all colors and vessel types. If you're going to candle gaze, why not do it with a candle that reflects who you are? That's undoubtedly something worth your focus on.

Birthdate Co. has a variety of candles for zodiac signs, wholly customized candles, to be exact. You can buy one for your birthday that will tell you about the astrology behind the day, numerology, and Tarot.

These zodiac-scented candles are also white, with a neutral, cream-coloured label. Though colorful candles certainly have their place for meditation, the white is perfect for creating an atmosphere of calm.


The Scent

Did you know that some zodiac sign candles even have customized scents? Plenty of candles for meditation on the market smell pleasant; Birthdate Co. candles have scents intentionally designed for each zodiacal season. Astrologers collaborated with the candle makers to create 12 unique scents to resonate with and reflect each sign.

While fire sign birthdays (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) boast spicy and robust scents, water sign birthdays (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) have softer and sweeter smells. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are earthy, while air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are layered and fresh.

Scent can be another essential layer of your mediation practice because it builds an association. You will know it's time to meditate when you smell zodiac-scented candles. It's an important habit that can be improved by lighting a candle with a unique and memorable scent.


Bringing it All Together

Once you've decided to use candles for meditation, the sky's the limit for which ones you will use. You may change your meditation candles according to specific holiday themes or use different zodiac sign candles for each astrological season.

You could even get a Birthdate Co. candle that commemorates the first time you began practicing meditation and use it to encourage and inspire you to keep going continually. Gazing at the flame of a candle decorated with the date you started your spiritual journey (not to mention the included reading on the back) is undoubtedly one way to deepen your practice.

As you can see, candles for zodiac signs are perfect for your meditation practice.


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