Choosing the Best Personalized Wedding Gift: A Complete Gifting Guide

    Choosing the Best Personalized Wedding Gift: A Complete Gifting Guide

    Some people have dreamt of their perfect wedding day ever since they were a child, playfully skipping down a pretend aisle to their loving partner on the other side (who may or may not have been played by a teddy bear. But few children ever dream of giving the perfect keepsake wedding gift.

    That doesn’t mean giving a wedding gift isn’t important, though. Being invited to a wedding is such an honor. We want to express our gratitude for having been thought of, and we give a gift to the lucky couple that shows our love for them. 

    The traditional wedding gifts from wedding guests and family members are toasters or blenders, which, while useful, don’t exactly make our hearts sing. We want to give a gift as unique as the couple, so getting a personalized wedding present is a fantastic way to go. 

    So this all leads us to popping the biggest question of all: how do you find unique personalized wedding gifts that the happy couple will love, almost as much as they love each other? 

    Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions of unique gifts we think will get a positive reception and earn a place of honor in the couple’s new home they build together. 

    A Picture Book of Memories

    A wedding ceremony and wedding reception are the most important day of someone’s life, and as such, it is only natural to get a bit sentimental (or a lot sentimental). So lean into the emotion of the day by giving the couple a trip down memory lane. 

    Giving a picture book or scrapbook is an excellent way to commemorate either the couple’s love or your friendship with them. Go through pictures that you have of you together, and consider what would look best in an organized form.

    If you don’t have quite enough pictures to fill all the pages, check out their social media for inspiration and to find some other beautiful pictures of the happy couple together. Good images for this project include vacation photos, images of milestones, or just anything where they look particularly in love.

    If social media doesn’t give you everything you need, though, feel free to reach out to other friends, and see if they have any nice photos that would be appreciated in such a compilation. 

    It is worth mentioning that this doesn’t just have to be in the form of a picture book or scrapbook. There are countless ways to make a collage, poster, or framed compilation of treasured memories. Look into these options and find what you think would be the perfect gift for the couple.

    Customized Kitchen Accessories

    What better way to kick off a lifetime of domestic bliss than with brand new kitchen accessories? Or, even better, with customized brand new kitchen accessories in a nice gift box? The customization options are nearly endless when it comes to the kitchen, with just a few possible items to personalize, including:

    • A cutting board
    • Oven mitts
    • Towels
    • Glassware (cups, mugs, wine glasses, champagne flutes, etc.)
    • Dishes

    And that is only just the beginning of the many, many possibilities. While the possible items to customize are plentiful, the ways to customize these items are possibly even more so.

    Consider having the couple’s initials either monogrammed (if the gift is something cloth/soft) or engraved or laser etched (if the gift is glass/porcelain) to add a personal touch. You could also add a favorite quote, image, or inside joke.

    A customized kitchen item is the perfect cross-section of a gift that is both sentimental and also has a practical use. Giving a gift made especially for the kitchen means that your present will always be remembered and treasured, but may be best for couples who are more into cooking.

    But for the right couple, a personalized kitchen accessory will be loved and utilized for years to come.

    A Candle for a Romantic Night In

    With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it can be difficult for some couples to find a moment for themselves to relax and unwind, with the exception of maybe during their honeymoon. So why not encourage the newlyweds to take some much-deserved time for themselves with a candle made just for the bride and groom?

    When thinking of what kind of candle to get for the newlyweds, it’s a great idea to draw upon their interests. For couples who love astrology, an astrological candle can elevate any space and inspire deep relaxation.

    These candles draw upon the tarot reading, ruling cards and planets, as well as the details from the individual’s birthdate to create a customized scent as well as revealing personality traits.

    Having one candle for each member of the couple is beyond thoughtful. When the candle burns out in 60 to 80 hours, the couple will be left with two beautiful jars they can fill with flowers or other sentimental items. 

    In short, the only real goal of this gift is to find what would make the couple the happiest and at peace and give them something that lets them experience that. As long as they get to relax and be together because of your present, you have more than succeeded in giving them a meaningful gift they’re sure to appreciate.

    Something You Crafted Especially for Them

    In a world filled to the brim with material items to choose from, few gifts can be more meaningful than something you lovingly spent the time to craft yourself. This principle applies to gifts of all kinds, so it certainly also applies to something as sentimental and meaningful as a wedding gift.

    In fact, making something with your own hands may be one of the best ways to match the heart of the day with your gift.

    If you have any crafty hobbies or skills, now is the time to break them out in a major way to celebrate the big day. There are a lot of hand-crafted gift possibilities, including but not limited to:

    • Knitting or crocheting a blanket
    • Creating a set of mugs/plates
    • Making your own collage on a canvas
    • A painting of the couple (or their children or pets) in a classic frame
    • Coasters

    It is shown that many people appreciate a gift you took the time to make yourself over something store-bought or generic. These loving gifts are seen as more heartfelt and emotionally charged. 

    Customized Home Decor

    Similar to getting personalized kitchen accessories for the newlyweds, getting them some kind of personalized home decor can also make for a wonderful gift they’ll enjoy for years to come. 

    This allows the couple to see the decor you gave them, admire it in their space, and also be reminded of your thoughtful gesture in giving it to them. Your happy contribution to both their home and their special day will serve as a permanent reminder of the magic of their wedding.

    Be sure to also consider the color scheme of your possible gift. For one thing, think of what colors the couple likes and dislikes, but also know that different colors can affect someone's mental state as they enter their home.

    The good (and slightly overwhelming) news is that there is no shortage of ways to customize home decor. There are throw pillows, blankets, different kinds of wall art, picture frames, pieces of furniture, and more. In this case, it may be best to start with what you would like the customization to be and go from there. A hint: check out their registry for wedding gift ideas that you add some personalization to. 

    Want something with the couple’s initials on it? Consider putting a monogram on a set of bathrobes. If the couple has more rock and roll vibes, you could even look into personalized neon signs. Some people love custom wedding gifts that feature the wedding date. It may be a little late in the game at this point, but if the happy couple wants to assess their astrological compatibility, there is always the personalized birth chart book that would look great on any coffee table or bookshelf.

    This book is a great way to start a couple off on the right foot in their new adventure and vows together. With over 70 pages of priceless insights into their core traits and hidden depts, this book will be sure to give them new ways to bond. It will also help them be aware of how they can support each other and how their star signs interact.   

    The Wedding Party

    The most meaningful gifts are those with a personal touch, so personalizing a gift is always a great bet to create a meaningful gift-giving experience for both the gifter and the giftee. If the couple is particularly sentimental and enjoys the fine art of reminiscing, a picture book of their love story could be perfect. If you want to give a gift with more practical utility, kitchen accessories can be customized, so they still feel unique to the couple. They will treasure these gifts through all their anniversaries to come.

    For the busy couple in need of a moment of zen, consider a customized candle for a cozy night. Meanwhile, gifts you make by hand are always appreciated. Truly, there are a lot of ways to give a memorable, personalized wedding gift. Like all the best gifts, the key is knowing just who you are getting this gift for.

    If you aren’t entirely sure, you can always reach out to a mutual friend that could potentially provide an outside opinion. A wedding is an incredibly happy affair, and the process of gift-giving should be too. Make sure to remember a sweet personal card full of hope and love for the married couple. 


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