The Rise and Fall of a Cancer Moon: Their Moodiness and How To Avoid It

The Rise and Fall of a Cancer Moon: Their Moodiness and How To Avoid It

Cancers have definitely got a reputation. Whether that reputation has been earned is individual, but there’s no arguing that there are some common characteristics there. While those characteristics are more pronounced when Cancer is your sun sign, they turn inward when you have a Cancer moon. 

But that doesn’t mean that you just have to lay back and accept it. Learning more about what makes a Cancer moon tick can also help you to avoid some of the moodiness that can be associated with it, and Birthdate Co. wants to help in any way we can. With that in mind, we created a primer on all things Cancer moon.

More About the Cancer Sign

To begin, let’s talk about Cancer as a whole. 

In the zodiac, Cancer is the fourth sign. On the calendar, although there can be some difference depending on who you ask (and whether or not it's a leap year), it’s commonly agreed that it spans between June 21st and July 22nd. 

Cancer is represented by the Crab. You may see it as the actual physical crustacean or, more often, as two “nines” stacked on top of each other. It’s thought to represent a simplified version of the crab, with a large body and two claws. 

The name “Cancer” also has a tendency to confuse people. It’s not at all related to the health condition, though. Cancer is actually Latin for crab, and its associated constellation is the faintest of all of the zodiac. 

As a whole, Cancers are likely the most sentimental of the signs. They are known to be incredibly emotionally sensitive, which can be both a good and a bad thing depending on the circumstance. Also, just like a crab, Cancers have a tendency to “clam” up and get defensive when they get hurt or upset (even if that slight is imagined or blown out of proportion). 

Cancer Is a Water Sign

It will likely not surprise you that Cancer falls into the category of a water sign. Crabs are creatures of the water, after all, but they also feel just as comfortable on the land. While a Cancer may be seen as overly emotional, they often are able to find a perfect state of balance between feeling their emotions strongly and knowing when the right time and place is to express them. 

Water signs are also known for being incredibly intuitive. They seem to just “know” things, and they can effortlessly pick up the energy and emotions of any room they find themselves in. That can go both ways, though, as too much negative energy in a room has a way of draining them. 

Cancer Is a Cardinal Sign

It’s not just the water element that makes an impact on Cancers, it’s also its “modality.” The Cancer moon is considered to be a cardinal sign, meaning that it falls at the beginning of its associated season. 

Cardinal signs are natural-born leaders, and are comfortable with change and embracing new experiences. Of all of the water signs, Cancers are the most in touch with their emotions.

The Cancer Moon

But how do those characteristics apply to having your moon in Cancer?

When we look at our moon signs, what we’re really looking at is the way that we experience our own emotions. The moon sign is ultimately our emotional compass, and it points us in the general direction of what is right for us. While you may seem one way on the outside (AKA your sun sign), the way you actually feel on the inside has the potential to be a whole other creature. 

That means that all of the sentimentality and emotion that is expressed externally by those who have their sun sign in Cancer is felt even stronger on the inside by the Cancer moon. In fact, the moon is most at home in Cancer, with its hidden depths and tendency toward introspection and introversion. Ironically, the moon is also considered to be Cancer’s ruling planet. 


Sensitivity often gets thrown around like a bad word, but it doesn’t have to be. While the Cancer moon is definitely more sensitive than most of the other moon signs, they can use that sensitivity to their advantage. Other people can’t understand how to put themselves in the shoes of someone else, or just write their feelings off as being too much. Cancer moons are adept at being able to understand someone else, and why they might be feeling or acting the way they are, which can also diffuse situations and keep the peace. 

That sensitivity is also a gift that they can give to others. Cancer moons are great at helping people to understand their moods, instead of just assuming that people can pick up on them. It may take practice, but they can get incredibly skilled at verbally expressing themselves in a way that not a lot of other moon signs can. 


The Cancer moon is also good at being able to take their feelings and empathy and turn it outward onto the people that they care most about. If you’re in any sort of relationship with them, whether that is as their child, their partner, a friend, or even a coworker, you should expect to be smothered in affection. 

They’re the type to give a thoughtful gift just because and are physically affectionate with hugs and cuddles without having to say a word. If a Cancer moon cares about you, you’ll know. 


One of the most interesting parts about the Cancer moon is that they aren’t just great at being able to feel and explain their feelings, they are also excellent at being able to turn those feelings into art. Music, stories, paintings, sculpture; all of these forms of art are great mediums for being able to get other people to really feel what the Cancer moon is feeling. 

A Tendency Toward Being a Homebody

Just like the Cancer sun, the Cancer moon feels safest and most comfortable when they are in their own space. A home base that they know they can come back to when they’re feeling overwhelmed is essential for keeping them mentally healthy. 

It’s also a place where the Cancer moon can go to meditate and recenter themselves when all of those emotions get to be too much for them. It’s important that they can take time out to be alone with themselves and really sort out their feelings. 

How To Avoid Cancer Moon Moodiness

It isn’t always sunshine and roses with the Cancer moon. Their tendency toward moodiness can sometimes throw a wrench in the works, so learning how to avoid it can really work to keep the peace. 

The biggest key to avoiding that moodiness is making sure that you always take their feelings seriously. There isn’t anything that hurts the feelings of a Cancer moon more than expressing themselves honestly and being shot down by someone close to them. If you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of a Cancer moon opening up, sit quietly and just listen. 

If you’re a Cancer moon yourself, and know that you’re prone to moodiness, spend some time meditating and developing a greater sense of mindfulness

That way, when you start feeling yourself spinning out of control, you can use your breath to bring you back to your center.  It reminds you that all feelings, even the strongest ones, really are only temporary. 

How To Show a Cancer Moon You Care

Cancer moons are warm, expressive, and great at showing the people they love just how important they are to them. If you’re trying to show a Cancer moon that you care about them just as much, take even a portion of that energy and give it back to them. 

Small gifts, like a Birthdate Candle, are a great way to do that. Even the idea that you remembered their birthday enough to choose a candle emblazoned with it (as well as some facts about their personality and life number) will make sure that they know how important they are to you. Each time they light it, they’ll smell its custom smell that was made specifically with them in mind, and smile. 

It’s about the small and thoughtful things, and not big, expensive presents with no meaning behind them, that are the most sentimental to a Cancer moon. If you pair it with a handwritten, heartfelt note, you may even get a tear or two out of them. 

In Summary

The Cancer moon is likely the deepest and most intuitive of all of the moon signs. Once you know how to make the most out of the tendency to want to explore those hidden depths and be able to balance all of those competing feelings, you’ll find yourself operating on a higher level. With the help of all of us at Birthdate Co., you can learn even more about yourself and what makes you tick.  


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