How Will Capricorn Moon Affect You During Its Transition?

    How Will Capricorn Moon Affect You During Its Transition?

    If you’re not very familiar with astrology, you likely only know about sun signs. While these 12 signs can tell us a lot about who we are and our basic tendencies, there are so many more factors that make up our charts. One of those factors, our moon sign, is constantly changing. 

    If you were born under a Capricorn moon, or if you just tend to feel differently when the moon is moving through Capricorn, Birthdate Co. is here to help you understand yourself a bit more. 


    What Is a Moon Sign?

    While your sun sign gives you a great overview of your personality traits, knowing your moon sign helps you understand a lot more about their intricacies. The trouble with finding your moon sign is that the moon makes its way through the zodiac very quickly. 

    The cycle of the moon takes roughly 27 days to complete. That means it has to pass through each of the 12 astrological signs in that time, spending two to three days at most in each of them. Finding out your moon sign requires an awareness of the precise time you were born, down to the minute, and exactly where you were born. 

    Like the moon is often considered the opposite of the sun, your moon sign controls and shapes all those emotions that tend to live just under the surface. Your sun sign determines the characteristics and personality traits that are outwardly expressed, and your moon sign determines your subconscious thoughts and feelings. The two signs can also work together in harmony, or one can overpower the other, changing how each is able to express themselves.


    Capricorn Basics

    Before we talk specifically about what it means to have a Capricorn moon sign, let’s talk about some basic characteristics of Capricorns in general. Capricorns are those who were born between December 22nd and January 19th, in case you weren’t aware. 

    There’s a reason that Capricorns are represented by a goat. This sign has a tendency to be very driven, hardworking, and determined. Those qualities often manifest themselves as someone who is hardworking, intelligent, and in full control of their own destiny. When a Capricorn sets their mind to something, they won’t stop until they achieve it. Failure really just isn’t in a Capricorn’s vocabulary.

    The majority of Capricorns also live for order and routine. There is something inherently calming about knowing that an action has a predictable response. It takes the guesswork, stress, and worry out of having to go through all the potential outcomes in your head, and, trust us, that’s what Capricorn is likely doing if they’re being quiet.

    Capricorn sun signs also tend to be fairly traditional when it comes to family values. These are the people who demand that the holidays are the same way every year - whether that means driving to a tree lot to cut down a Christmas tree as a family, dressing up and going to church on Easter Sunday, or only having Grandma bake the pie on Thanksgiving. Anything outside of that picture-perfect memory can make Capricorns very uncomfortable, and they don’t tend to be very comfortable with change. To them, if something is working well, why do anything differently?

    Capricorns tend to have impeccably decorated, clean homes. That outside appearance is very important to them. Appearing to have it all together, even if they are a mess on the inside, is more important than acknowledging that anything may be wrong. This can be detrimental in the long run, as they focus more and more on how things look and less on how they feel about them. 


    The Capricorn Moon

    When your moon is in Capricorn, all of those telltale qualities - enjoying structure, having a high level of ambition, and being reserved - are reflected on your inner feelings and thoughts. 

    One way this is represented is that they are likely to take their emotions very seriously. If your moon is in Capricorn, you’re the type to have thought things out a hundred times before you actually take action because you feel the need to be able to try to predict the outcome before you even begin. 

    Most things in your life are connected to a checklist, whether that is done on paper or just in your mind. It’s the long-term potential that is the most concerning to you, not how you feel in the short term. That’s part of why Capricorns are so afraid of spontaneity and do not like to get involved in one-night stands or short-term relationships. Capricorn moons have set goals for every single thing that they do, whether that is in their job, their relationship, their friendships, or any other partnerships they’re involved in. It’s innate.

    Capricorn moons tend to be reserved with their emotions. You are likely flooded constantly with different thoughts and feelings about everything in your life, but you also don’t trust them. That can be confusing and lead you to feel conflicted about how to react. Ironically, that doesn’t tend to show on the surface, where you likely appear to have everything together. It can sometimes feel like it may require a crowbar to get you to open up because you don’t trust people without reassurance that they mean well and are safe to let in. This self-protective instinct can push away people who care if you’re not careful. It also backfires, leading you to blow up at people who mean well.

    When you do let people in, though, they have earned and can count on your absolute loyalty. You’re a rock for your loved ones, especially due to your tendency to put yourself dead last. If there is an emergency, you’re likely the first one there and the last one to leave. 

    Those with their moon in Capricorn are also naturally prone to finding success in everything that they do. It’s one area that their internal checklist really pays off. Capricorn moons are born leaders, although they would never believe it themselves. Imposter syndrome is real when it comes to these people, even though they are probably the most competent person in the room. It’s hard to really let it sink in that they may actually know what they’re doing and be qualified enough to do it. It’s ironic because most people look to Capricorn moons for guidance because they always seem composed, even when they’re not feeling that way.

    One final quality that most Capricorn moons share is their struggle with perfectionism. If they are going to do something, it has to be done “right.” If it’s not done up to their standards, it might as well have not been done at all. They tend to direct this more internally than externally, but it still may seep out and affect the people around them (especially those they live with).


    How To Work With Your Capricorn Moon

    It can be difficult to cope with such rigid emotions, especially if you have a tendency to focus on what may happen in the future and not on how you feel in the here and now. Meditation practice can really help with this because it helps promote a sense of mindfulness. When you develop your mindfulness, it helps you connect with how you’re feeling in the moment instead of trying to plan ahead for things that may or may not happen in the future. 

    If this applies to you, try lighting a candle (we recommend a Birthdate candle made specifically according to your sun sign) and spending some time in quiet contemplation. Every time your mind wanders off, trying to focus on planning out the future down to details that are absolutely impossible to predict, gently guide it back to how you’re feeling in the moment. Focus on the physical feelings, the emotions of the moment, and your breath. Let go of everything else. This can teach you how to better connect with your emotions, too, so that you can name them and claim them (and stop second-guessing things so much).


    One Last Word

    If you have a Capricorn moon, it can play a major role in how you feel and express your emotions. Instead of living in the moment, you have a tendency to worry about things you couldn’t possibly control in the future. We’re all beautiful and unique, so those of us here at Birthdate Co. believe that it’s much easier to embrace everything about who you are instead of fighting it. At the end of the day, none of us are inherently good or bad; we’re all just humans finding our way through this world.  


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