Gifts for Grandchildren They Will Cherish for Years

Gifts for Grandchildren They Will Cherish for Years

As a grandparent, it’s likely that when a special occasion comes around, you want to find the best gift possible for your grandchild that is both current and thoughtful. We know that it can be tricky to get creative and think of new ideas every year, especially when you value finding something that’s particularly meaningful. 

That’s where Birthdate Co. comes in. We create personal, modern gifts that are distinctly unique to every individual because they contain astrological descriptions and personality insights that are based on the recipient’s exact date and birth.

If you’re asking yourself, “Wait a minute—what is astrology again?” then don’t worry; we’re here to explain all of that. But first things first, we can strip down the many reasons that astrology-focused gifts are such an awesome choice for grandchildren to a few key takeaways:  

  • They are popular among young people
  • They have longevity
  • They will help them unwind and improve their wellness
  • They are personalized

There are two items specifically that we’re here to highlight, and we’ll dive into all of their special qualities below.  

  1. Birthdate Candles: An excellent choice for the aroma-lover and candle-fanatic, these home goods each come in a custom scent and display personal astrological elements like a person’s sun sign, ruling planet, ruling number, and a tarot card.

  2. The Birthdate Book: Great for all ages and truly timeless, this book is an excellent choice for someone who wants an extremely detailed glance into every aspect of their astrological birth chart.

What Is Astrology and Why Do Young People Love It?

To get back to the basics, astrology is the study of celestial bodies in the universe and how their placement at the exact time of your birth influences the person you become. In other words, the placement of the sun, moon, and planets in the sky drives your strengths, weaknesses, and defining character traits. 

Learning about your birth chart can help you better understand yourself and encourage your personal growth. 

If this all sounds daunting, just know that you’re probably actually already somewhat familiar with astrology, given that the topics of signs and horoscopes are fairly prominent in our culture. Can you place yourself into one of these groups: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn? 

A lot of folks already can and don’t know that what they’re actually referring to is their “sun sign,” or the placement of the sun at their birth. This is the most commonly known element of astrology because it is the dominant driving force of your personality. 

Despite astrology being an evergreen activity that has existed for centuries, thanks to the internet and its increased accessibility to horoscopes, astrology is surging in popularity in recent years. According to a 2019 survey

  • 87% knew their zodiac sign
  • 75% trust that astrology works
  • 65% regularly check their horoscope

It’s no surprise that astrology is so popular given that it really is timeless, it’s a remarkable tool for self-reflection and wellness, it can be a social activity, and it’s uniquely and deeply personal. When you give the gift of astrology, you can be confident that you’re giving all of this and more on the face of a sleek, stylish product. 

Why These Gifts Last a Lifetime

Astrology is something to be explored no matter where you are in your life. Horoscopes constantly evolve and change and your astrological descriptions can constantly be applied to any experience or obstacle you’re facing. For those reasons, astrology-centered gifts are truly timeless and can be cherished for years after they’re unwrapped. 

For example, The Birthdate Book is filled with over 70 pages of in-depth information that can be rediscovered and revisited over and over again, like with any favorite novel. If you give this to your teenage grandchild, they might consider how their astrology-influenced personality traits are playing out in the context of high school and young relationships. 

However, that same book can move and travel with them and can be opened up and consulted again decades later if they’re facing a challenge at home or in the office.

When it comes to our candles, they can be burned for up to 60 to 80 hours but are often reused and repurposed as a glass jar once their wax runs out

Whether you use them to hold your jewelry, store your produce, or even create a new candle of your own, repurposing candles is extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. From candles to glass jars and beyond, the Birthdate Candles display concise yet informative astrology in an incredibly stylish, aesthetically pleasing way. 

How These Gifts Boost Wellness

Astrology’s Impact

We’ve mentioned already that astrology is an amazing means of self-reflection. Seeking comfort in astrology can be really beneficial to your wellness and mental health because it allows you to make sense of your identity and discover influences that drive you outside of yourself.

Becoming at peace with your strengths and weaknesses can help you to really accept yourself as you are and determine how you can combat any challenges standing in your way.

Aside from that, astrology is also a rich, social activity. Have you ever heard two people compare their zodiac signs and relish their similarities and differences? Sharing things about ourselves can be a super fun bonding experience, and astrology lends itself naturally to sparking these kinds of conversations.  

The Importance of Reading

We know that the benefits of astrology are unmatched, and when it combines forces with pleasurable items like a book or a candle in the form of a gift, its value only increases. 

Astrology lends itself to self-care and wellness, and reading brings with it a wide range of benefits like strengthening your brain, increasing your empathy, reducing stress, and giving you a better night’s sleep.

By curling up with a hot cup of tea and pages upon pages that unravel their astrological birth chart, your grandchild can boost their intelligence, serotonin, and inner peace.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Similar to the book, candles are a really fun item to choose as your gift if you want to provide that extra bit of luxury. 

Have you noticed that your grandchild is especially stressed lately with school or work? Something like a candle is the definition of a treat, and it’ll instantly set a relaxing tone with its calming glow and nice scent. 

Though it’s a small gesture, adding something like this to their environment can be an excellent way for your grandchild to treat themselves to something nice, relaxing, and stylish. 

Personalization Is a Must

When you’re looking to get something unique and unpredictable as your next gift, personalization is truly your best bet. In the modern world, it has become increasingly easy to order something that is customized to the specific qualities of your loved one, rather than just grabbing a generic, mass-produced item from the mall. In fact, according to Forbes, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.

When you give the gift of astrology, you’re showing your grandchild that you took the extra care to customize something for their very own birthday. It’s also vastly more personal than, say, a monogrammed bracelet, because the study of astrology itself is so much more inherently personal than merely the engraving of someone’s initials.

After all, astrology is literally the exploration of someone’s personality and innermost soul, and what’s more personal than that? 

For example, as we’ve briefly alluded to already, a natal chart (or birth chart) can reveal many different depths of someone’s essence, more so than just their personality strengths and weaknesses, like the following:

  • How the placement of the planet Mercury influences your intelligence and communication
  • How the planet Venus determines the nature of your beauty and aesthetic sense
  • How the planet Mars drives your passion and desire 

In terms of personalized gifts, astrology really can’t be beaten.

A Timeless Treasure

We hope that we’ve made your gift search as a grandparent a little bit easier by revealing all the absolutely valuable points of astrology to you and showing you the many ways that it can benefit your grandchild for years to come. 

When you’re thinking about gifting intricate astrological descriptions, remember that you’re gifting a boundless world of self-exploration, social conversations, lasting luxury, relaxation, stimulation, personalization, and more. 

You’re doing so by combining all of the wonderful qualities of astrology that have made it a staple study and activity for centuries with the simplistic benefits of something as purely pleasurable as a book or candle.   

Your grandchild is guaranteed to be deeply impressed that you discovered something sleek, cool and fashionable and simultaneously meaningful and thoughtful. Most importantly, they will appreciate the obvious love and care you put into celebrating them. 


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