Fundamental Pisces Traits You Should Know

    Fundamental Pisces Traits You Should Know

    Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, represented by a pair of fish swimming around each other. This sign is often one of the most mysterious of the entire zodiac as Pisces are able to evade detection. So much of their personality is hidden below the surface as they exhibit traits like intuition and sensitivity — things that can be difficult to observe. From the outside, they are friendly, open people who often get along with many different types of individuals. Because Pisces holds aspects of every other zodiac sign, they can shape-shift and appear different when around different kinds of people or in varying settings. They enjoy getting out and meeting new people, but they also love a night at home alone with their favorite Pisces candle and a glass of wine.

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    But inside, they are deep thinkers with big ideas. To truly understand Pisces, you must have an idea of their fundamental traits — the characteristics that make them who they are. The more you know about Pisces, the better you’ll be able to relate to them. Or perhaps if you’re a Pisces yourself, you’ll gain a better understanding of your mind’s inner workings. 

    Basic Pisces Traits

    Basic Pisces Traits

    Dates: February 19 - March 20

    Symbol: Two fish swimming

    Element: Water

    Ruling Planet: Neptune

    Modality: Mutable

    Water signs are known for being in tune with their emotions and Pisces is no different. But, while other water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) may be more intense with their emotions or seek a particular type of comfort, Pisces is known for being more easygoing, which makes it easy to get along with them. Water signs sometimes get a bad rap for being “wishy-washy” or lacking boldness, but this is just a misunderstanding. Water signs have such capacity for emotion (both their own emotions and those of others) that they can sometimes feel overwhelmed by it, making it difficult to make decisions. However, water signs are strong signs that use their ability to understand people to create lasting relationships and usher in great change.

    As a mutable sign, Pisces are more adaptable to changes. They are not necessarily like the cardinal signs who are the trailblazers, constantly looking for new ways to do something and new projects to start (Cancerians). Nor are they the fixed signs that prefer things to stay exactly the way they are (Scorpios).Pisces is somewhere in between. They go with the flow. They’re flexible. And they typically take the time to consider many different angles before making a choice. 

    Fundamental Pisces Traits


    Perhaps one of Pisces’ most defining traits, their capacity for empathy is unmatched. They feel everything deeply, even the emotions of others, and animals! They have the ability to put themselves in another person’s position in almost every situation, which makes them highly in tune with others’ feelings. Understanding how people experience emotion allows Pisces to have a greater connection with others and often helps them forge deep, long-lasting bonds with the people in their life. Pisces’ natural instinct is to connect with and care for people, which helps others to open up to them. 

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    Another attribute of this water sign is sensitivity. Because they are so aware of their own emotions and those of others, they can become sensitive about certain topics. They may be moved to tears more easily than others or hang on to emotions that no longer suit them. However, they are also very good at channeling these emotions into something productive such as artwork, writing, or some other creative outlet. Their sensitivity is another trait that allows them to more easily understand others and being sensitive to their needs. They feel things deeply and keep those emotions close to their heart. 


    Pisces are known for being highly creative and artistic. Because of this nature, they are often thought of as the creators of the zodiac wheel. Their creativity can manifest in many ways, but Pisces are often drawn to some kind of arts and they use this as an outlet for all of those deep emotions they harbor and experience. This sensitivity and empathy, combined with their free-running imagination, makes them excellent artists in whatever discipline they feel most drawn to. They don’t let earthly limitations stand in the way. They can imagine worlds and ideas outside the everyday line of thinking, which makes for beautiful creations. They especially love all things fantasy and otherwordly.

    Highly Intuitive 

    Pisces are known for their high level of intuition, even being thought of as psychic in many cases. This is one of the best-known Pisces traits. Their wild imagination, deep empathy for others and sensitive nature make them more tuned in to the spiritual world, which often leads them to psychic endeavors. Pisces might find themselves drawn to a particular kind of divination — be it Tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, or runes. 

    Their openness and connection to the spirit world make them more perceptive of things that other signs are not as in tune with. Even if a Pisces isn’t drawn to a divination tactic in particular, they often feel that pull towards the spirit world and the paranormal. Pisces enjoy objects that can tap into this energy, such as crystals, herbs, and candles, making a Pisces candle the perfect gift for this sign. 

    Laid Back and Agreeable

    Thanks to their mutable modality, Pisces tend to be pretty laid-back people. They find it easy to get along with others and don’t often hold grudges or feel stuck in their ways. This helps them to stand out from other water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, and they can be more rigid in their expectations or routines. Because of their agreeable nature, Pisces typically have an easy time making friends and talking to strangers. 

    fundamental pisces traits


    The ability to relate and empathize with others makes Pisces a very generous sign. They are always willing to help others, sometimes even at their own expense. This makes them reliable friends that people can depend on. However, it can also be to their detriment sometimes. Pisces are so concerned about others, they make forget to address their own needs. If you’re a Pisces, it’s important to be aware of this pattern and recognize when it causes issues. Be sure to listen to your own needs as much as you listen to those of the people around you.

    Open-Minded and Adaptable

    Another impact of the mutable modality and their perception of others is open-mindedness. This helps with creative endeavors, allowing them to see outside the typical little box we all live in. This also helps them dream up big ideas and new concepts. They are like the chameleons of the zodiac, easily able to accept new information and environments and adapt to their surroundings. This is part of the reason why Pisces gets along with everybody. They can change their outward personality to match that of the people around them, making it easy to connect with each other and find similar interests. 


    Pisces’ sensitive nature makes them in tune with what their partners want. Combine this with their dreamy nature, and they’ll find a way to make any situation romantic. They want to tap into their partner's deepest emotions and let them know that they care. Pisces is the type of sign that will leave sweet love notes or pick up a bouquet of flowers on their way home from work just because. This makes them excellent, loyal partners. 


    Pisces are sometimes known for having their head in the clouds — but this is what makes them so unique. Their big imaginations may sometimes give them unrealistic dreams, but they channel this energy into an outlet. Their dreamy nature makes them more artistic, romantic, and interesting to be around. At times, this can lead them to set impractical goals, so it’s important to keep them in check sometimes and help them set a goal that may be more attainable. 

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    Pisces in Love

    Pisces make wonderful life partners. They are caring and loyal and always want to make the people around them feel happy and understood. This makes their partner feel valued and seen. However, Pisces’ tendency to put others’ emotions before their own can cause problems in a relationship. If you’re dating a Pisces, try to be there for them in the same way they are always thinking of your emotions. Encourage them to share how they’re feeling and help them find ways to put their needs first when the situation calls for it. 

    Pisces’ most compatible partners are often other water signs: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. They all share similar sensibilities and desires. A water sign's emotional nature and nurturing tendencies can help Pisces better understand their own emotions and work through them.

    Pisces are also very compatible with earth signs — Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Think of how these elements work in nature — earth is the hard surface over which water flows. Earth signs can help keep Pisces somewhat grounded and realistic while still understanding and appreciating their imaginative nature. 

    Pisces can form lasting bonds with fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) as well as air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), but these relationships will need time to grow to help each partner understand their needs and outward personalities.

    Pisces and Friendship

    Pisces make some of the best friends of the zodiac because of their perceptive nature and their desire to empathize and care for others. They think things through deeply, which makes them great listeners and are easily able to relate to many different types of people. Their compassion is something friends recognize and appreciate. Pisces is often the friend people call when they need advice or just someone to listen and understand what they’re going through. Pisces often offer insight others don’t see.

    top pisces careers

    Pisces and Career

    Pisces’ creative nature often leads them to artistic jobs working in art, writing, or music. But, their sensitive nature and compassionate personality also help them excel in fields that involve personal connections. 

    Some top careers for Pisces include:

    • Nurse
    • Nonprofit work
    • Social worker
    • Musician
    • Artist
    • Writer
    • Counselor 
    • Art dealer
    • Therapist

    Pisces and Family

    Pisces are often very close with their families, especially siblings, and their family pets! Their nurturing, compassionate nature leads them to want to support those closest to them. Even if a Pisces does not have as close of a relationship with their biological family, they often form their own family unit with people in their life and use this support system as a base for how they approach other areas of their life. 

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    Understanding the Pisces in Your Life

    Knowing the fundamental Pisces traits helps you to better understand what makes the Pisces in your life tick. It can help you be a more compassionate person and identify areas where you may need to step up and help your Pisces friend, family member, or partner. You can offer your support to them in the same way Pisces is so willing to help others. If you’re looking for a gift for the Pisces in your life, consider zodiac jewelry or a self-care kit to encourage them to take some much-needed me-time.


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