Create a Personalized Candle

Collection for Your Home

Many options exist to create a personalized candle collection for your home. You could choose candles with wax that matches the precise colours of your walls or use different scented candles for each room of your space. Of course, you could switch out your candles based on the holidays or the seasons of the year.

The most creative way might be to use personalized birthdate candles. Discover how astrology can inform your home's perfect custom candle gift set.

The Bedroom: Your Anniversary Date

Birthdate Co. is known for beautiful and personalized candles for gifts, but those gifts can also be gifts for yourself. And they don't just have to be for your birthday. What's great about these scented candles is that you can choose a date for just about anything- and if you're decorating your bedroom, why not make it in honour of your anniversary?

You can order the personalized candle for your wedding date and decide it will be your bedroom's signature scent. Or maybe it's the date you met your partner for the first time or even the first time you said "I love you" to each other. Choose a particular date that represents the people sharing the space each night.

The Office: Your Business Launch Date

Once you've decided on the bedroom candle for your collection, it's time to move on to the office! If you work for yourself, choosing the date you launched your business would make for a perfect personalized candle. Then every time you light it, you can think of the great accomplishment of building your business.

If you work for someone else, you could choose a candle that signifies your start date at the company or the date you received your last big promotion. It should be a date that reflects your accomplishments.

Knowing that these scented candles will differentiate the spaces throughout your home is helpful. While the bedroom scent will begin to remind you of sleep and relaxation, the office scent will become associated with productivity.

The Living Room and The Kitchen: The Day You Closed on Your Home Date

The Living Room, along with the kitchen, are usually the central spaces in a home. They're even often connected, making it easy to flow between them. You might want several personalized birthdate candles throughout this area of your home to create an even more significant impact. You could choose between multiple dates for this room of your collection. If you built your house, perhaps you select the day you broke ground. Or, for many families, the day you receive the keys to your new home would be appropriate.

Guest Room: Birthday of Visiting Guest

Last, you can choose a personalized candle for your guest room. This room is unique because different people will likely use it at other times. And this is when custom candle gift sets come into play: you can select different scented candles based on the birthday of the friend or family member visiting.

Guests would undoubtedly feel special to stay in your home and find a candle with their birthday and a customized reading waiting on them. You could tell them the scented candle is theirs to take home when they depart.

If you have additional rooms in your home, feel free to get creative with choosing the perfect scented candle for each space. Creating a personalized candle collection for your home should be a fun and creative outlet that you'll enjoy for many months.

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