The Ascendant Rising Power: What Is It?

    The Ascendant Rising Power: What Is It?

    It is very common, in both those more new to the power of the zodiac as well as seasoned astrological experts, to know the details of your sun sign backward and forwards. After all, your sun sign gives you the truest vision of yourself, so it is very compelling to learn about.

    However, people can sometimes have a tendency to forget about another crucially important aspect of the zodiac: your rising sign.

    While your sun sign is often seen as a glimpse into the true you, a rising sign offers a somewhat different view into both your inner and outer lives. A rising sign, also known as an ascendant sign, is largely about other people’s perceptions of you rather than how you take in the outside world.

    Considering your ascendant sign gives a fantastic opportunity to further understand how others look at you. 

    Of course, as time goes on, those around you will get to know you beyond just this first impression. They will understand the many facets of your personality and enjoy each new detail they uncover. In this process, they will likely find out about your sun and moon signs as well.

    Knowing all of your signs will help them to understand how they can forge a deeper connection and most effectively communicate with you.

    The Ascendant Sign Takes Into Account Your Birth Time

    Whereas the vast majority of sun signs require only your birthdate itself to be found out, the rising sign goes a bit more in-depth. Your rising sign requires three things to be discovered: your birthdate, birth time, and birth location.

    The reason these three are necessary is that your ascendant sign is calculated by determining which constellation appeared on the eastern horizon at your birth.

    From there, your rising sign can be used to determine your outward energy and how it is understood by those near you. You can use this information to fully cultivate your spirit and be conscious of the impression you give off. This impression can also depend on the situation you are in. 

    For instance, if you are at a more subdued affair, like the first time meeting with your partner’s parents, you can harness your energy to give off a very polite and subtle inner strength.

    Meanwhile, if you are attending a lively and exciting occasion, this is the perfect opportunity to let your spirit flow free. Use your knowledge of your ascendant sign to let your inner vitality flow outward, and you are sure to be a hit. 

    Your rising sign gives you a more thorough understanding of your entire birth chart, which helps guide you through various aspects of your day-to-day life. This is why a comprehensive birth chart reading is so beneficial, like in the Birthdate Book.

    The Birthdate Book comprehensively explores your entire astrological chart-- sun, moon, and rising power. It is always a good thing when you have your chart on hand to center yourself.


    Different Ascendant Sign Elements Have Their Own Outward Attributes

    The four elements-- air, fire, earth, and water-- all play significantly into astrology and the lessons it can teach us. Each sign is categorized into one of the elements, making three signs per element. As the elements all work together to keep a natural symbiosis on Earth, they each rely on each other in their own ways.

    The signs and elements are categorized as follows:

    • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
    • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    Since the different elements rely so heavily on one another, it stands to reason that they would signify a variety of both complementary and occasionally contradictory traits


    Ascendant Air Signs

    Ascendant air signs are immediately seen as quite intelligent and that they tend to make decisions logically rather than based on emotions. This intelligence can lead to them being a bit in their own heads. This is especially true when they are busy considering life’s deeper meaning or other equally important existential questions.

    In alternate situations, though, air signs are proven to be impeccable communicators, something that is sure to be picked up on by the people around them.  


    Ascendant Fire Signs

    Those with rising fire signs will, appropriately, inspire fiery first impressions. Like the element that describes their ascendant sign, these people will seem to burn red hot. 

    This typically manifests in particularly passionate individuals who are strikingly competitive and spontaneous. Someone with an ascendant fire sign may come off strong, but that is just because they care deeply.


    Ascendant Earth Signs

    Rising earth signs are, aptly, down to earth. They are grounded in their sense of reality and rarely stray from their deep sense of pragmatism and centeredness.

    Where an ascendant air sign may have their head up in the clouds, so to speak, an earth sign has their feet planted firmly on the ground. An ascendant earth sign is generally seen as cool, calm, and collected.


    Ascendant Water Signs

    Lastly, an ascendant water sign is perceived as being particularly attuned to their emotional side. Water signs are often especially sensitive and feel things incredibly deeply. This can make rising water signs come off as being a bit intense, but really they are just trying to take in the vast world around them and process it.

    Due to this connection to their emotions, water signs are generally very emotionally intelligent and will always provide you with a shoulder to cry on (provided that you don’t mind them crying with you).


    Ruling Planets Affect Your Rising Sign

    One of our favorite aspects of the zodiac is that it is incredibly customized and is different for everyone. For example, in the case of ascending signs, the intricacies of how others perceive you and how you act can be significantly altered by ruling planets.  

    These intricacies can manifest in a lot of different ways. If both you and someone else each have a Virgo rising sign, that does not necessarily mean you will each have a totally calm demeanor. Similarly, two people who both have an Aries ascendant may not each be prone to bouts of stubbornness.

    Each sign of the zodiac has its own ruling planet. While some people think that your ruling planet is determined by your sun sign, this is actually not the case. Instead, your ruling planet is determined by your ascendant sign.

    In order to utilize this knowledge for personal growth, it is important to find out exactly which planet rules over your rising sign.

    • Aries: Mars
    • Taurus: Venus
    • Gemini: Mercury
    • Cancer: Moon
    • Leo: Sun
    • Virgo: Mercury
    • Libra: Venus
    • Scorpio: Pluto
    • Sagittarius: Jupiter
    • Capricorn: Saturn
    • Aquarius: Uranus
    • Pisces: Neptune

    Now that you know what planet rules over your ascendant sign, it is time to look into what exactly this planet means for you and how it manifests in your life. Each ruling planet contains its own specific energy that it brings to your birth chart, and unlocking and understanding that energy is a crucial step in understanding your birth chart as a whole.

    Your rising planet will aid you in your quest to understand what exactly is most important to you. What core values do you hold the most dear? What do you care the most about? Whether it is love, social status, a successful career, or something else entirely that you covet most, understanding the ruling planet of your ascendant sign will help you to gain a deeper comprehension of yourself.


    Be Inspired By Your Ruling Planet

    Your ruling planet can reveal insight into your personality, interests, and worldview. It can encourage personal evolution and inspire beautiful astrological candles.

    The Birthdate Candle to have custom scents based on your ruling planet, ruling number, tarot card, and birthday. The essence of each candle is unique to the individual and their inner spirit. 


    Concluding the Zodiac

    If you feel that your sun sign does not perfectly or aptly describe you and how you act on a day-to-day basis, it may be a good idea to delve deeper into the world of ascendant signs.

    That said, you should look into your entire birth chart to really get the most complete and comprehensive understanding of what the zodiac is trying to communicate to you. This will help to give you the greatest and most profound sense of self that you can then bring to your interactions with others.

    • Sun signs give you a more thorough understanding of your very essence.

    • Moon signs provide a great indication of your emotions and how you deal with the depth of those feelings. 

    • Rising signs speak to how others see and immediately perceive you. Understanding and harnessing your ascendant sign is an integral part of unlocking your true self and discovering how to best interact with others.


    All About Ascendant Signs

    Ascendant signs also take into account the exact time of your birth, as well as the location. In this way, rising signs are actually more specific than the majority of sun signs, which are generally only calculated with your date of birth.

    Considering whether your ascendant is an air, fire, earth, or wind sign will give you another way to look at this aspect of your zodiac.

    At the end of the day, ascendant signs are an excellent glimpse into the impression you give others. When paired with sun and moon signs to complete your birth chart, many aspects of your life can seem to fall into place or suddenly make a great deal more sense.

    One of the great things about astrology is that it provides an opportunity to connect spiritually while also gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.


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