Aquarius Season Horoscopes 2024

Aquarius Season Horoscopes 2024

Aquarius season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Uranus…we hope they’ll provide shock and awe (and we love to hear about any pleasant surprises Birthdate Co. has offered you!)


January 20 - February 19

Our Lead Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!

Aries ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your communities this season, Aries. Pluto entering Aquarius spells a new you on the world stage. It’s your time to shine! There’s a lot going on this season and because a lot of the energy is shifting into Air signs from Earth, it will feel like fuel for your fire. On January 23rd, Venus enters Capricorn and your work life is graced with several weeks of ease and flow. If you have a business to pitch or a raise to request, you’re likely to receive a favorable outcome this season. Venus navigating the highest place in your chart might also have you feeling especially creative, so lean in when your muses call. The Full Moon on January 25th is yet another burst of creative energy for you, and it might be flavored with a twist of romance. Think back to August 2023 and notice if any summertime hunches are coming full circle now. The first two weeks of February are especially social for you, so strap on your social butterfly wings and get out there…there are new friends calling that will transform your life.


Taurus ✧

There is a major shift signaled in your public roles this season, Taurus. Pluto entering Aquarius transforms your reputation. You’re ready to come into your power! While this is positive news, there’s also a lot of energy moving from your stable and familiar earth energy to air energy, which might have you feeling unmoored. The challenge for you will be to embrace the progressive conversations that are unfolding without holding on too tightly to your comfort zone. Your ruling planet, Venus enters fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on January 23rd and it will soften your beckoning horizons. Even if your beliefs are starting to shift, there’s support in the process. The first two weeks of February have you shining in a very public way and should leave helpful marks on your career. Work might be busier than ever right now, but it’s aligning you with the deep reserves of power you’ve been aching to express. Let people celebrate your achievements and know that there are many more to come.


Gemini ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your beliefs this season, Gemini. Pluto entering Aquarius inspires you to go out into the world and meet new horizons. Stay open. This season is defined by a lot of earth energy lightening into air energy, which should feel like a welcomed weight lifted off your shoulders. You’re familiar with, and fueled by, air and now it seems like other people are finally getting with the program! Venus enters Caprciron on January 23rd to ensure there’s still some semblance of groundedness, and your shared resources feel the cushion. Your partner may be supporting you in newfound ways and collective undertakings will generally be smooth sailing. The Full Moon in Leo a couple days later lights up your close friendships and connections with siblings. Check-in with those that brighten up your days and remind them how much you care. Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Aquarius on February 5th and ushers in several weeks of higher learning (possibly including travel). Curiosity will serve you this season.


Cancer ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your joint support this season, Cancer. Pluto entering Aquarius revolutionizes your access to mutual aid. Appreciate your resources. Venus is entering Capricorn, your partnership house, on January 23rd, which will solidify the bonds that are supporting you emotionally, as well as financially. Over the coming weeks, take time to celebrate the one on one connections that have transformed you over the past 15 years. Your resources are once again highlighted on January 25th, when we welcome a Full Moon in Leo. Rather than other people, though, this lunation is all about you. How have your values been impacting your bank statements, and vice versa? Celebrate the ways that you’ve been able to take care of yourself around this date, and give thanks to the abundance that seems to be all around. The first half of February takes an airy turn and conversations go back to what you share with others. Circle the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th as an opportune time to discuss important collaborations.


Leo ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your relationships this season, Leo. Pluto entering Aquarius spells power dynamics unfolding in your partnerships. Know your truth. Because there’s so much energy shifting from earth to eir this season, you should be feeling reinvigorated and possibly hotter than ever. But before you can celebrate on the love front, you’re also busy at work. Venus entering Capricorn on January 23rd adds some honey to your daily routines and will make mundane chores (from work to morning yoga) more enjoyable and in flow. You might especially enjoy doing your mundane tasks with friends over the coming weeks. There’s a Full Moon in your home sign on January 25th that wants you to celebrate the deep change you’ve experienced over the past six months. Celebrate being in your body and come the first couple weeks of February, you might be wanting to share it with a special someone! Note February 9th, specifically, as a great day for laying partnership foundations.


Virgo ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your habits this season, Virgo. Pluto entering Aquarius spells rebirth for your wellness routines. Notice your changing daily tasks. While no season should be defined as “good” or “bad” this one might feel more unnatural to you than others, as there’s several planets moving from earth energy (your own) into air. Luckily, on January 23rd, Venus enters Capricorn and ensures that everyone at least somewhat keeps their wits about them! For you, this means tangible applications of creativity and romance. There’s a sweetness being offered towards your inner-child (or external child, if you have any of your own) and your creative muses should bloom in response. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will enter Aquarius on February 5th and you should watch out for any stubbornness that surfaces around your habits. Instead of being fixated on the process, try to embrace it as a means to an end. As long as the dishes get washed, does it matter who does them and how? Let flexibility lead.


Libra ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your creative life this season, Libra. Pluto entering Aquarius spells powerful expressions of romance. Be ready to be adored. Because the biggest theme this season is earth energy lifting into air, you should be feeling super charged and in your natural element. Conversations seem to have a levity they’ve been lacking and you might find yourself floating about, remembering how beautiful life can really be. Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Caprciron on January 23rd, though, which ensures your feet (mostly) stay planted. Especially on the homefront, you’ll be feeling supported and creative in refreshing ways. Buy flowers for your room and enjoy the creature comforts being offered. The first half of February is all about your creative pursuits, which could have you finding new muses around every corner. Stay open to conversations that spark interesting ideas, or flirty dates that have you wanting to dive much further than small talk.


Scorpio ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your home life this season, Scorpio. Pluto entering Aquarius transforms your roots. Notice where you feel grounded. There’s a heavy emphasis on air energy this season, which is a bit foreign to your deep and heavy waters. While that is neither good or bad, it does pose an opportunity for a different perspective. The Full Moon in Leo on January 25th will feel slightly more comfortable to you, as it’s especially fiery and expansive. Let yourself emerge from the shadows to shine on the public stage, even if just temporarily. You deserve the accolades headed your way! Your focus swiftly reverts back to the homefront the first half of February, when Mercury and your ruler, Mars, enter Aquarius. Circle February 9th, the New Moon in the same sign, for a great moment to set intentions around work/life balance. It’s a lesson you’re likely to be learning over the coming two decades, so while there’s little rush, it’s an opportune moment to plant seeds.


Sagittarius ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your communication this season, Sagittarius. Pluto entering Aquarius is evolving your perceptions– stay open to new information. Because you’re a fire sign, this season's preoccupation with air energy will serve as fuel to your flames. Embrace a quickness returning to your exchanges and a particular highlight on your local community. The main tether you have this season is Venus entering Capricorn on January 23rd. This spells abundance for your finances over the next several weeks, so don’t be afraid to buy yourself something nice. The Full Moon in Leo on January 25th might encourage travel of some kind, or else an inner exploration on the astral realm. Let yourself be transported around this date. The remainder of the season, into the first half of February, brings you closer to home and might have powerful conversations happening between friends and family members. This is an excavation process that will unfold over the coming decades, but notice any clues happening now.


Capricorn ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your finances this season, Capricorn. Pluto entering Aquarius has you confronting your value systems and how they’re reflected financially. This is a massively different season than you will have experienced Aquarius in the past, as Pluto has finally departed your home sign. You quite likely feel like an entirely new person– and Venus entering your sign on January 23rd acts as a sweet acknowledgment of that growth. Celebrate yourself over the coming weeks and the profound transformations you navigated the past decade. The Full Moon in Leo on January 25th might have you leaning on support from the people closest to you. Whether you “need” them right now or not is of less importance than acknowledging that they’re always there when you do. The first few weeks of February are a likely more floaty energy than your grounded sign prefers, but use it as an opportunity to elevate your conversations around your values, specifically around the New Moon on February 9th.


Aquarius ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your identity this season, Aquarius. Pluto entering Aquarius wants you to confront your personal power, and wield it responsibly. This is, arguably, the most important birthday season you’ve ever had! The events unfolding over the coming weeks are signaling a rebirth in your life that’s just getting started. Venus entering Capricorn on January 23rd seems to be the healing balm that will aid in this initiation. Luxuriate in the rest and solitude that’s being offered and show your affections behind the scenes for a bit. The Full Moon in your opposite sign of Leo happens on January 25th and will be a beautiful moment for your partnerships. Take time to honor the one on one connections that see you for who you truly are…and believe in who you’re becoming. Your modern ruler, Uranus, stations direct on the 27th, and you should feel a flush of forward momentum. The Universe is now giving you flashing green lights to move towards your ultimate destiny.


Pisces ✧ 

There is a major shift signaled in your spirituality this season, Pisces. Pluto entering Aquarius puts your intuition into overdrive– pay attention to your inner-knowing. It will be important for you to have grounding practices over the coming weeks (and years…and always) as there’s a lot of big shifts that are taking you outside the realm of reality. While developing your astral gifts is special and important, so, too, is remembering you’re still having a 3D experience day to day. Venus enters Capricorn on January 23rd, which will remind you that your best friends often act as these grounding forces in your life. The Full Moon in Leo, too, on January 25th, highlights the daily routines that light you up– and are very much part of being present in your physical body. The first weeks of February are busy ones for you, but the majority of the action will be happening behind the scenes. Whether you have a big project you’re inundated with or are simply choosing to prioritize rest, let yourself move with your natural rhythms.


Erin River Sunday is the Lead Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here


AQUARIUS SEASON: Radical Innovation

Keywords: Futuristic, Trendsetting, Collective, Intellectual

  • Planetary/Luminary ruler: Modern: Uranus, Traditional: Saturn
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Element: Air
  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Famous Archetypes: Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Christian Bale


Aquarian’s are beacons of the new wave. They don’t care what you think about the way they dress or the new music they just put out. They’re here to express themselves honestly, completely independent of your antiquated opinions.


Although...they do care what you think, a little. They want you to like them (though they’ll never tell) because they want to spearhead the revolution- and every charismatic leader needs a legion of loyal fans.


In this way, Aquarians are somehow removed from society, but also reflect everyone inside it. They thrive on communication, but would rather talk about you than themselves. If they come across as cold, remember they lead with their intellect rather than feelings. But don’t doubt those calculated minds… they’re informed by big hearts.


This season is about making the world a better place for the collective, and Pluto’s entrance into the sign is ensuring it’s a deep rebirth for all of us. Notice the ways technology can both help and harm, and ask yourself if you’re aligning with your communities beliefs…or if your communities are being created to cater to your own. Now is the time to initiate radical change within our friendships and dreams for the future.


Here’s how to think like an Aquarius this season:


Prepare for ideas to strike like lightning! We’ve entered the land of invention and lightbulb moments that shape society.


Journal prompts to connect with Aquarius energy:

  1. What are my closest friends' best qualities?
  2. Whose ideas am I intrigued by right now?
  3. If I had one wish for society, what would it be?


In addition to all the regular Aquarius season stuff, 2024 features some specific standout moments…


2024 Aquarius Season Highlights

    • Saturday, January 20th: Sun enters Aquarius 
    • Saturday, January 20th: Pluto enters Aquarius
    • Tuesday, January 23rd: Venus enters Capricorn
    • Thursday, January 25th: Full Moon in Leo
    • Saturday, January 27th: Uranus stations direct
    • Monday, February 5th: Mercury enters Aquarius
    • Friday, February 9th: New Moon in Aquarius
    • Tuesday, February 13th: Mars enters Aquarius
    • Friday, February 16th: Venus enters Aquarius

If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Aquarius rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Aquarius season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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