Aquarius Season Horoscopes

Aquarius Season Horoscopes

Aquarius season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Uranus…we hope they’ll offer a few surprises (and we love to hear what surprised you about your fav Birthdate Co. products!)

Aquarius Season: January 20 - February 19

Our Lead Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!

Aries ✧ 

Friends become you this season, Aries. You’re going to be dashing between parties! Once Venus enters Pisces on January 26th, though, you might be looking for a little solitude amongst all the friendship time. The first week of February will be a potent time for rest and paying attention to your dreams. By February 11th, you’ll be ready to dive back into the collective and text all your friends back. Decide what you want your community to look like and you can have it.

Taurus ✧

The office phone is ringing off the hook this season, Taurus. People will be seeking your opinion at work, especially around the New Moon on January 21st, so don’t be afraid to put it out there. When your ruling sign, Venus, enters Pisces towards the end of the month, you’ll be ready for some friendships to soothe your work woes. Show appreciation for the friends that help you let loose. The Full Moon in Leo on February 5th brings your attention back to the home front…your favorite place!

Gemini ✧ 

Travel might be calling your name this season, Gemini, and you’re ready to go! If you can’t physically get away, enjoy transporting yourself through learning something new. Especially on January 21st, make your intentions clear by booking a class or another stimulating activity. Venus entering Pisces on January 26th will bring luck at the office, a welcomed sight after navigating gnarly Mars and Mercury retrogrades. New ideas are finally swirling, and you’re ready to move forward.

Cancer ✧ 

When one door closes, another one opens, Cancer. The majority of this season centers around your values and how you share them with others. When Venus enters Pisces on January 26th, you might decide travel is where you currently want to invest. The Full Moon in Leo on February 5th will bring a culmination in how your money making ventures align with your collective ideals. You’ll be confronting power dynamics within your communities over the coming weeks…know your worth.

Leo ✧ 

Partnership is the name of the game this season, Leo. You’ve grown a lot in this area of your life lately, and you just might be ready for something new. Especially once Venus enters Pisces on January 26th, collaborative efforts will come bearing gifts. Stay open to fruitful commitments. The Full Moon on February 5th in your home sign will put you back on center stage where you belong. Bask in the glory of your recent growth and know that you’re approaching a whole new world.

Virgo ✧ 

Hard work is your default setting, Virgo, and this season will highlight it. If you get a surprising idea about a new health routine, see where it leads. The New Moon on January 21st will be a particularly impactful time to set intentions around your wellness…notice what lights you up day to day. When Venus enters Pisces a few days later, your focus shifts to your committed partnerships. You enjoy being demonstrative in love, but try to let yourself be taken care of over the coming weeks.

Libra ✧ 

Librans are the master flirts of the zodiac, and this season is no exception. If you’re ready to mix and mingle- look for creative spaces to bat your lashes. The New Moon on January 21st is an ideal time to practice self-love, too. Write down a list of attributes you appreciate about yourself. When Venus, your ruling planet, enters Pisces on January 26th, you can feel the love blossoming into your daily routines. Buy yourself a sweet treat and don’t doubt that you deserve it.

Scorpio ✧ 

Your home might be ready for a face lift this season, Scorpio. If you live with other people, though, be sure to ask their opinion before deciding to completely redecorate! We’re building up to a big shift when you’re ruling planet, Pluto, will enter a new sign…and until then, you might feel an eerie sense of calm before the storm. Channel the pending energies into work around February 5th, when you’ll be shining brightly from previous efforts. The work you do now will prepare you for what’s ahead.

Sagittarius ✧ 

If you pause your jet set life long enough, Sagittarius, you’ll notice the friends around you that enjoy being along for the ride. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21st is a great one to attend a book club, or sign-up for an interesting class. This season, overall, is reminding you that you don’t have to book a flight to get away- you can easily embrace the community of locals all around you. When Venus enters Pisces on January 26th, you’re remembering the sweet sanctuary of home.  

Capricorn ✧ 

Frugality is part of your nature, Capricorn, and this season you’re laser focused on finances. Think about the value of reciprocity. When the New Moon arrives on January 21st, speak your money goals into existence. Venus entering Pisces a few days later will keep encouraging you to use your voice in profound ways, and people will be listening for the deeper meanings. When you trust that your dollars and cents are tools to further the collective, you can’t go wrong.

Aquarius ✧ 

Aquarius, this season is all about you! Rather than pushing whatever team you’re leading forward, direct your attention to how you’re showing up within it. The New Moon on January 21st is like your personal New Year. Use it wisely to set the foundations of your dream 2023. The next day, your ruling planet Uranus will station direct, giving you extra momentum for the months ahead. The Full Moon in your opposing sign on February 5th celebrates your authentic creativity. Lean in.

Pisces ✧ 

You’re in need of some solitude this season, Pisces. Notice where things are coming full circle and prepare for a fresh start right around the corner. The best way to harness this energy is to rest when you're tired, and maybe keep a dream journal by your bedside. Your intuition will be especially potent over the coming weeks, so notice what it’s telling you. The Full Moon in Leo on February 5th will be a beautiful moment to  witness how your daily habits do, or don’t, reflect your inner wishes for the future.


Erin River Sunday is the Lead Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here


Keywords: Futuristic, Trendsetting, Collective, Intellectual

  • Planetary/Luminary ruler: Modern: Uranus, Traditional: Saturn
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Triplicity (Element): Air
  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Famous Archetypes: Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Christian Bale

  • Aquarian’s are beacons of the new wave. They don’t care what you think about the way they dress or the new music they just put out. They’re here to express themselves honestly, completely independent of your antiquated opinions.

    Although...they do care what you think, a little. They want you to like them (though they’ll never tell) because they want to spearhead the revolution- and every charismatic leader needs a legion of loyal fans.

    In this way, Aquarians are somehow removed from society, but also reflect everyone inside it. They thrive on communication, but would rather talk about you than themselves. If they come across as cold, remember they lead with their intellect rather than feelings. But don’t doubt those calculated minds… they’re informed by big hearts.

    This season is about making the world a better place for the collective, no personal drama necessary.

    Here’s how to think like an Aquarius this season:


    Prepare for ideas to strike like lightning! We’ve entered the land of invention and lightbulb moments that shape society.

    Journal prompts to connect with Aquarius energy:

    1. What are my closest friends' best qualities?
    2. How do I stand out in a crowd?
    3. Whose ideas am I intrigued by right now?
    4. If I had one wish for society, what would it be?

    In addition to all the regular Aquarius season stuff, 2023 features some specific standout moments…

    2023 Aquarius Season Highlights

      • Friday, January 20th: Sun enters Aquarius 
      • Saturday, January 21st: New Moon in Aquarius 
      • Sunday, January 22nd: Uranus stations direct
      • Thursday, January 26th: Venus enters Pisces 
      • Sunday, February 5th: Full Moon in Leo
      • Saturday, February 11th: Mercury enters Aquarius
    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Aquarius rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Aquarius season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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