Aquarius Moon Can Take Toll on Your Mood Swings: Here Are Some Tips To Help Reduce Frustration

    Aquarius Moon Can Take Toll on Your Mood Swings: Here Are Some Tips To Help Reduce Frustration

    If your moon sign is the water bearer, you likely already know the emotional toll it can have on you. An Aquarius moon is both a blessing and a curse, and sometimes it really can feel like both! Birthdate Co. is here to help with tips on how you can reduce your frustration and make the most out of something you really can’t change anyway. 


    What Is an Aquarius Moon?

    If you’re new to astrology and you don’t know the importance of your moon sign and how it can impact you, this is a perfect place to start! Even if you have been into astrology for a while, getting a refresher course is never a bad idea. 

    You’re probably already familiar with your sun sign, which is how we normally refer to people. There are 12 sun signs in all, each spanning about 28 days (which is the average time it takes for the moon to make it through its full cycle from new to full and back). The sun signs start with Aries (which begins around March 21st, or when the spring equinox happens) and ends with Pisces (which ends March 20th, starting the zodiac cycle over again). 

    It’s straightforward and easy to look up, even without knowing the exact time you were born. That’s why we developed our Birthdate Candles to celebrate each unique day of the year and how it impacts who we become.

    Moon signs are a little more complicated and are just one component of developing your overall natal chart. To find this information, you will need the exact place that you were born, as well as the precise time you came into this world. Most of the time, this can be found on your birth certificate, or you can try to ask a relative. Once you have it, there are plenty of resources that you can use to calculate where exactly all of the planets and astral bodies were on your birthday, as well as exactly where the moon was in the sky. 

    If you don’t want to put in the effort of creating a natal chart yourself, you can also treat yourself to the Birthdate Book, a bewitching hardcover book that displays your personalized natal chart on the cover. All you need is the information mentioned above, and we do all the hard work of pulling together your predictions. 

    Each of those things has its own influence on your personality and how you relate to the world. The sun sign, for instance, says a lot about how you present yourself to the outside world (and how people tend to see you). On the other hand, Moon signs control how you think and feel on the inside and how you experience your own emotions. It also has some impact on how you relate to the people around you and the kind of relationships you tend to seek out.

    Having an Aquarius moon means that the moon was located in the sign of Aquarius when you were born. You can have literally any sun sign, as it has no impact on where the moon is in the sky. 


    General Personality Traits of the Aquarius Moon

    There is a lot that is special about someone who has an Aquarius moon. For instance, while people who have an Aquarius sun sign tend to value intelligence over emotion, those with their moon in Aquarius use that on an internal level. They are far more capable of making any decision that they need to by taking their emotions out of it.

    That’s not to say that they don’t have or feel emotions, just that they recognize that they might be influencing a rational decision one way or another and should be taken with a grain of salt. This can make people view them as cold or aloof, but that’s not the case. Those with an Aquarius moon tend to be very friendly, likable people and far more likely than other people to be able to make friends with zero regard to race, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc. 

    They genuinely don’t care about fitting in, either. They value being able to think how they want, act how they want, and dress how they want, over having to fit into someone else’s box. Those with their moon in Aquarius are openly, uniquely, genuinely themselves.

    Because of that, Aquarius moons are also considered to be very out-of-the-box thinkers. They don’t readily accept convention and look at things from as unbiased a perspective as possible. That helps them to find solutions to problems that a lot of people haven’t considered before. To an Aquarius moon, just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that’s the way it should always be. It’s just a small part of the way they constantly challenge convention in all avenues of their lives (including their personal relationships). We could all afford to be just a little more open-minded.


    Aquarius Moon And Romance

    Speaking of relationships, let’s touch on the ways that an Aquarius moon can impact the types of relationships we ultimately find ourselves in. Those with their moon in Aquarius tend to view themselves as more independent than others and don’t necessarily feel the need to define themselves by their gender or subscribing to traditional gender roles in any of their relationships. For them, it’s important that any of their relationships seem like they’re springing directly from a solid friendship.

    Unlike a lot of other astrological signs out there, Aquarius doesn’t really have a “type.” They’re more attracted to open-mindedness and flexibility and tend to end up with people who are thoughtful, smart, forward thinkers. Most people with an Aquarius moon don’t actively seek out love and partnership either; they are much more successful in love when it happens as the result of a chance encounter or serendipity.


    Aquarius Moon and Work

    What makes Aquarius moons such unique partners and friends is also what helps them to be so successful in their careers, no matter what they decide to do. This is mostly related to how great they are at networking and making the right connections. Where so many people get caught in convention and don’t branch out, those with their moon in Aquarius don’t follow the same rules. They’ll talk to anyone and work with anyone, as long as they meet their standards of intelligence.

    The only issue that they have with forming a successful career is their inability to sit still. When you value independence and freedom as much as the Aquarius moon does, it’s hard to work in a traditional office environment. A solution for this is to work from home, if possible, or to work for themselves. As long as there is some ability to be creative and they have the freedom to do things their own way, for the most part, they’ll be happy and satisfied in whatever career they’ve chosen.


    How To Make Your Aquarius Moon Work for You

    There really are two options when it comes to learning about and dealing with your sun and moon sign (as well as the other aspects of your natal chart)... you can fight against them, or you can accept them and find ways to make them work for you. We think the answer is clear.

    Think of this as a form of self-care, which so many of us neglect, no matter what our sun or moon signs may be. After all, the ultimate goal of this article is to help you reduce your frustration, and what better way to do that than learning to accept yourself as you are. 

    One way to get in touch with your Aquarius moon and its influence on your life is by journaling. A lot can be said for anyone journaling because it helps you get everything out of your head and onto paper to analyze it better. This is especially true for the Aquarius moon, as it further helps them see things from a more well-rounded perspective. If you are struggling with a specific issue, try making a pros and cons list, and then do it again a day or so later to see what (if anything) has changed. 

    Charity work is also great to help channel all that humanitarian goodwill into a cause. It also allows you to network while meeting people you may not have met in any other area of your life. The cause really doesn’t matter; what matters is that you will absolutely get back out what you put into it, and those you help will be incredibly grateful.

    And, just like with everyone, try meditation. Aquarius moon tends to put their own feelings on the back burner, but meditation can help remind them that living in the moment and enjoying life also includes accepting and embracing any emotions that may come up. In the end, they’re only temporary… and so is life. That’s why it’s important to live it to the fullest.


    Shine Bright

    Do you have an Aquarius moon, or are you just trying to learn more about astrology and how it determines who people are and what they may become? Stick with Birthdate Co., as we provide you with unique learning opportunities about all things astrology to celebrate every special Aquarius moon in your life (even if that’s you-- because you deserve to be celebrated too!). We’re really glad that you’re here.




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