4 Unique Jewelry Gifts

    4 Unique Jewelry Gifts

    Jewelry can be one of the most unique gifts to give — whether you’re shopping for mom, a friend, your sister, or your partner. Jewelry gifts tend to hold both sentimental value and materialistic value, and they often make excellent items to pass down to other family members. If you’re looking for a gift that will stand out for years to come, jewelry is the way to go.

    But, selecting the perfect piece of jewelry can be a challenge since preference is subjective. To help choose the perfect piece for your loved one, consider the type of jewelry your loved one already has. Do they prefer to wear rings or bracelets? Earrings or necklaces? Do they have dainty, delicate pieces or chunky, statement attire? You should also consider things that they enjoy. For example, the astrology lover in your life would probably appreciate a piece of zodiac jewelry incorporating their astrological sign or even a birthstone for a special personal touch. 

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    Types of Jewelry Gifts

    When shopping for jewelry, the options are nearly endless. You can find individual pieces in all shapes, sizes, and colors — or you can opt for bundle pieces, such as necklaces paired with matching earrings. Before you begin shopping for jewelry, consider some of the previously mentioned factors, including what type of jewelry your special person gravitates towards and what kinds of interests they have. This will help inform your gift selection process. 

    Pay attention to the type of jewelry they regularly wear to also identify whether they prefer silver, gold, white gold, or rose gold. Each of these pieces has slightly different coloring that can make certain stones and features pop. Knowing your loved one’s preference will help you select a jewelry gift that becomes their new favorite piece. 

    Why Give a Jewelry Gift?

    Giving jewelry as a present can hold many connotations, but typically it symbolizes a certain depth of emotion and tells the recipient that the gift giver considers them very special. 

    Rings often symbolize a certain level of commitment — even if it is not an engagement ring or an official promise ring. These are pieces of jewelry that are prominently displayed and often worn on a daily basis.

    Necklaces fall onto the wearer’s chest, staying near their heart. For this reason, necklaces often connote love or deep importance. This is why a photo locket is often one of the most sentimental jewelry pieces because it allows the wearer to keep an important photo close to their heart.

    Bracelets tend to be tied to friendships because of, you guessed it, friendship bracelets. This isn’t always true, but it can be one of the symbols associated with this piece of jewelry. Bracelets can also be associated with memories, as charm bracelets remind the wearer of their interests and memories.

    Most Unique Jewelry Gifts

    Zodiac Jewelry Gifts

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    Zodiac Jewelry Gifts

    If you have someone in your life who loves astrology, purchasing a piece of zodiac jewelry is perhaps one of the best types of jewelry you can give. Wearing pieces that are connected to your astrological sign is a way to personalize the jewelry and also demonstrate your confidence. Showing off a piece of jewelry with your sign says, “Yes, this is who I am, and I couldn’t be more proud.” It’s a way to embrace your sign and demonstrate your love for astrology. These can be extremely special and personal jewelry gifts for anyone in your life.

    Birthstone Jewelry Gifts 

    Another way to bring astrology or a birthday into your jewelry gift giving is by looking for a piece of jewelry that incorporates the recipient’s birthstone. Birthstones are determined in several different ways — sometimes by birth month, other times by zodiac sign. You can find out which birthstone is associated with your special person’s birthday by looking at the International Gem Society’s website. If you’re looking for a gift for a mom, incorporating her children’s birthstones into the jewelry is another personal tribute to her life and a special keepsake.

    homemade jewelry

    Homemade Jewelry Gifts

    Homemade jewelry may not live up to the same quality as high-end jewelry, but it holds an extra special meaning. Crafting a present by hand shows a certain level of thoughtfulness and care, as it means that the giver invested time into the project. If you’re a skilled wire wrapper, you can design beautiful pieces with just jewelry wire and a unique stone or crystal — polished or rough, depending on the style that best suits that person. For young kids giving gifts to their mom or siblings, teaching them how to create a simple beaded necklace or bracelet with a special message will encourage their creativity and result in a precious item that can be kept for years. 

    Heirloom Jewelry Gifts

    If you have an heirloom piece in your family, perhaps it’s the right time to pass it on to a special person in your life to hold on to. A vintage ring from a grandmother to a daughter can be the most unique and special type of gift to pass on the family legacy and give the recipient not only a gorgeous piece to keep for life, but a beautiful memory they can cherish forever.

    Other Unique Gifts to Give with Jewelry

    While jewelry gifts are some of the most unique presents you can give and ones that  withstand the test of time, sometimes pairing your jewelry gift with a small, special item can enhance the meaning and thoughtfulness. 

    Zodiac Birthdate Candles

    Zodiac Birthdate Candles 

    For the astrology lover in your life, pair their zodiac jewelry with zodiac birthday candles. These candles are crafted in the USA from a blend of coconut, soy, and apricot wax. Each candle incorporates a unique zodiac reading specific to the recipient's birth date. The fragrances in each are selected with the help of master perfumers to speak directly to the preferences of that specific zodiac sign and birth date. These candles burn for 60 to 80 hours, providing long-lasting scents and soft light. When the candle runs out, the jar can be repurposed as a keepsake. 

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    DIY Craft Project

    For an extra sentimental addition to your gift, create a DIY project that incorporates photographs or sentimental objects. You can craft a scrapbook of memories, a hand-made photo frame, a keepsake box with special memories, or get creative and invent your own personal project. You can also craft something more useful or a decorative piece that they can display in their home year-round. 

    memories scrapbook

    Memories Scrapbook

    If you want to get specific with your personalized gift, a scrapbook is the perfect choice. Gather your favorite photos of you and your loved one, then add stickers, construction paper, and additional items like movie tickets from your first date, maps from places you’ve visited together, dried flowers, and more. The purpose of a scrapbook is to show how much you care about the person you are giving it to while also giving them something they can look back on for years to come. 

    Personalized Poster

    There are dozens of options for personalized gifts, but some kind of special poster that commemorates a moment or a place that is important to the recipient is an excellent decor addition and sentimental present. A screen-printed poster from a National Park you’ve visited is one possible option, or a framed vinyl record with a sticker displaying your names and an important song is also one-of-kind and can be displayed anywhere. 

    Gift Baskets for Different Occasions

    Gift Baskets for Different Occasions

    Gift baskets are a great way to give your loved one a way to indulge and relax. Gift baskets can be purchased pre-made with different themes such as snacks (including chocolates, savory treats, hot chocolate, and more) and me-time (including bath bombs, face masks, and nail polish), among other options. Alternatively, you can pull together your own gift basket to give. This is an excellent way to make the basket more personalized by adding items that your loved one adores. Give them their favorite wine, snacks, and some special spa-night items to pair with your jewelry gift. 

    Handwritten Letter

    The days of handwritten letters are seemingly behind us with so much access to the internet and online communication, which makes this gift even more special. Take the time to sit down and actually handwrite a note to the special person in your life. This gift will mean more than you can imagine as it’s an opportunity to vocalize your feelings for the person in your life and provide them with a little piece of a memory they can hold on to. Pair this with a piece of birthstone or zodiac jewelry to further elevate the sentimentality of the present itself.

    Unique Piece of Art

    If the person you’re shopping for is a lover of art, a unique piece that they can display in their home is always a much-appreciated gift. This can be a tricky present to shop for, but if you have a strong connection with your loved one and an understanding of the type of art they enjoy, you can find a small, interesting piece they’ll love.

    A Membership or Subscription

    Perhaps an underrated gift idea, a membership to a wine or coffee club or a subscription to their favorite magazine is a gift that will continue to give months after their birthday or other special occasion has passed. Consider your loved one’s interests and find a regular subscription that they can look forward to every month or quarter.

    happy girls exchanging gifts

    Give the Perfect Gift This Year

    Giving jewelry to someone special in your life is one of the best ways to give a truly unique present that will also last a lifetime. Carefully consider the type of jewelry that best suits your loved one’s personal aesthetic, whether that means getting the right metal or incorporating gemstones like their individual birthstone or zodiac jewelry with their zodiac sign. Also, consider the type of jewelry you’re purchasing and the possible symbolism behind it. To really complete the package, include a unique personalized or hand-crafted item that they can hang on to and remember that special day and your relationship for years to come.


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