Your Moon Sign Compatibility and Relationships: You Can Avoid These Issues

Your Moon Sign Compatibility and Relationships: You Can Avoid These Issues

Knowing your natal chart, from your sun sign to your moon sign and everything in between, can really save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Your moon sign compatibility, for instance, has a lot to teach you about the types of people you will “click” with. It can also help you avoid people that will ultimately be incompatible with who you are at your core. 

All of us at Birthdate Co. believe very strongly that you deserve to have as much information as possible so that you can practice true, deep self-care. Here’s more about your moon sign compatibility so that you can make wise choices in your next relationship (or learn more about how to get along better in your current one).

What Is a Moon Sign, Anyway?

If the concept of a moon sign isn’t one you're familiar with, we’re about to blow your mind. So much of astrology gets pared down to just your sun sign, which is what you look at when you’re reading your daily horoscope. 

But true astrology goes so much deeper than that. While your sun sign has a lot to tell you about your outward personality and how the people around you are likely to view you from the outside, there is so much more to you.

Developing a natal chart, as we do in our Birthdate Book, gives you access to so much more insight into your personality. Our detailed horoscope analysis, for instance, offers more than 70 pages of personalized insight. All you need is the month, day, and year of your birth, what time you were born, and where you were born. 

With that, we can develop a map of where exactly the stars, planets, sun, and moon were at the precise moment you entered this world. Each has its own important, unique piece to play in who you are.

Your moon sign is one of the most essential pieces of that puzzle. Instead of how you express your personality and how other people see you, your moon sign can tell you how you see yourself and how you experience emotions on the inside. It’s one of the keys to not only understanding yourself better but making better choices in relationships as well. 

It’s also more “precise” than your sun sign. While the sun stays in each zodiac sign for nearly a month, the moon (and its eight phases) only spends about two days there. That’s why it’s important to know the time of your birth. A few hours one way or another can put the moon in an entirely different sign. 

How Is Moon Sign Compatibility Decided?

Your moon sign has a lot to tell you about compatibility. If you think about it, the way that we portray ourselves to other people isn’t necessarily the way that we actually feel. For better or for worse, many of us have learned to play it safe and not express ourselves to our fullest. This can happen out of fear of being hurt, from childhood trauma, or just from not being ready to embrace who we really are. 

Our moon sign, on the other hand, is something that we can’t hide from. It’s what makes us tick, and being aware of that helps us learn to make connections with people that will complement that. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that just didn’t feel like it was working, no matter what you tried to do, you may have been involved with someone that had an incompatible moon sign.

Comparing your moon sign (and the other factors in your natal chart) against another person’s is a practice that astrologers refer to as “synastry.” This takes a variety of factors into account, including your element (and the element of the person who is involved or thinking of getting involved with). If you’re not sure what that means or where you fall, here’s a quick reminder:

  • Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

We view focusing on finding deeper, more compatible relationships as being the ultimate form of self-care. A bad relationship, or just one that isn’t supportive in the ways it should be, can be emotionally and even physically draining. That leaves you with nothing left to take care of your own needs when you should really be putting yourself first. 

Moon Sign Compatibility by the Sign

While individual connection matters the most, there are certain moon signs that are just naturally more compatible with other moon signs. Here’s a little bit more about moon sign compatibility sign by sign, to help guide you toward making deeper connections.

Aries Moon

If your moon is in Aries, you likely have no problem going for what you want. This can also make you impulsive, with a tendency to get involved too quickly. When it comes to romantic compatibility, other fire signs will understand you and your playful tendencies better than anyone else.

Taurus Moon

Even though Taurus has a reputation for being down to earth, the Taurus moon is naturally loving and nurturing. They also love the finer things in life, especially when it comes to their home. No one understands that quite like other earth signs.

Gemini Moon

Gemini moons love to talk, especially about how they feel. It’s important to find a partner that understands that and will listen to you, even if you’re just talking to work out how you actually feel. Other air signs are perfect for this and are just as fun-loving as you are. 

Cancer Moon

Water signs like the Cancer moon can get a bad reputation for being “too” emotional, but that’s not the case if you’re involved with someone who truly gets you. Being able to express yourself and feel safe is important, so look for another water sign who won’t make you feel ashamed for all of your feelings.

Leo Moon

Leo moons love to be the center of attention, so don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t make you feel that way. Other fire signs are great at focusing on you while not shying away from the fact that you love a good spotlight. 

Virgo Moon

It can be hard to be a Virgo moon in a relationship with someone who doesn’t get you. What other earth signs understand is that you aren’t an unemotional creature, you just like to think of things more pragmatically. Being with someone who can keep you mindful, so that you can appreciate the day to day, is also helpful. 

Libra Moon

Libra moons love beauty and harmony, but they also need someone who is just as fun-loving and social as they are. No one understands that better than a fellow air sign, who will be just as comfortable laying in bed talking about life as they are out at a party with you. 

Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio moon has a tendency to come off as a little intense, but they also love just as deeply. If your moon is in Scorpio, you need someone who is just as intense as you are (and loves sex just as much, too!). Stick with water signs and you’ll have a partner in crime for life. 

Sagittarius Moon

If you’re looking for other adventurous people who want more than just staying at home, and your moon is in Sagittarius, don’t stray too far from the fire signs. They are just as bold and outgoing as you are and appreciate who you are because they feel the same way.

Capricorn Moon

Instead of high emotion and dramatic gestures, Capricorn moons feel most at home with people who are far more grounded. Other earth signs get that and will work hard toward reaching your goals with you. 

Aquarius Moon

Even though the Aquarius moon can be a bit of an oddball, other air signs will understand and appreciate you for it like no other sign does. Many air signs tend to be viewed as aloof and even cold by people outside of their element, so staying with someone who “gets” you can be a life-changing experience. 

Pisces Moon

There are very few moon signs that are as deep and empathetic as a Pisces moon. They tend to see everything through the haze of constant idealism and optimism and need someone with an equally rosy outlook on life. Water signs are perfect because they are just as intense without judging you for your feelings.

In Summary

Moon sign compatibility is an essential part of understanding who you are and what types of people you are likely to feel the safest and most comfortable around. While it isn’t everything, it is one of the most important keys in developing deeper, more secure relationships instead of continuing old, destructive patterns. 

Learn more about your moon sign, and all of the other features of your natal chart, with us at Birthdate Co.


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