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    What Does the Zodiac Sign Taurus Mean? 11+ Things You Should Know

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    Birth Range: April 20 to May 20
    Element: Earth
    Ruler: Venus
    Modality: Fixed
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    Do you consider yourself a deep thinker, a savvy businessperson, and a total foodie? Then you might be a Taurus. Born between April 20 and May 20, the hard-working and dependable Taurus is a spring baby with strong ties to the Earth. Her ruling planet is Venus — the planet of romance — which draws her to pleasure, indulgence, and sensuality. There’s so much more to know about the alluring Taurus!

    Taurus Facts: What are Taureans Like?

    Whether you’re a bull yourself or are looking to learn more about a loved one (who you should spoil with a luxurious Taurus candle), use this guide to get the scoop on the mighty and magical Taurus. Here’s everything you need to know.

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    Taurus is an Earth Sign

    Each zodiac sign is ruled by an element (also known as a triplicity) — Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Your zodiac element is closely linked to your general temperament and disposition. Taurus is an Earth sign, which means it is deeply connected to the physical world and is highly concerned with the resources and bounty garnered from it. Taureans embody the spirit of their fellow Earth signs. Like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is grounded, stable, and goal oriented. 

    • Taureans are stable, dependable, and down-to-earth.
    • Taureans love food and are great cooks.
    • Taureans are hard-working and goal oriented.
    • Taureans may be highly motivated by money.

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    Taurus is Represented by a Bull

    The symbol of Taurus is the bull. In the night sky, the Taurus constellation takes the shape of a bull with the red star Aldebaran serving as its fiery eye. The astrological significance is also connected to Greek mythology and the story of Zeus, who charmed the princess Europa by assuming the form of a white bull. All of this contributes to this sign’s fierce yet stubborn reputation.

    • Taureans attack hard when provoked.
    • Taureans may be stubborn or resistant to change.
    • Taureans are diligent workers.

    Taurus Has a Fixed Modality

    In the Zodiac, the modality refers to the sign’s tendency or desire to initiate (cardinal), communicate (mutable), or stabilize (fixed). Along with Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Taureans have a fixed modality, which means that they are more likely to stay the course, for better or for worse. There are two sides of this coin. On one side, it means they’re steady and reliable. On the other, it means they can sometimes get set in their ways!

    • Taureans love to stay home in their pajamas.
    • Taureans are reliable and steady in every task.
    • Taureans are firm and unchanging in their beliefs.

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    Taurus is Ruled by Venus

    Taureans are softer than you might expect. Despite the fact that they have a strong reputation for being stubborn and grounded, they’re also enchanted by love, romance, and sensuality. This comes from their ruling planet. Venus is responsible for Taureans’ draw to luxurious items, fancy dinners, or decadent experiences. The best April and May birthday gifts should cater to the Taurean’s love of luxury.

    • Taureans are affectionate and love to cuddle.
    •  Taureans value their long-lasting relationships
    • Taureans love to splurge on nice things, like fancy dinners!
    • Taureans are loyal to their loved ones.

    Love the Taurus in Your Life

    With their steadfast approach and romantic disposition, it’s easy to see why the Taurus is such a lovable presence in your life (especially for the Capricorn, Virgo, or Scorpio, who are super-compatible with the bull).

    Looking for a great way to spoil the Taurean in your life in a way you know will play to their personality? Surprise your favorite Taurus with an April candle or May candle gift from Birthdate Co.! We designed a custom scent just for Taurus. It’s earthy, woodsy, and alluring, featuring sandalwood, musk, cedar, eucalyptus, beach lily and lime.

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