what are the best zodiac couples for a lifetime of love

    What Are the Best Zodiac Couples for a Lifetime of Love?

    Astrology is a vast and complex study that takes many factors into account. If you’re wondering what are the best zodiac couples, we can help you interpret what kind of romantic alignments the stars have in mind, but there are many aspects to your astrology birth chart that can impact your personality and your perfect matches.

    When determining which sign might make the best partner for you, you should keep in mind your sun sign, the sign most people identify with and are aware of, as well as your moon sign, which rules inner emotions. Signs of the same element tend to create harmonious romantic partners, and considering the modality of your partners sign can give you greater insight into how you will work together in a partnership.

    Let’s dive into some of the qualities that can influence what your sign is looking for in a romantic partner.

    Knowing Your Sign’s Astrological Element

    Each sign in the zodiac is associated with one of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Depending on which element your sign falls under, you might experience different kinds of impulses, emotions and tendencies. 

    It’s understood in astrology that pairs within the same element typically make good matches because they share many of the same characteristics. 

    As a reminder, these are the elements associated with each sign:

    Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    Fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

    Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    knowing your signs astrological element

    Earth signs are grounded, practical people who appreciate the finer things in life like an expensive wine and fine dining. Earth signs get along easily, as they share common beliefs and have the same type of logical thinking that can keep them on the same page. Earth signs can be stuck in their ways at times, so, when dating a fellow earth sign, it’s important for both people to make an effort to understand the other’s perspective and openly communicate about it.

    Air signs value intellectual debate and social gatherings. These three signs are the ones who tend to have many acquaintances and always like to be on their way to the social event, though Libra tends to be the more introverted of the three. Air signs are chatty and love to debate controversial topics. They seek out partners who can keep up with their wit and intellect.

    Fire signs are all about passion and charisma. Having a fire sign as a romantic partner is always an exciting adventure as they, like air signs, are also very social people. Because the fire signs and air signs are opposite on the astrological wheel, they also tend to make good matches, as they can balance each other out. Fire signs are energetic, driven and creative, so they value these same characteristics in a partner.

    Water signs are deep, emotional people who crave human connection. Though water signs can be sensitive, this is not a bad thing. Their ability to be in tune with people and their surroundings often leads them to demonstrate an affinity for psychic practices like tarot cards or tea leaf reading. Water signs are also very loyal and look for a partner who can reciprocate that loyalty and sense of trust. 

    Understanding Your Sign’s Modality

    In astrology, the signs are broken down into elements and modalities, which include fixed, mutable, and cardinal. “Modalities,” sometimes referred to as “quadruplicities,” in astrology refer to the manner in which one navigates life.

    Though signs with the same element may make for good romantic partners, signs with the same modality may not.

    Here is each sign’s associated modality:

    Fixed Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus

    Mutable Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo

    Cardinal Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

    a couple gazing at the stars with a constellation shaped like a heart

    Fixed signs are motivated to reach the finish line. They have a clear goal in mind and they will put in the work to make it happen. These signs are often considered the “go-getters” of the zodiac who act on ideas and follow through on plans to bring them to fruition.

    Mutable signs are more flexible. They are well-suited for change and are very adaptable. If fixed signs are dead set on a plan, mutable signs are the ones who are open to unexpected changes and easily readjust to go with the flow. This makes them easy to be around, and they are able to adapt to any new situation.

    Cardinal signs are the ones who initiate ideas. They are often the creatives flowing with energy and ideas for new projects. Signs with this modality are the visionaries of the zodiac, initiating change and creating new things all the time. However, cardinal signs sometimes lack the follow-through to see a project to its end, which is why cardinal and fixed signs can make a great match. Cardinals have the big ideas while fixeds have the follow-through to make those dreams a reality. 

    Based on this information, two signs with the same modality aren’t necessarily the best match. Cardinal signs and fixed signs, as previously mentioned, can make an excellent match, and the cardinal sign can invent or initiate big ideas while their fixed partner can help them bring the idea to fruition. 

    Because mutable signs are so flexible, they would do well with either a cardinal or mutable partner, though a fixed sign may have some difficulty understanding a mutable sign’s easy ability to adapt to change, which can drive their goal-orientated nature crazy or teach them to be a little more flexible in their means to achieve their own goals.

    How Your Moon Sign Plays a Role in Romance

    Your moon sign refers to the zodiac sign that the moon was in at the moment of your birth. Your sun sign is typically the one that you know the most about, but the placements of other planets in the sky during your birth can play a vital role in your personality — and your choice in romantic partners.

    Your moon sign represents your “inner self.” It taps into your emotions and how you      express those feelings, making it an important element in romantic relationships. If you’re unsure of your moon sign, you can get a custom astrology birth chart that will provide a more in-depth analysis of your planetary placements.

    top star crossed pairings

    What Are the Best Zodiac Couples?

    Most zodiac signs have a handful of highly compatible partners. This can also depend on planetary placements aside from just the sun or moon, but, for the most part, if you’re wondering: “What are the best zodiac couples?” these are some of the top star-crossed pairings based on sun signs.

    Virgo / Cancer

    Although Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer a water sign, these two share a strong emotional connection. Virgo understands and identifies with Cancer’s sensitivities and knows how to make them feel safe, seen and loved. Cancers are known to have a nurturing side — whether they are with friends, family or a romantic partner, they want someone to care for! Virgo is the perfect recipient of this energy, as they seek a certain level of affection and can provide Cancer with the kind of affection they crave in return.

    Leo / Aries

    This match is a red-hot combination of passion and excitement. Both fire signs, Leo and Aries share the same lust for life that will lead them on many adventures together. Leo and Aries are both confident, independent signs, so they will respect each other’s needs and differences. Leo and Aries are known for having a passionate sex life because of their high energy and playfulness. 

    Leo’s charismatic personality can make Aries jealous, as many people gravitate toward Leo, but, with an open and honest line of communication, this issue is easily avoided. Both signs require loyalty and trust from their partner, which makes it easy for them to give it in return.

    Aquarius / Gemini

    Lock Aquarius and Gemini in a room together, and they’ll keep the conversation going for weeks. These two signs share many of the same traits and values — intellectual conversation, witty banter and finding the next party. Aquarius is known to be the most unconventional sign in the zodiac (something they love to tell others). While Gemini can be a bit more traditional, they’re intensely intrigued by Aquarius’ quirks and unusual interests. 

    Both signs are constantly seeking new experiences and highly value their own freedom, which makes it easy for them to respect each other’s space and can lead to exciting, unexpected adventures.

    Taurus / Taurus

    For Taurus, finding another Taurus is their ideal match, though they have many other compatible partners in the zodiac. Taurus has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, whether it is a good wine, an affinity for gourmet cheese or high fashion. 

    Together, they’ll indulge in all the things that they love — while staying home cozied up on the couch, their preferred kind of date night. Taurus has a deep desire for outward affection and another Taurus will understand this desire and be able to provide, so long as their Taurus partner reciprocates appropriately. 

    Scorpio / Virgo

    Although Scorpio and Virgo have different elemental signs (Scorpio is water; Virgo is fire), they make a great make a great match, as Scorpio appreciates Virgo’s down-to-earth attitude and Virgo is attracted to Scorpio’s powerful personality and open willingness to be open, though at times both can struggle with being vulnerable. This is easily overcome by building a relationship on communication and openness. Both signs enjoy having some alone time, so they understand each other’s need for solitude and respect that.

    Libra / Sagittarius

    Libra and Sagittarius both put a lot of stock in the idea of justice and have optimistic outlooks on life that helps them to form a special bond. Sagittarius often has      an adventurous side that Libras appreciate because they enjoy having someone to help them push their boundaries and take more chances. 

    Libra is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, which Sagittarius appreciates, as they search for an affectionate partner with whom they can grow a deep emotional connection. Both signs value communication, so they easily develop a healthy, trusting relationship. 

    Pisces / Cancer

    Both water signs, Pisces and Cancer are highly attuned to their emotional state of being, which can make it very easy for them to foster a deep relationship. Cancer’s sensitivity can often make them interested in or especially attuned to psychic tendencies, whether in the form of dreams or practices like tarot card reading. 

    Pisces has a similar sense for all things psychic, which bonds them and also makes it easy for them to read the other’s emotions, allowing them to be caring, thoughtful partners. Because Cancers like to take a kind of caretaking role with people that they love, they will want to share this with Pisces, who is more laid-back and enjoys letting someone else take the reins, making this an excellent pairing. 

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    Show Your Romantic Partner Some Love!

    Everyone loves receiving a gift, whether it’s for a birthday or anniversary or just as a small reminder of your love for someone else. If you’re looking for a great astrology-related gift to give that special someone, check out our Zodiac candles for each sign like the Cancer candle or Scorpio candle

    If your partner is a real astrology fan, consider getting them an astrology birth chart, completely customized to reflect the night sky on the day of their birth. Flip through more than 70 pages of in-depth zodiac analysis and enjoy beautiful illustrations and star charts. 

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