22 Unique Gifts for Astrology Lovers

    22 Unique Gifts for Astrology Lovers

    Astrology lovers are a unique bunch deserving of unique gifts! Fortunately, there are many different gifts and products specially designed to capture everything exceptional about the astrology aficionados you know. From birthdate books to tarot card candles, here are some unique gifts for the astrology lovers in your life.

    1. Astrology-Inspired Art Prints

    Astrology-inspired art prints are a perfect gift for astrology lovers everywhere.. Many different types of prints are available, including vintage astrology posters, zodiac sign prints, and minimalist prints. There are chic and colorful designs for every sign to bring a bit of astrological flair to the walls of any home.

    2. Zodiac Sign Perfume

    Zodiac sign perfume is a line of vegan, organic perfumes designed to capture the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Certain scents are associated with certain signs,, and these perfumes blend those scents into a pleasing fragrance that is as unique as the wearer’s personality. You can buy these unique perfumes in both regular-sized and travel-sized options.

    3. Zodiac Sign Tea

    Another unique gift on this list is astrological-inspired loose-leaf tea blends. These blends are based on the knowledge that each zodiac sign has an effect on a different part of the body and has specific energies. Each of the special teas for the 12 zodiac signs is made of fragrant botanicals that reflect the qualities of each sign. Aside from the Sun sign-inspired loose-leaf tea blend, Moon and Rising Sign tea blends are available.

    for astrology lover birthdate candle

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    4. Birthdate Candles

    Birthdate candles are another unique gift that any astrology lover will enjoy. Each of these scented candles has an aroma specifically designed to enhance the recipient’s spirit based on their astrological personality traits. . The creators use astrology along with numerology and tarot interpretations, to create a unique scent for every birthdate. These candles come with an individualized reading that describes what went into creating the scent for that particular date and has information about their ruling planet and number.

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    5. Astrology-Inspired Bracelets

    There are a lot of astrology lovers that like to wear their zodiac signs proudly displayed for all to see. That desire has made astrology-inspired bracelets one of today’s most popular astrology-related gifts. There are many different styles of astrology-inspired bracelets to choose from, including bracelets stamped with the wearer’s zodiac constellation, handmade bracelets personalized with zodiac signs in different fonts, and bangles that proudly announce their sign.

    6. Zodiac Sign Necklaces

    If you know an astrology fan who likes fine jewelry, a zodiac sign necklace is a great gift to give them. These sophisticated necklaces can have a retro or a contemporary feel depending on the design — found in various different metals with or without added gems. Some of the most popular zodiac sign necklaces are pendants that display the stars aligned with the wearer’s sign and hang from delicate chains. These necklaces are also great for layering..

    birthdate pendant box

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    7. Other Types of Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry

    There is a wide variety of jewelry pieces inspired by star signs available from retailers today. Zodiac sign earrings are popular in both small stud styles and elegant dangling designs. You can also find custom zodiac signet rings in sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold finishes. Another popular jewelry option is Pandora-style astrology charms that can be added to a favorite charm bracelet.

    8. Zodiac Trinket Box

    Astrology lovers need somewhere to store all their horoscope-related jewelry, so get them a gorgeous keepsake box customized to their star sign to use as a trinket box. One popular style of zodiac-inspired trinket box features a golden constellation on the lid with some positive descriptive words spelling out the sign’s best astrological traits at the bottom. Every time they open the box, it will remind them of how the stars aligned to make them the unique person they have become.

    9. Zodiac Sign Gift Set

    Anyone who identifies with their astrological sign will enjoy personalized gift sets curated for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These gift sets typically include scented zodiac candles with fragrances inspired by the different signs, body lotions, bath gels, sweet treats, tarot cards, or star charts. Retailers have different types of gift sets available.

    10. Zodiac Bath Balm Set

    Zodiac sign bath balm sets can help your favorite astrology lover relax and unwind after a stressful day. These sets feature calming scents like clementine and santal and contain skin-soothing ingredients like coconut milk and essential oils. Each bath balm in the set is created with all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients to have a minimal impact on the planet.

    for astrology lover birthdate book

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    11. Birthdate Book

    A birthdate book is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for any astrology lover. These made-to-order books are personalized with the recipient’s unique astrological birth chart and stamped with the recipient’s name and birthdate on a foil-embossed front cover. These books also contain personal horoscope readings and can be further personalized with a dedication page from you and a customized title page message.

    12. Zodiac Sign Makeup Accessories

    For astrology lovers who like to look their best, many different zodiac sign-related makeup accessories would make a great gift. There are handwoven makeup pouches with zodiac-related art on the sides and compact mirrors that can be customized by star sign, favorite color, and personalized engraved message. There is also a line of makeup brushes that proudly display star signs on the handles. No matter what kind of makeup they like to wear, there is a zodiac-inspired accessory that can help them out.

    13. Custom Astrology Phone Case

    Astrology phone cases let your friend protect their phone while proudly displaying their zodiac sign. These customizable phone cases come in various colors and can have a star sign and name displayed on them. Cell phones come in many sizes, so make sure you know what type of phone the recipient has before placing your gift order.

    14. Moon Lamp

    The stars and the moon are very important in astrology, so many astrology lovers would love to bring the moon into their homes. An innovative moon-shaped lamp softly brightens the room with glowing white and yellow colors to provide ambient light for up to eight hours. Moon lamps are available in several sizes, and some have a mini touch switch and charging port for devices.

    for astrology lover tarot card candles

    15. Tarot Card Candles

    Tarot card candles are scented with fragrances inspired by the 22 “Major Arcana” cards in a traditional Tarot deck representing major life lessons. In some varieties of these candles, a Tarot charm is concealed within the wax of the candle that will slowly emerge as the candle melts. These candles also come with an extensive guidebook to understand the Tarot charm and how it impacts the recipient’s life.

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    16. Zodiac Sign Keychain

    For a simple and inexpensive gift, consider gifting a zodiac sign keychain to your astrology lover friend that they can carry wherever they go. Zodiac sign keychains are available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles, making it easy for you to choose the perfect one to go with the recipient’s personality. There are even some zodiac sign keychains that help the user keep track of their keys, making them a fabulous choice for those who often misplace their keys (looking at you, Pisces!).

    17. Astrology-Themed Books

    Astrology-themed books are a great gift for anyone looking to learn more about the ancient art of astrology and how it applies to their lives. One of the most popular books in this genre is “Seeing Stars,” an astrology book designed for newbies and seasoned pros with bright, fun illustrations accompanying the text. Another good choice for a gift is “The Cosmo Tarot,” a guidebook and tarot deck gift set with a free reading of the recipient’s psychic energy.

    for astrology lovers custom star map

    18. Personalized Star Map

    Any astrology lover will like a personalized star map showing where the stars were positioned in the sky on the day they were born. For most people interested in astrology, their birth chart is a big deal that dictates how the rest of their life will go if they make certain choices. Some of these custom maps can be further tailored with additional astrological information or a personalized message from you letting the recipient know how much they mean to you.

    19. Zodiac Sign Wine Glasses

    Wine glasses embossed with zodiac signs are another unique astrology gift on this list. These wine glasses can be purchased as a set of 12 different zodiac signs or individually mixed and matched for each zodiac sign. These conversation-starting wine glasses are a good choice for the astrology lover who likes to entertain or loves to relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

    20. Astrology-Related Cocktail Recipe Book

    Who would have thought that there could be a cocktail compatible with your zodiac sign? The creators of “The Mixology of Astrology” book did and created a compilation of cocktail recipes for every star sign. You don’t have to be of a particular star sign to have one of these interesting drinks, but you might be surprised at how much you like the ones designed with your star sign in mind.

    21. Zodiac-Inspired Clothing

    Zodiac-inspired clothing is a great way to show off love for an astrological sign in a fun and entertaining way. These clothing items range from colorful socks with amusing slogans to hoodies displaying the lunar cycles and sweatshirts emblazoned with astrology signs and the wearer’s birthdate. With the wide variety of clothing styles available, it should be easy to choose some items as gifts for someone you care for and appreciate.

    22. Personalized Star Sign Mug

    Do you know  a coffee-loving, astrology-infatuated person? The perfect gift for them may be a personalized coffee mug showcasing an attractive constellation design customized with their name and birthdate. Some styles feature the Tarot interpretations of the signs, the name of the star sign in script lettering against a patterned background, and illustrated colorful and whimsical designs.

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    As you can see, there are plenty of unique astrology-themed gifts to satisfy any of your horoscope-obsessed loved ones. Choosing a gift that reflects their star sign makes you an awesome gift giver and shows your loved ones that you are paying attention to their interests.


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