The Earth Signs Elements, Personality and Traits

    The Earth Signs Elements, Personality and Traits

    Twenty-five percent of the sun signs fall under the “Earth signs” label, with the other signs categorized as Air, Fire, or Water. None is more important than the other, but each has its own set of specific personality traits, quirks, and habits.

    If you’re a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you are considered an Earth sign! Want to know more about what that means and how that actually impacts you? Learn more about Earth signs with Birthdate Co.


    General Characteristics of Earth Signs

    What is the first thing you think of when you think about the Earth? Maybe you picture it from space, with the brilliant blues, whites, and greens. Or maybe you think about the earth under your feet, how the dirt feels, or planting flowers in your garden. What do all of those things have in common? They’re all very real, solid things, grounded in the reality of what we are able to see and touch. 

    For better or worse, the earth rolls with the punches. It stays stable under your feet and takes what is given. The Earth is receptive, passive (not in a way that always makes them pushovers), and generally non-aggressive. But Earth is also the strongest element there is, at least on a physical level. It is the literal foundation under our feet, giving us everything we need to survive. 

    Earth signs embody a lot of those characteristics, too. They are patient, strong, disciplined, and stable. You can always count on them, no matter what you’re going through. They also have a tendency to take their time with things, which can be frustrating to people who don’t know their process. That’s because Earth signs are incredibly averse to taking unnecessary risks, so they want to know everything about what they may be getting themselves into.

    The plus side of all that is that Earth signs use their skills to thoroughly research things. They prize being as safe and stable as possible to help take care of the people who are important to them. They are loyal, sometimes to a fault, and their sense of duty is strong. 



    Taurus is the first Earth sign that we run across in the zodiac, running from April 20th to May 20th. Taurus is represented by an animal that is found all over the Earth, the bull. It is a fixed sign, meaning that it falls in the middle of the season that the sign is represented by (in this case: Spring). Earth signs are already considered stable, and the fact that Taurus is a fixed sign as well makes them even more so. 

    Taurus is known for being naturally artistic, with an inner sense of beauty that colors everything they do. They use this beauty and power to help them manifest their dreams, which tend to rub off on everyone around them. But they don’t just manifest their dreams; they are incredibly hard workers who don’t stop until they have achieved every single one of their goals.

    But, just like all of us, Taurus has their less-than-positive qualities too. If you catch a Taurus on a bad day, they really do embody their symbol, the stubborn bull. In fact, on these days, stubborn isn’t quite strong enough of a word. They can be lazy, controlling, jealous, and self-indulgent. Despite all that, the Taurus is incredibly loyal, which is definitely a primary characteristic of all of the Earth signs. 



    The next Earth sign is Virgo, which encompasses people born from August 23rd to September 22nd. The symbol of the Virgo is a maiden (or “virgin”) who carries shafts of wheat recently harvested from the Earth. The constellation for Virgo is the largest constellation in the entire zodiac and the second-largest in the entire sky. The same could be said for the inside of the Virgo’s head… full of thoughts. Virgo is considered a mutable sign, which means it comes at the end of its season (Summer). Common characteristics of mutable signs include their tendency to be practical, logical, reasonable, and sensible. 

    Virgos really do embody those qualities. They approach everything with precaution, preferring to do their research and organize before making a decision. Virgos are also very strong believers in truth and justice and make sure that they do as much as possible in their own lives to live up to that standard. 



    And finally, the lovely Capricorn, represented by yet another animal… the goat. Capricorn runs from December 21st to January 21st. They are a cardinal sign, leading the charge into the winter. Cardinal signs are known for being leaders and initiators at the forefront of anything they can be. Capricorns are incredibly ambitious and love to be in control. Ironically, they often do that in a way that lets them take a big step back and watch from a distance while still leading the show. 

    Also, just like Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is hard-working and determined. On the flip side, they have trouble with anything that doesn’t let them be strong and independent in achieving all of their goals. Capricorns also can be competitive to a fault, but that may be related to the fact that they tend to be the most sensitive of the Earth signs. They want to keep up appearances and make people proud.


    How Earth Signs Relate to the Other Signs

    Earth signs don’t exist in isolation, as they are one of four elements involved in the zodiac. How does their basic nature inform how they relate to Air, Fire, and Water signs? 


    Earth Signs and Air Signs

    Earth and Air were really made for each other. Earth is the stability, the grounding force, and Air is breathy, heady, and light-spirited. Both have a lot to give each other, no matter what their relationship may be. 

    Earth needs Air to help remind them that there is more to life than responsibility, that a little fun and fantasy is a great thing. On the other hand, Earth helps to bring Air back down to reality in a positive way. When they work together, there really is no end to what they can accomplish.


    Earth Signs and Fire Signs

    While Earth and Fire may not have a ton in common, they tend to balance each other out in a way that none of the other signs can. Fire brings a sense of adventure to Earth, shaking them out of their slow, plodding pace and giving them a little inspiration to break out of their routine. 

    Earth can also help Fire find more organization when it comes to the dreams they hope to achieve, and they can give them the structure necessary to make those dreams a reality. In general, though, Fire signs tend to be a little bit too intense for most Earth signs. 


    Earth Signs and Water Signs

    Just like how the ocean meets the shore, Earth and Water signs can happily coexist in a calm, supportive way. Where Water tends to be more emotional, Earth can help them calm down a little and look at things more rationally. Water, on the other hand, can help soften Earth up a bit. 

    Both nourish each other, just like the Earth needs Water to grow, and Water needs Earth to provide structure. Earth and Water are the most compatible of any other elements. For reference, the Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


    What About Earth Signs and Other Earth Signs?

    When Earth signs meet other Earth signs, it goes one of two ways. Either it is a complete clash of the titans, with bulls fighting each other for superiority, or it is a meeting of the minds. In most cases, it tends to be the latter. 

    Earth and Earth can be a power couple, whether they are friends, romantically involved, or coworkers. Because of how organized, hardworking, and driven they both are, there’s no stopping them when they work together. However, this doesn’t come without drawbacks. That drive can lead many Earth signs to stay focused so much on the future that they can totally forget to live in the present. While other Earth signs understand this, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt their feelings (not that they would ever admit to that). 


    A Good Sign

    If you’re an Earth sign, thank you! The rest of us rely on your stability to get us through, and we appreciate the patience you have to deal with everyone else. Birthdate Co. believes that every sign, no matter their element, has something important to give. It’s when we all work together and share our strengths (and weaknesses) that we really can change the world. 


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