Scorpio Season Horoscopes

Scorpio Season Horoscopes

Scorpio season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Pluto…we hope they’ll tap into your deepest desires (and we love to read how Birthdate Co. helps set the mood)!

Scorpio Season: October 23 - November 21 

Our Resident Astrologer, Erin, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!

Aries ✧ 

You’re super charged this season, Aries, and your inherent desire to get things moving will only be encouraged by the eclipses. October 25th and November 8th (plus the days in-between) are bound to be dates that bring your transformative willpower to the fore. There’s something related to your values that’s being upended- perhaps in a way that comes as a total surprise. Resources from others could magically appear- or disappear, so pay close attention to your finances. Jupiter will be the buttery escape we’re all craving this season as it returns to its home sign of Pisces. For you this means your intuition receives a welcomed uptick, and your dreams might become both more elaborate and clear. Another big moment is the beginning of Mars retrograde…which, as a sign ruled by Mars, directly impacts you. Pushing ahead won’t come as easily as you’re used to for the rest of the year, but perhaps it’s a moment to understand why you started something in the first place. The great test of this period will be to see if you can release what’s necessary without burning bridges in the process.

Taurus ✧

If anyone can make a balancing act more beautiful Taurus, it’s you. This eclipse season will urge you to reconcile your own deep wants and desires within your partnerships. October 25th and November 8th are the stars of this show and the main dates to watch when it comes to the ever unfolding relationship dances you’re busy learning- either by choice, or by force. When Mars stations retrograde at the end of October you might experience a few hiccups in regards to your finances, but as a “slow and steady wins the race type” anyway, you should be able to take it all in stride. Use it as a period to review where your resources are going, and why. Friends will provide a sweet escape this season, as Jupiter returns to Pisces and your house of community. When Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius in mid-November, the support you receive from others will then take center stage. You could have good luck with loans at this time, or otherwise be appreciating the assets that come to you from outside sources. 

Gemini ✧ 

You’re ready to get back into healthy routines, Gemini, and the eclipses will highlight what could be sabotaging those desires. October 25th and November 8th will have you vacillating between escapism that might not be so good for you and laser focus on your health and wellness. Your dreams are also likely to be especially active during this period, so write them down in the mornings and see what they might be trying to illuminate about your habits in waking life. Mars will station retrograde in your home sign at the end of October…again highlighting the importance of taking care of your physical body this season. Consider taking a daily vitamin if you aren’t already, and when you’re more tired than usual- let yourself rest! It looks like work will be the busiest arena for you, and also the most lucky with Jupiter returning to your career sector this season. You’re set to learn a lot about the way you move through the world over the coming weeks and by mid-November, you’ll be sharing those revelations within your committed partnerships.

Cancer ✧ 

This eclipse season, Cancer…you’re ready to see and be seen. Between the dates of October 25th and November 8th, you’re set to be very busy with lovers and friends alike. You’ll have to let go of some relationships, while others will just be getting started. It’s important to notice who you feel most at home with- and who seems to be taking up too much space. Because you’re ruled by the Moon, eclipse periods are always an intense time for you personally. Remember that what’s happening now is meant to align you with your ultimate path…even if it’s sometimes a painful process. When Mars stations retrograde on October 30th, your career could suddenly seem to sputter rather than roar. Listen closely to your intuition and remember that the tides always turn. A bright spot amongst the changes will be Jupiter returning to the travel sector of your chart. You might be leaving for a trip that promises to be fruitful. When you allow yourself to get vulnerable creatively, you never know what (or who) you might attract.

Leo ✧ 

Always one to shine bright, this eclipse season highlights your homefront, Leo. Between the dates of October 25th and November 8th, something is being shaken up between your private and public life. Perhaps you find that the places you once called home are stifling the growth you’re rapidly experiencing at work. Unpacking past trauma will influence how you’re being received publicly, so be ready to let go of old narratives in pursuit of a bigger calling. Transformative energy will be loud for you this season, as Jupiter returns to the deepest and most powerful sector of your chart. You’ve experienced a lot of healing the past year, and something is culminating now because of all your recent growth. The Mars retrograde beginning at the end of October could upset some established travel plans, or else have you revisiting a place you haven’t seen in some time. You might also find more than a few old friends wanting to reunite through the end of the year, which offers its own soothing balm. When Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius in mid-November, the eclipse dust will have settled and you’ll be ready for some fun and flirty holiday outings. 

Virgo ✧ 

Communication is the name of the game for you this eclipse season, Virgo, and the conversations you’re having will go deep. From October 25th to November 8th, it will be important to notice what’s being said- and what isn’t. You might find that your local community has a newfound attractiveness, while your travels elsewhere have reached a certain culmination point. Jupiter will return to Pisces during this period as well, and your intimate partnerships will experience a much needed dose of luck and expanse through the end of the year. Show your gratitude for the people around you that help you grow. Always one to be health conscious, this season should be no exception. Mars stationing retrograde could leave your daily routines compromised in some way, so consider revisiting a health practice that worked for you in the past. Venus and Mercury enter the roots of your chart in mid-November, and by then you’ll be more than ready to cozy up on the homefront for the holiday season.

Libra ✧ 

Deciding what you value and why will be your biggest lesson of this eclipse season, Libra. It’s time to get brutally honest about your allocation of resources and rather than being passive to appease everyone else, decide to go after what it is that you truly desire. October 25th-November 8th is likely to bring a few surprises in this arena, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Jupiter returning to Pisces during the same timeframe will bring a dose of luck to your daily, working life through the end of the year. Practice gratitude for the abundance that finds you in mundane ways, and practice patience for the simultaneous frustrations you could be feeling in your partnerships. Mars stationing retrograde is unlikely to be friendly to your commitments, but it will be an opportunity to realize your power, or lack thereof, within them. Let this period be a review of the actions you take in love- and what’s no longer worthy of your pursuit. 

Scorpio ✧ 

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This eclipse season is likely to be a defining period for you. Especially between the dates of October 25th and November 8th, you’re channeling your immense power while acknowledging where you must let go. As you will learn throughout your lifetime, clinging to people, places, and things doesn’t beget vulnerability- only fear. Jupiter returning to Pisces at the same time will be a welcomed lucky break in your romantic life and an opportunity to enjoy some lighthearted fun. Mars stationing retrograde right around Halloween will be the spooky season treat no one asked for- especially you. Your natural and immense willpower might falter, and leave you lacking resources you’re usually assured. Take this period as a moment to dive deep into the support you receive from others, and unspool the strings that are inevitably attached.

Sagittarius ✧ 

Everything is bigger when it comes to you, Sagittarius, and this eclipse season will have you focusing on the exuberance of recharging. From October 25th to November 8th, you’re ready to reset your systems and get back into a routine- which will benefit from ample amounts of alone time. Mercury will also be navigating the place of dreams in your chart, so notice what your subconscious mind is whispering this season- and jot it down! Mars retrograde isn’t likely to be pleasant for anyone, but it can be viewed as an opportunity to remember why we began something in the first place. For you, that centers around your partnerships. Why are you still having the same fight? How do you get here? Why did you begin this commitment in the first place? Things will get heated, but there’s so much to learn. When you reach your boiling point, embrace the escape of solitude. Jupiter returning to Pisces will be a welcomed salve during this time…enjoy the abundance that finds you at home.

Capricorn ✧ 

Everyone needs time to act like a kid again Capricorn…even you. This eclipse season asks you to embrace the communities that help you enjoy the occasional playdate. From October 25th to November 8th, both your friends and lovers (and perhaps even the friends that have become lovers and vice versa) will come into focus. Mercury will be in your friendship sector as well, so you’ll be popular this season and likely fielding copious texts. The key will be to decide who deserves your time- and who has been wasting it for too long. Mars stationing retrograde at the end of October will throw a wrench in the best laid plans, perhaps especially to do with any involving your daily routines. You’re due for a shakeup that could be as simple as doing the dishes in the morning rather than at night- or as complex as undertaking a radical lifestyle shift to improve your health. Sweet escapes can be found in any writing projects you’re working on, as Jupiter will grace your communication sector again this season. Lean in to everything you’re learning.

Aquarius ✧

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy…but this season, Aquarius, you’re laser focused on career matters and finding the joy in them. Your life never seems to be short of surprises, and this time will be no exception, especially on the work front where you’re so busy. October 25th till November 8th will be a high water mark for these shakeups, and it would be wise to expect the unexpected. Mercury will have you on lots of people’s minds, so if you’re looking to make a good impression, do your research beforehand and keep it analytical. Your romantic life will also be up for a review this season because of the Mars retrograde impacting the romance sector of your chart. You might be revisiting why you started dating someone, or circling back to what needs to be done differently when it comes to romance. Overall, it’s a time to take your power back…in the office, the bedroom, and thanks to Jupiter returning to Pisces, even in your bank account! When struggles inevitably arise, release and see what happens.

Pisces ✧ 

You’re primed and ready for an adventure, Pisces, but remember it’s eclipse season! When travel doesn’t go exactly as planned, let yourself be carried by the changing tides. October 25th-November 8th will likely be the main period of these unpredictable shifts, but it’s all happening to teach you something. Perhaps you will learn that lessons can arrive just as easily from a library book as they do overseas. The Mars retrograde that begins this season will pull focus on your home life for the remainder of the year. If you moved recently, this transit could be as mundane as redecorating, or returning items you thought you loved but actually don’t. You might also go back to a place that feels like home- or question what defines it. Jupiter gracing your home sign once again will be the highlight of the coming weeks, adding an extra dose of luck to your personality- and perhaps a few holiday indulgences that were well earned.


Erin River Sunday is the Resident Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here


A little more about Scorpio Season

Keywords: Rebirth, Control, Decay, Depth, Desire, Secrets

  • Planetary/Luminary ruler: Pluto, Mars
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Triplicity (Element): Water
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Famous Archetypes: Pablo Picasso, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Gates, Kendall Jenner

    Scorpio has a commanding reputation, and for good reason. Ruled by Pluto, power and control are hallmarks of the sign and thus the season…the US. Presidential Election falls during Scorpio season every four years. All of us begin to tap into our most visceral desires, consciously or otherwise. But as with everything else in astrology, acknowledging nuance is very important.


    While people hail the great return of “Spooky Season” every year, to relegate late October to scary movies and cheap costumes is a temporary salve. Pluto inflicts deeper wounds that require more intimate remedies. This is the time to excavate what’s behind the charade of masks...not to cower in fear, or blame the misunderstood.


    Vulnerability and shadow work are two very magical terms during Scorpio season. As part of the water element in astrology, Scorpio understands the shadow profoundly but it comes up short, however, when it’s protective of its own in spite of others. Practicing vulnerability, instead of solely expecting it, is extremely important.


    Scorpio tends to be a harbinger of “endings” but its energy is really a more nuanced skill of retrieving life from decaying/hidden/taboo places. 

    Journal prompts to connect with Scorpio energy:

    1. What endings are happening around me right now, and what is opening up because of them?
    2. How do I relate to my personal power?
    3. What archetypes (people, places, things) symbolize metamorphosis to me and how might I embody my own never ending rebirth?
    4. When do control issues come up regularly in my life?

    In addition to all the regular Scorpio season stuff, 2022 features some specific standout moments…

    2022 Scorpio Season Highlights

      • Sunday, October 23rd: Venus + Sun enters Scorpio
      • Tuesday, October 25th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
      • Friday, October 28th: Jupiter Rx enters Pisces
      • Saturday, October 29th: Mercury enters Scorpio
      • Sunday, October 30th: Mars stations retrograde
      • Tuesday, November 8th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
      • Wednesday, November 16th: Venus enters Sagittarius
      • Thursday, November 17th: Mercury enters Sagittarius

    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Scorpio rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Scorpio season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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