Scorpio Season 2023 + Horoscopes

    Scorpio Season 2023 + Horoscopes

    Scorpio season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Mars…we love to hear how our products light you up!

    October 23rd - November 21st

    Our Resident Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!


    Aries ✧ 

    You’re super charged this season, Aries, and your inherent desire to get things moving will only be encouraged by the final eclipse in Taurus. See if you can release without burning bridges. Venus enters your sister sign of Libra on November 8th and your committed partnerships are set to feel a bit sweeter. Notice the people that seem to return balance and harmony to your life around this time. Mercury will enter Sagittarius a couple days later and send helpful beams your way. If there's a message you're hoping to put out in the world, watch the days around November 10th for the gumption to do just that.


    Taurus ✧

    If anyone can make a balancing act more beautiful Taurus, it’s you. The final eclipse in your home sign will urge you to reconcile your own deep wants and desires within your partnerships. This journey has been a long time coming as you've experienced upsets in this area of your life since 2021. How have your relationships changed since that time? And how have you changed as a result? October 28th is worthy of a celebration for crossing the finish line in this area- and is likely to feel quite tender, so be gentle with yourself. The New Moon on November 13th will act as a fresh start in your partnerships...use what you've learned the past two years to set intentions moving forward.


    Gemini ✧ 

    You’re ready to get back into healthy routines, Gemini, and the last eclipse in Taurus will highlight what could be sabotaging those desires. Let your intuition lead the way and if you find yourself checking out to unhealthy extremes, tune back into your wellness. While it's especially hard to be a human right now, escapism can be a slippery slope. Venus will enter your 5th house of romance and creativity on November 8th and if you don't already have date nights on the books, prepare to clear some room in your calendar. If there are any vices you're hoping to give up, or a work routine you need to commit to, circle the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th for a great moment to plant seeds.


    Cancer ✧ 

    This eclipse season, Cancer…you’re ready to see and be seen. When you allow yourself to get vulnerable creatively, you never know what (or who) you might attract. The Full Moon eclipse on the 28th will light up your involvement within community and bring a full circle moment to your friendships. How have you put yourself out there the past couple years? Did you meet anyone that changed the way you move through the world? Take some time to reflect at the end of October and make peace with the changes that have occurred across your romantic and friendship centers. When Venus enters Libra on November 8th, you'll be more than happy to get cozy at home- and maybe begin a renovation project or two.


    Leo ✧ 

    Always one to shine bright, the final Taurus eclipse puts your career on center stage, Leo. Notice how unpacking past trauma influences how you’re received publicly and take time to pat yourself on the back for all the growth you've experienced the past couple years. Your career has likely changed a lot since 2021, perhaps because of your home life and vice versa. Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 10th will have you processing with a creative lens, and might have paramours blowing up your phone. The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th is an ideal moment for manifestation around what you desire at home. Pin images of your dream house and know that this area will be a place of transformation over the coming month.


    Virgo ✧ 

    Communication is the name of the game with this final Taurus eclipse, Virgo, and the conversations you’re having will go deep. Notice what’s being said- and what isn’t, and trust that you've learned a lot over the past two years. Your life has been a flurry of day-to-day activity with the eclipses along this axis, and might've involved at least one move since 2021. Notice your surroundings now and contemplate how they mirror what you've learned about the world at large. Venus will enter your financial sector on November 8th and could both help you to earn more money...and want to splurge on nice things. Pay attention to how your spending reflects your values.


    Libra ✧ 

    Deciding what you value and why will be your biggest lesson of this Scorpio season, Libra. It’s time to get brutally honest about your allocation of resources and unpack how they've been working for you, or not, over the past couple years. The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28th could bring about a big release when it comes to support from other people. If you've been expecting support, it's imminent to arrive around this date. Otherwise, it's about knowing that you've undergone a great transformation in this area of your life since 2021- you likely trust yourself more when it comes to providing what you need, and sharing it with others. Venus will enter your home sign on November 8th and make everything, including your personal appearance, more beautiful. 


    Scorpio ✧ 

    Happy birthday, Scorpio! You’re no stranger to intensity and this is your time to lean in. Channel your immense power while acknowledging where you must let go. Especially around October 28th, with the arrival of the Full Moon eclipse in your sister sign of Taurus, you'll be asked to release around relationships. What have you learned about partnership over the past couple years? Chances are high that you've navigated plenty of changes in this area, and come the end of October you might feel ready to both grieve and celebrate. The New Moon in your home sign on November 13th will mark the official end of eclipse season and feel much calmer than the previous few weeks. Mark it as an opportunity to plant some seeds of intention for your well-being over the next month. 


    Sagittarius ✧ 

    Everything is bigger when it comes to you, Sagittarius, but this Scorpio season will have you focusing on the exuberance of recharging. Embrace the escape of solitude and when you need a break, give yourself permission. The Full Moon eclipse will land in your sixth house of health and wants to remind you how far you've come the past couple years. Are there wellness routines you began since 2021 that have become part of your daily ritual? Have you let any unhealthy habits go that were no longer serving you? Honor the end of October as a time to witness the practical changes in your day to day. Mercury will enter your home sign on November 10th and will create a flurry of activity. Watch for mental exhaustion, but lean into the curiosities that feel expansive. 


    Capricorn ✧ 

    Everyone needs time to act like a kid again Capricorn…even you. This season asks you to embrace the communities that help you to enjoy the occasional playdate- and that will hold your secrets safe. You appreciate time as an investment more than most, and now is your opportunity to honor it with reverence. Where did you spend your precious moments making new friends over the past couple years? How about for artistic endeavors? The end of October will mark a culmination in these evolutions and should be celebrated for the growth you achieved. Your ruling planet will station direct on November 4th, so if there's a big conversation you've been waiting to have, you might feel the call around this time. Then when Venus enters your career sector a couple days later, expect work matters to soften.


    Aquarius ✧ 

    You’re laser focused on career matters this season, Aquarius, but don’t remember that letting go can also be fun. When struggles arise, release and see what happens. You likely experienced a lot of change between your work/life balance over the past couple years. While of course there was a global pandemic that upset many people's homes and jobs and vice versa, this rebirth was likely even more distinct for you. Give yourself time and space at the end of October to honor how much you've changed since 2021. This time marks the culmination of a massive story in your life and likely, a lot of learning lessons. The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th will feel lighter than the weeks before it, and is an opportune time to deep dive on career matters that you care about deeply.


    Pisces ✧ 

    This Scorpio season is set to be a great teacher for you, Pisces. Whether you’re enrolled in traditional studies or not, notice what you’re learning from life around you...and take some time to appreciate the many things you've learned over the past two years time. You likely experienced major changes around your belief systems and possibly where you live because of them, and vice versa. Who are the people you met that helped you see the world differently? How did your daily routines shift alongside your wisdom? The end of October will mark a culmination to those travels- whether they were physical, mental, or both. Venus will enter your support sector on November 8th, indicating that you have resources available for moving through any remaining endings you're confronting. As ever, you know that surrender is a magically supportive tool.


    Erin River Sunday is the Resident Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here

    A little more about Scorpio Season

    Keywords: Rebirth, Control, Decay, Depth, Desire, Secrets

  • Planetary/Luminary ruler: Pluto, Mars
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Famous Archetypes: Pablo Picasso, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Gates, Kendall Jenner

    Scorpio has a commanding reputation and for good reason. Traditionally ruled by Mars, and in modern astrology ruled by Pluto…power and control are hallmarks of this energy. There is an unmistakable intensity every year around this time- the niceties and peace keeping of Libra season will be tossed out for potentially ugly truths.

    This Scorpio season also covers the final eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis and is likely to feel like a cathartic culmination at the end of October. While this time is always intense…closing out an eclipse series in the midst of it brings the rebirth energy of the season to another level.

    All of us are now beginning to tap into our most visceral desires, consciously or otherwise. It’s important to ask yourself what you’re craving and the means by which you’re willing to acquire it. 

    Vulnerability and shadow work are two very magical terms during Scorpio season. As part of the water element in astrology, Scorpio understands the shadow profoundly but can come up short when it’s protective of its own in spite of others.

    Practicing vulnerability, instead of solely expecting others to bare their souls, is important now.

    Journal prompts to connect with Scorpio energy:

    1. When was the last time you felt out of control? Why?
    2. How do you process endings?
    3. What is something you’re ready to change?


    In addition to all the regular Scorpio season stuff, 2023 features some specific standout moments…


    2023 Scorpio Season Highlights

      • Monday, October 23rd: Sun enters Scorpio
      • Saturday, October 28th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
      • Saturday, November 4th: Saturn stations direct
      • Wednesday, November 8th: Venus enters Libra
      • Friday, November 10th: Mercury enters Sagittarius
      • Monday, November 13th: New Moon in Scorpio

    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Scorpio rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Scorpio season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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