Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Horoscopes

    Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: August 23rd - September 15th

    Our Lead Astrologer, Erin River Sunday, wrote these horoscopes based on your Rising sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!



    Aries ✧ 

    Your daily life will be anything but predictable with Mercury’s retrograde through Virgo, Aries. Rather than getting fussy over your routines, decide to take a different route to work and see how it feels.



    Taurus ✧

    Creativity refused to be controlled, Taurus, and Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo is here to remind you of that. If there’s an old hobby you used to enjoy, or a park you used to take your nephew, circle back.




    Gemini ✧ 

    There could be a few snafus around your home during Mercury’s retrograde, Gemini, but you’re no stranger to this trickster energy. Rather than getting frustrated pursuing perfection, embrace the quirks of your domain.



    Cancer ✧ 

    When you hear from an old friend (or three) out of the blue over the coming weeks, Cancer, don’t be surprised. This Mercury retrograde is bringing people out of the woodwork- enjoy spontaneous catch ups.



    Leo ✧ 

    Leos love the drama, and this Mercury retrograde it’s centered around your finances. What items are worthy of a splurge, and what might need to be resold? Use your discernment and make room for what’s important.



    Virgo ✧ 

    Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograding in your home sign- making this period personal. Rather than obsessing over what could be better, practice gratitude for all the improvements you’ve already made.



    Libra ✧ 

    If you’re working on something behind the scenes, Libra, prepare for a plot twist or two. Mercury’s retrograde is reminding you to rest is an important part of the process, too, so honor relaxation when you need it.



    Scorpio ✧ 

    Be wary of any grand announcements during Mercury’s retrograde, Scorpio. This time is likely better spent honing in on your message. Don’t worry, people will still be listening when you’re ready to share.



    Sagittarius ✧ 

    You’re on the world’s stage this Mercury retrograde, Sagittarius, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Whatever’s being reviewed in regard to your public image will take time to fully take shape. Let it.



    Capricorn ✧ 

    Downloading a meditation app before any upcoming travel would be music to this Mercury retrograde’s ears, Capricorn. Delays are inevitably frustrating, but they might also be an opportunity for learning.



    Aquarius ✧

    What you thought was over might not be over just yet, Aquarius. This Mercury retrograde is asking you to circle back and tie up any loose ends that you’ve forgotten recently. Triple check any contracts you’re signing.



    Pisces ✧ 

    You’re a lover, Pisces, and this Mercury retrograde will remind you that love isn’t (always) easy. Don’t spiral out if you feel like you and your partner are two ships passing in the night. The confusion is temporary.


    Erin River Sunday is the Lead Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here 

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