Life Path Number One: Personality Traits and What It Means for You

    Life Path Number One: Personality Traits and What It Means for You

    While delving into astrology is an excellent and rewarding pursuit, there are other spiritual guides that can help you gain clarity in your life, as well. One of these guides is known as Numerology.

    Numerology acts as a companion to astrology in many ways, as it also uses your birthdate to determine the details of your inner, most authentic being.

    If you have found at times that astrology leaves you wanting more or searching for deeper answers, Numerology is well worth looking into. Essentially, there are 12 different possible Life Paths you can have, which are calculated with some simple math using your date of birth.


    How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

    In order to calculate your specific Life Path Number, you must first determine all the numbers in your birthdate. For example, if you were born on April 15th, 1998, your numbers would be Four (for April), 15, and 1998. From there, you begin some very easy addition. 

    Add each digit of your birth year together (1+9+9+8=27), then add together the day of the month, if it is double digits (1+5=6), and add your month number together if that is also double digits. Remember that your numbers should all be a single digit when you are adding them, so you would split the 27 into 2+7. So the second to last piece of your puzzle would be 2+7+6+4=19. Finally, 1+9=10, and 1+0=1.

    So, in this case, you would have Life Path Number One.

    There are a few exceptions to this calculation, primarily if your birthday contains an 11 (the month November, or the day of the month), a 22, or a 33.

    These are considered “Master Numbers,” and they each hold great power. In this equation, though, master numbers remain as one full number. For instance, a birthday on January 22, 1999, would turn into 1+22+2+1+9+9+9=53, 5+3=8.

    Now that we have established how to go about finding your Life Path Number, what does yours actually mean? For those lucky enough to be gifted Life Path Number One, this can impact your life in a variety of ways.

    You Were Born To Lead

    One of the most distinct and noteworthy traits of those with Life Path Number One is their natural predisposition toward being powerful and effective leaders. This does not mean you have to pursue a career in politics or a managerial position.

    However, it does mean that others will often turn to you for guidance in trying times. You carry a sense of authority about you and also trustworthiness that people find themselves drawn to.

    Being a leader is a very helpful attribute to have throughout life, just as long as you know exactly how and when to use it to your advantage. There are times that you will be unable to control every aspect of a situation or people’s actions. This can be frustrating for someone following Life Path Number One, as they tend to want things done their way on their timeline. 

    While this can be difficult to cope with at the moment, it is crucial for those with this Life Path to know when it is best to speak up and when to hold their tongue.

    Learning the differences between these situations can be trying and take time, but that is okay. Just be mindful of what would be helpful for others as well as yourself, for that is an indication of a true leader.

    Be careful not to be overly critical of yourself or others. You likely have very high standards, which is often a good thing in life. Those with Life Path Number One expect a great deal from other people and even more from themselves.

    While having these goals and aspirations is critical to your sense of self-fulfillment, know your limits, and do not be afraid to set boundaries. At the same time, be understanding when others do the same.

    As this is the first Life Path, similar to Aries in the zodiac, those with Life Path Number One really come out swinging: full of passion and energy. They can be seen as somewhat of a figurehead to those with later, potentially more timid Life Paths and serve as a guide to them.

    Your Creativity Knows No Bounds

    In addition to being phenomenal leaders, people with Life Path Number One are often profoundly creative, as well. This creativity also lends itself to great leadership, as those in charge need a varied skillset and require the ability to see alternate solutions to problems they may face. 

    Those with this Life Path are originals in every sense of the word. Though others may rival your work ethic and raw ambition, no one is quite like you. You are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and continue to march to the beat of your own drum.

    While creativity can come naturally to someone with Life Path Number One, this creativity is best accessed when the mind is focussed and at peace.

    As the world of a Number One is moving fast, it can be easy to get a bit lost in it. Due to this, it is crucial that they find tools to center themselves, whether it is through the use of meditation, yoga, lighting a candle, or something else.

    In this way, Birthdate Candles help even more than your average candle, as these are entirely individualized based on your birthday. Not only is the scent calming and meditative, but it also allows a fast track to access the spirituality within your specific astrology and Numerology from the astrologers at Birthdate Co

    You Are Fiercely Independent

    If you have Life Path Number One, you probably already know this first hand, but people with this life path are determined to prove their worth. Independence is a large part of their sense of self, and proving to others that you are strong and intelligent is something you constantly strive for.

    This can seem like a bit of a contradiction, as they are equally independent and crave others’ validation, but people are often full of contradictions.

    The need to be your own person who is totally separate from others means that you have an incredibly powerful and distinct sense of self. In fact, your powerful aura may be so refined that other people are occasionally intimidated by you. This will likely lessen when they get to know you, but that first impression has the potential to temporarily color their opinion of you.

    Because of your raw confidence in who you are, it is important to understand how others are perceiving you. Make sure that your confidence is always coming across positively. After all, even though those with this Life Path are incredibly independent, that does not mean you do not want special people in your life.

    You are incredibly competent and capable in your own right, so sometimes, asking for help can seem counterintuitive. That is not always the case, though. Oftentimes, others have a variety of valuable and worthwhile skills that they can contribute.

    Let people in, and let them prove themselves to you, just as you would want the opportunity to prove yourself to them.

    The End of the Path

    Numerology serves as a perfect counterpart to astrology and can often help to give you a more complete image of who you are. Alone, they are both still profoundly enlightening, but together they can help you in decoding some of life’s deepest secrets and accessing your most authentic inner self.

    Because Numerology is so closely related to astrology, and both rely on your birthdate, unlocking the mysteries of your birth chart can be immensely helpful in fully realizing who you are.

    Along with Numerology, considering your sun, moon, and rising signs really helps to reap a wide range of knowledge from what these spiritual guides have to give us, and the Birthdate Book is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

    If you are someone who has Life Path Number One, you are likely a natural-born leader. You could never blend into the crowd because that is not in your blood. You are someone who helps to guide others, and you could not see it any other way.

    Embrace this destiny, for you never know how many people’s lives you may touch along the way.

    Number Ones are also creative, with strong senses of self. You often see solutions others do not, possibly even before the problem arises. This, again, helps you to be such an effective leader. Your creativity leads to your deep and resounding originality. 

    There is no one else quite like you, and you probably know it. While this can occasionally intimidate other people, once they get to know you, they will understand what a gift this originality and independence truly is.

    Numerology is meant to act as a guide in life, to help you understand what is most important to you and what drives you. People with the first Life Path are especially driven, so discovering this truth can go a long way in helping you on your journey to self-discovery and actualization.

    Take its lessons with gratitude, and implement them mindfully.


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