Candle Light vs. Artificial Light: Which Is Better?

    Candle Light vs. Artificial Light: Which Is Better?

    We love candles. They not only smell good, but they add an instant sense of coziness to any space simply by illuminating them. There’s also something mesmerizing about them, something that goes way way back to our ancestors and a source of power that literally kept them alive.

    Now that we’re living in modern times, candles have lost their importance as something that we need to survive in much of the world. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still an essential part of our lives, at least on some level.

    Keep reading to discover the positive and negative consequences of the light sources around you. 


    Can Artificial Light Negatively Affect You?

    We spend the vast majority of our time under artificial lighting of some kind… at work, in our living rooms, while we shower, etc. It’s just a normal part of life and one that you probably don’t think about too often. We probably don’t even really think about switching the flip of a light until we do, and it doesn’t work.  

    However, not even all artificial light is the same. The bulbs around you are most likely one of a few different options - LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent.

    Regardless of the type of lightbulbs in your space, more and more research has come out showing that spending too much time under artificial lights can actually harm your circadian rhythm.

    In fact, many scientists are starting to even consider artificial light to be an environmental hazard. The more that we know about the ways that our bodies can be impacted by some of the things that we take for granted or don’t consider, the more we can work on changing them for the better.


    Your Body’s Biological Clock and Why It’s Important

    If you haven’t heard of your circadian rhythm before, it’s essentially the way our bodies respond to a 24-hour cycle. It impacts not only your body but also your mind and even your behavior. Mostly, these things are influenced by the light and the dark. 

    You may be more familiar with the concept of your internal (or biological) clock. Our biological clocks are natural timing devices, and their main job is regulating circadian rhythm. They are all ruled by one big internal clock, known as the master clock.

    Our body, and our biological clocks, were developed way back when humans were new on the earth. It goes without saying that, back then, fire and candle light were the only ways to be able to cook, see, and live. Artificial light wasn’t a thing that would be invented for hundreds and hundreds of years.

    The biological clocks that are inside all of us today are the ancestors of those original clocks, which is why they are still so impacted by the sun and the moon. Then, and now, we mostly sleep when it’s dark out and wake up when it’s light. That’s what our bodies are used to.

    When we don’t have that natural guidance system, which happens when we are surrounded by artificial light instead of the sun and the moon, our master clock has a difficult time telling us when to sleep and wake up. That leads to sleep deprivation, which can then trigger a whole host of other medical and mental health issues.


    Why Candle Light Is Better For You

    Instead of artificial light, candle light is a natural lighting alternative that is also better for you!

    To start, candlelight is just naturally soothing. The flickering light gives us something to focus on without having to really pay attention, similar to the way that the brain reacts during meditation. In fact, using a candle instead of artificial light while meditating can help take your brain into an even deeper state of relaxation.

    Our bodies are just so attuned to candle light and its healing powers that we can unconsciously relax you without you even knowing it. There’s a reason that we celebrate with candles for our important events.

    Focusing on trying to cut out artificial light in favor of candle light also has a lot of other positive side effects. The lifestyle changes that come along with reducing all of those sources of artificial light - our cellphones, televisions, computers, tablets, etc. - are also beneficial for our mental health.

    When you have less time to spend on social media or zoning out watching Netflix, you have more time to stay present in the moment. This sense of mindfulness is something that you can carry with you all day, every day. People who live with greater mindfulness report feeling happier overall and find it easier to pay attention to the little things.

    This naturally helps you in all aspects of your life: your job, your relationships, your confidence. Mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

    Also, without all of that technology, we come into far less contact with the blue light that is emitted from it. A lot more attention has been paid to blue light lately, and there are now eyeglasses that can actually help to filter out some of it. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t still impact you.

    Blue light can delay the release of melatonin (which induces sleep) and increases your alertness (especially during times when you are trying to fall asleep… how many times do we look at our cell phone in bed?).

    Blue light can destroy the body’s ability to regulate its own sleep/wake cycles. The more blue light that you come into contact with, the more likely it is that you’ll develop sleep difficulties. More candle light, and less artificial light, can really help.


    How You Can Incorporate More Candle Light Into Your Life

    So, you’re ready to reduce the amount of artificial light you encounter and replace it with more candle light? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do that! With just a little bit of creativity, and the desire to make a few changes, you can really positively impact your entire body and spirit.


    Institute a “Lights Out” Hour Before Bed

    Because so much of the way that artificial light impacts our circadian rhythm revolves around our sleep schedule, instituting a “Lights out” hour before bed can help balance things out.

    A great way to remember to do this is by just setting an alarm on your phone. When the alarm goes off, light a few candles, turn off the lights, put your technology away, and just enjoy the quiet. Reading a book by candlelight is one of the purest, most simple pleasures that we have as humans.

    Those are also recommendations that people make when they are trying to work on their “Sleep hygiene.” Consistency, a quiet, technology-free sleeping space, and as few disturbances as possible helps you get deeper, longer, more quality sleep.

    And, considering how many facets of your life your sleep can impact (whether good or bad), having good sleep hygiene is incredibly important but so often overlooked, especially when we’re younger!


    Decorate With More Candles Around The House

    When trying to cut back on artificial light, you have to have the right amount of candle light to balance it out. That means having plenty of extra candles around the home that you can light when you’re feeling the need. 

    Because you’re focusing not only on candle light but also filling your home with things that fill you with joy, try using a Birthdate Candle. When it comes to personalized home decor, it doesn’t get more personalized than this.

     Each candle is formulated for your specific birthday. Birthdate Co.’s team of astrologers also analyzes other aspects of astrology, numerology, and tarot. These candles are made with a specific fragrance that, with the help of our master perfumers, matches your inner spirit. Each Birthdate Candle burns for 60 to 80 hours, so you can enjoy their beauty and insight for hours to come.


    Use More Mirrors

    Instead of filling your home up with candles, let mirrors do the work! If you place your candles across from a mirror, it reflects that light back and can make your space look even more beautiful and bright.

    Mirrors are also a component in feng shui, as they are able to reflect things back without any judgment. Like feng shui, those on a path to a deeper understanding draw great benefits from astrology. 

    A natal book can help (metaphorically) illuminate your life by presenting over 70 pages of astrological analysis about your life and your greater place in the world. Coming in a peaceful navy blue hardbound cover, this book will act as relaxing decor and relaxing assurance to a curious mind. 


    Love Your Light Source

    Changing out as much artificial light as you can for candle light can impact both your body and your mind. Returning back to a more natural state of living helps return your circadian rhythm to normal so that you may be able to sleep better and just feel better overall.


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