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    5 Full Moon Rituals to Practice

    The moon harnesses a lot of energy that can impact us here on Earth. Much like the tide bends to the Moon’s will, we humans are often subject to emotional pulls as the Moon’s phases change. During the Full Moon, there is much potential, and you can harness this energy to bring things into your own life. 

    If you’re going to try out a Full Moon ritual, you may want to gather some mystical supplies, such as herbs, incense, Tarot card candles, and crystals. 

    Before you decide which full moon ritual to try, learn about some of the simplest ways to harness the moon’s energy. 

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    What Is a Full Moon Ritual?

    A Full Moon ritual is an intentional act done during or around the Full Moon. It will help capture the energy and leave you feeling cleansed and inspired. Doing this ritual around this time helps to amplify your intention since the Moon is at its most energetic point. 

    Why Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

    When there is a New Moon, this is a time of new beginnings, and the Moon’s energy builds up over the two-week period prior to the full moon. This is an excellent time to capture that lunar energy and strengthen your resolve. The Full Moon may bring on confrontations with things you have been avoiding, helping you to reach your full potential.

    Setting an intention during the New Moon ushers in that energy of change. Performing a ritual during the Full Moon amplifies that intention and brings things to fruition.

    What Do You Need for Full Moon Rituals?

    Depending on the Moon ritual you decide to try, you may not need many supplies. However, working crystals, zodiac birthday candles, and incense can also help amplify the effects and set the right ambiance. 

    5 Full Moon Rituals to Try

    crystal towers around candle

    1. Charge Your Crystals

    Setting your crystals out to bathe in the Moon is one of the best and easiest Full Moon rituals you can do. Crystals harness and give off a lot of energy, which means they can also trap a lot of unwanted energy. Moon baths are a cleansing experience, washing those energies. Picture it as a spiritual dusting for your crystals. If you charge your crystals, this is also a great time for that. Set your intentions for specific crystals and leave them out in the moonlight for the night. The only time you don’t want to charge your crystals under the Moon is during Eclipses. The energy is quite unpredictable during this time, so it might not be the best to try and harness it. It’s usually suggested to wait for a period once the Eclipses have passed.

    2. Practice Tarot Reading

    Whether you’re an amateur Tarot reader or a pro, practicing your reading during the Full Moon can help your mind be more open to the spiritual world, strengthening your practice. The Moon’s energy is highly intuitive, almost psychic, so the Full Moon is an excellent time to practice any type of divination. Light your Tarot card candles for maximum potential.

    3. Do a Moon Meditation

    The Moon offers a calming, inner peace kind of energy, even if that calming energy forces you to confront things you may be avoiding. Doing a meditation in the moonlight can leave you feeling cleansed and recharged. If you have a specific intention in mind, set it before beginning your meditation. Then, bask in the moonlight and work on visual meditation or breathwork — whatever is going to help you achieve your intention.

    girl holds moon

    4. Take a Full Moon Bath

    Bathing under the Full Moon is a powerful experience. Though most of us do not have the luxury of an outdoor bath, you can perform this full moon ritual at the beach, a lake, or any body of water. Wait until the moon has risen and then allow the water and the Moon to wash over you. Again, you can set an intention during this ritual.

    5. Make Moon Water

    This is a simple way to harness the Moon’s energy. Fill a container with water and place it under the moonlight. You can do this outside or anywhere inside that has a window with a good view of the moon. Allow the moonlight to absorb into the water and then use your water for any number of things — from bathing or cooking to drinking or watering plants.

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