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    Who Is My Perfect Match According to Astrology?

    Studying astrology provides greater insights into our personalities, strengths and weaknesses. It can also help guide us towards more compatible romantic partners. In order to really understand how to find your perfect match according to astrology, you need to study your birth natal chart and learn more about your planet placements and astrological element.

    Astrological Elements & Compatibility

    Knowing which astrological element your sign (and your potential romantic partner’s sign) falls under can give you deeper insight into your compatibility. For the most part, two people with the same astrological element tend to get along as they share similar qualities.

    As a reminder, here are the astrological elements and their corresponding signs:

    four elements icons

    Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

    Water signs –  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    Earth signs tend to be, unsurprisingly, down-to-earth, grounded people who are detail oriented in nature and think things through practically.

    Air signs are often highly intellectual individuals who are perfectly happy debating everything from how to solve world hunger to the latest advances in technology. They are often known for their quick wit and need for socialization. Air signs also have a reputation for being a bit spacey — but that’s okay! That’s where they get all their big ideas from.

    Fire signs are just that — fiery. These signs are extremely passionate about what they believe in and have the creativity and competitive nature to make it happen. Fire signs are known for being bold, independent and sometimes spontaneous.

    Water signs are known for being emotional, which makes them deep thinkers who are extremely loyal friends and family members. Water signs are also incredibly intuitive, and their sensitive nature makes its fairly common for water signs to have psychic inclinations like an affinity for tarot cards or dream interpretation.

    Because signs of the same element share many characteristics, signs with the same element are typically good romantic matches. For example, Leo and Aries (both fire signs) gravitate toward each other because of their shared sense of independence and fierce passion. But with some signs, too much similarity can cause issues.

    So, who is your perfect match according to astrology?

    wheel chart of zodiac signs


    For Aries, Sagittarius, which also shares fire with Aries, is an excellent partner, as Sagittarius has the same bold passion for life and these two will have many exciting adventures together. Sagittarius holds tightly to their own personal beliefs and opinions, so, as long as the two can respect their slight differences, this match can lead to a loving, fun and healthy relationship.


    Sometimes when two of the same sign become romantically involved, it can be a recipe for disaster. Not the cause with Taurus. Because they are both open about their needs, they easily develop an understanding of each other. Taurus just wants to spend a date night indulging in fine food and cuddling up on the couch with a glass of wine. And the perfect person to do that with? Another Taurus.


    Although Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer a water sign, Virgos easily understand and identify with Cancer’s emotional tenderness, which helps them form a deep bond. Cancers are nature caretakers, and Virgo’s gentle sensibilities are the perfect recipient of Cancer’s nurturing.


    Much like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo and Aries matches often have passionate, exciting relationships. This relationship starts off hot-and-heavy, which is why a Leo candle is the perfect romantic gift for your Leo partner. As long as these two can respect each other’s independence and needs, they'll have a trusting, long relationship.


    Libras gravitate toward fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini, but when Libra and Gemini get together, there are instant sparks. These two will bond over their shared sense of humor, witty, intellectual banter and social activities.


    These signs share a similar passion for life, but Scorpio’s realistic expectations help keep Taurus grounded and make it very easy for them to hit it off. Together, these two signs share the same beliefs and highly value love and friendship, which deeply bonds them.


    Capricorn and Taurus’ down-to-earth vibes and practical approach to life make them a great romantic match. Their loyalty and reliability allows trust to flow easily between them. Taurus’ more sensual nature can help Capricorn become more vulnerable and emotionally open while Capricorn provides Taurus with a level of stability and security that they crave.


    Aquarius and Gemini make one of the best matches because they share the same quick-witted humor that the other appreciates. Aquarius and Gemini are highly intellectual individuals who could both spend hours debating controversial topics. Gemini will be intrigued by Aquarius’ more unconventional ideas and interests. Both signs crave independence, excitement and socialization — the perfect recipe for an exciting romantic relationship.


    Both of these signs are highly intuitive and share an emotional understanding. Pisces and Cancer are searching for a deeper kind of connection that they often find in one another. Once Cancer has learned to let its guard down a bit, these two have an easy, sensual relationship built around love and trust.

    Whoever your perfect astrological match may be, it’s important to show your romantic partner affection. Plan a special outing together, cook their favorite dinner at home or give them a meaningful gift like a zodiac candle to remind them of your love.

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