Is Your Sign In The Libra Moon? Know Exactly What To Expect

Is Your Sign In The Libra Moon? Know Exactly What To Expect

Ah, the lovely, charming Libra. Libra sun signs are full of charm, empathy, and are usually the life of the party. But does that same energy come through if you have a Libra moon? Birthdate Co. has all your answers you need to help you embrace every single part of your natal chart.

How Do You Find Your Moon Sign?

After figuring out your sun sign (which can be found with just your birthdate and is where many people stop with their own astrology), the next step in developing a more full, complete picture of who you are is finding your moon sign. It’s much more difficult to do that because you need to know exactly where you were born and exactly what time that occurred. Some states may list it on their birth certificates, or you can do a little research of your own if you’re not quite sure. 

You need that information because, unlike sun signs that change once every 30 days or so, moon signs are much more quickly moving. Because the moon makes a transit across the entire sky every 27 days or so, it only spends two to three days in each of the 12 sun signs. An hour one way or the other can make a difference in what your moon sign is, which can have major impacts on your personality. 

To find your moon sign, you can rely on a professional astrologer or astrology site. Or you can find the data out yourself by digging through old NASA charts, which can take a lot more time and effort.

No matter how you figure it out, your moon sign can tell you a lot about yourself and is an excellent complement to the information you can get from your sun sign. Don’t get us wrong, sun signs are very important (which is why we celebrate them with our Birthdate Candles), but they really don’t tell you the whole picture—there’s more to it.

What Can Your Moon Sign Tell You?

Just like yin and yang, your sun sign and moon sign offer you two sides of the same coin. The sun is big and bright, shining outward, which is why it represents your outer personality and how people view you. The moon, on the other hand, also gives off light but in a more mysterious way. That’s why your moon sign tells you how you see yourself and how you experience your emotions from the inside out. Many people refer to the moon sign as the emotional compass of your personality, driving how you feel and how you respond not only to yourself but also to other people. 

The degrees that the moon was in as it moved across your moon sign can also play a part. This runs between zero degrees and 29 degrees before the moon moves into the next sign. If it was located at zero degrees, for instance, it’s early in its transit. That means you may be naturally curious and strive to really embrace and grow into the qualities that your moon sign represents.

If it falls somewhere in the middle (between 14 - 16 degrees), you’re solidly set in the qualities of your moon sign, and you likely express them to the fullest.

And finally, if it’s in the final degree (29 degrees), you feel like you’ve gotten every part of those qualities handled and are an expert in understanding them and how they impact you. But even if you don’t know this information, you can still get a pretty good grasp on your moon sign! 

How Does a Libra Moon Impact You?

If you were born under the Libra moon, you’ll almost definitely notice an impact on your inner personality. First, and most indicative of Libras in general, is that constant drive for balance and harmony in all things. If things aren’t fair, or you feel like anyone around you is being treated unfairly, you won’t stop until you can rebalance the situation. This leads to both the strengths and the weaknesses that are often associated with Libra moons.

The Strengths of the Libra Moon

Libra moons are very social people, especially with the people they value the most. Social interaction with loved ones really charges their emotional battery, even for the most introverted person. The only difference for the introverted Libra moon is that they likely have a smaller social circle.

Another strength that the Libra moon possesses is their ability to be rational in almost any conflict. After all, Libras are an Air sign, and Libra moons can naturally cool down any argument... if they want to, that is. In general, though, Libra moons can talk down even the most difficult people with their rationality and ability to see every possible side of an argument, as long as they’re not being drawn into it themselves. They make great mediators for precisely that reason.

Libra moons present an outer appearance of peace and serenity, and that vibe naturally rubs off on the people around them. It’s easy to just sit on the couch and enjoy time spent in silence with these people, as the silence is comforting instead of awkward. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk, though. Libra moons are also known for their social natures and their love for spending time with the people they are closest to.

They are also very romantic people, feeling at their most comfortable and secure when they have a loving, supportive partner. Because the Libra moon is a sign of collaboration and equality, they seek balance in their romantic relationships as well as platonic ones.

However, they do jump headfirst into new relationships and have a tendency to lose themselves quickly, which is one of the few places their balance seems to be a bit off. It may take a little reminding that they should still spend time with their friends and family, even in the early stages of a relationship. Just do it gently, and don’t trigger the Libra moon’s fight or flight response to conflict.

The Weaknesses of the Libra Moon

Libra moons have their weaknesses, just like every other moon sign. The key to learning about your own weaknesses is using that knowledge to reflect and better yourself, instead of using it as an excuse to continue bad behavior. While that may be difficult, it’s essential to living a well-balanced life (and, as a Libra moon, you likely already know how important that is). If you’re struggling, try mindfulness meditation. It can help you be better able to understand and work through how you’re feeling instead of just living in that negative headspace indefinitely. 

One of the main weaknesses of those under the Libra moon sign is that they want to avoid conflict at all costs. This doesn’t just impact their desire to not argue with the people around them but also to avoid any inner conflict as well. That means that Libra moons aren’t too excited about taking a look at themselves or trying to reconcile any competing emotions.

If there isn’t an obvious, fair answer, the tug of war that can go on inside a Libra moon’s head can be absolutely exhausting. This desire to avoid conflict can also make them very passive-aggressive, especially if they are trying to get away from an argument and are being made to stay and fight it out. They can be petty, too, so if you have a Libra moon in your life, it’s best to stop when they say it’s time to stop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The constantly striving for balance can make decision-making tough for Libra moons. It isn’t that they are indecisive people, although it may come across that way to people who don’t really understand them. Libra moons have to consider and then reconsider every single aspect of a decision, even if that decision is where to eat for dinner. If they don’t feel like they’ve given every option an equal weight, they won’t feel settled enough to decide. That can be hard for the people around them, especially if they’re already hungry! The key is to start making decisions early and not push them into making one before they’re ready.

By the Light of the Moon

A Libra moon sign can drastically affect both your inner feelings and how you express yourself to others. It can sometimes be a struggle to pull the trigger on decisions or stay neutral when choosing a side is essential, but, overall, Libra moons are peaceful, social, loving people. Get to know even more with Birthdate Co., and find out what really makes you tick.


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