Gemini Season Horoscopes

    Gemini Season Horoscopes


    May 21st - June 20th

    Gemini season horoscopes are here! Ruled by Mercury…we hope they’ll get you thinking (and we always love to hear what you have to say).


    Landing in your third house, new friends are set to manifest quickly for you this Gemini season, Aries. Practice listening to them as much as you speak and they could become your greatest teachers. When Mercury stations direct on June 3rd, you’ll feel a leveling out of your resources. If financial talks left you feeling up in the air in May, things will concretize in June. The June 14th Sagittarius Full Moon could easily have you jet setting somewhere but if not, you’re reaching a culmination point in your research.


    “Slow and steady wins the race” is one of the Taurean’s favorite mottos, but this season…you might change your mind about a certain revenue stream. Because Gemini governs your second house, review your finances closely. Come June, Mercury will station direct in your own first house of self, and you’re ready to share your message with the world. With Venus now co-present in your home sign, you’re more beautiful than ever. By the time the Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on June 14th, you’re ready to be transformed.


    If there was ever a time to write your memoir, Gemini, this season (YOUR season!) would be it. The sun is transiting your first house, so ground yourself into your body and reflect on what it’s saying to you. When Mercury finally stations direct in your twelfth house on June 3rd, you’ll be solidifying something in your private life. Venus already moved into the same area of your chart just a few days before…so that “something” just might be a special relationship! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th seems to encourage the idea that your secret summer fling just might be ready to step out publicly.


    Your dreams are one of the most fertile places for conversations to take place, Cancer, and this twelfth house Gemini season is no different. Listening to your subconscious will change your mind, so consider reviewing what it's been saying to you. You’ll be really focused on work this season, too, with Mars entering your tenth house of career. Make note that you might also be a bit more combative at work this time of year, so take the lead…but don’t trample others to get there. Both Venus and Mercury will occupy your eleventh house of community by the first week of June, so despite being busy with work, you’re also prioritizing a few friend dates to catch up with your favorite people. Work hard, play hard, is your motto this season.


    Navigating your community could be fickle this Gemini season, dear Leo. The Sun will be transiting your eleventh house though, so speak your truth anyway and you will see and be seen by those who matter most. Especially when Venus enters Taurus on May 28th, you’ll be gearing up for some hard-earned work accolades. Mercury will station direct in the same sign on June 3rd, ensuring that your work conversations also  begin to stabilize. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th is easily the brightest spot of the season for you; it will send some very lucky vibes your way, and perhaps some travel plans! Be ready to open up and receive. 


    Virgos work harder than most, but your tenth house of career might require more patience than normal this Gemini season. Remember to breathe and acknowledge that this, too, is helping you find your place in the world. Things will get a bit easier once Mercury stations direct in your ninth house on June 3rd. You’re likely traveling this season, or at least considering the idea, as Mercury meets up with Venus in the same place of your chart. By the time the Sagittarius Full Moon rolls around on June 14th, you’re remembering that you can find a sense of “home” wherever you land.


    Lighting up your ninth house, you’re going places this Gemini season, Libra. You’ve got a destination circled on the map, but reaching it will likely require flexibility. Notice that even detours can be beautiful. Both your communication and finances are set to transform with Venus and Mercury side by side in Taurus…and this could be due to good luck in the partnership department. Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is now hanging out in your seventh house of partnerships, and with Mars there, too, you might be getting serious within at least one new connection. By the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th, you’re the one everyone wants to talk to! Enjoy your newest teachers.


    You’re always ready to go deep, Scorpio, but especially with the Sun transiting your eighth house…you’ll learn that discussing endings is not the same as experiencing them. Resources might be diverted, but perhaps it’s for your own good. Partnerships will be a focus for you this season, as both Venus and Mercury are occupying your seventh house now. Perhaps you’re discussing how to combine assets with your love. Finances will continue to be highlighted with the Full Moon in Sagittarius landing in your second house on June 14th. It’s a transformative time for you to understand how your daily habits and rituals inform your values, and how you get paid for them. You should have great luck instating some new systems to streamline your processes.


    Your whole life is a big adventure, Sagittarius, but one of them is culminating this Gemini season. Highlighting your seventh house, witness how committed partnerships have informed your journey so far. While you might appreciate a good amount of space in your relationships, they’re also some of your greatest teachers. Mercury will blessedly station direct on June 3rd in Taurus, right after Venus enters the same sign. This period ushers in some newfound stability to your daily grind. Finally, the Full Moon in your home sign arrives on June 14th and it’s a lunation all about you…and quite possibly a love interest or two!


    Gemini season highlights your sixth house and how you prioritize supporting people, Capricorn. A few wires might get crossed, but recommitting to a personal health routine should help you keep helping others. By the time Mercury stations direct on June 3rd, you’re looking forward to adding in some “play time” to all the work you’ve been doing! There might even be a new love interest on your radar that’s helping you remember that having fun is just as important as working hard. The Sagittarius Full Moon will have you dreaming a bigger dream on June 14th. While you can’t see your intuition…remember that you’re always able to feel it. Trust yourself.


    Is it getting hot in here, Aquarius? A spring fling (or a couple) might be around the corner for you this Gemini season as the Sun sizzles in your fifth house. You definitely need your space in relationships…but a little flirting will be harmless fun. In the midst of all the playtime, you’re also getting serious about life at home. You could be trying out some new decor, or even moving somewhere new this season, with both Venus and Mercury occupying your 4th house of home. Despite any changes, the June 14th Full Moon in Sagittarius will remind you of the many great friends you have by your side. You’re learning a lot right now, and your friendships can be some of your biggest teachers.


    You’re focused on your family this Gemini season, Pisces, and they’re focused on you, too. By paying attention to your fourth house of home you’ll begin to understand your past…which is also a smart way of engaging your future. Your friendships are a frenzy of activity at this season also, highlighting how much you value meaningful relationships in your life. Amidst all this, you’re reaching a special culmination within your career on June 14th, as the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your tenth house. And with Jupiter in one of your financial houses all summer…you could finally be reaching the income bracket you’ve always dreamed of. You’re working smarter, not harder, this season.

    Erin River Sunday is the Resident Astrologer for Birthdate Co., you can find more info on her here.

    A little more about Gemini Season

    With Gemini energy...we already know it’s going to be...a lot. Gemini is the first sign of the “Air” element so conversations are a dime a dozen. The trick (and oh, there WILL be tricks…) is deciding which ones are worth your energy.

    Gemini is curious to a fault, witty, and very intellectual. This is not emotional terrain...we’re in games of the mind now.

    What do you THINK about that? Have you read that article? Prove your point! Wait...did your point change? Everyone is buzzing and chats like this will be the norm over the coming weeks. If you have a lot of Air in your Natal Chart, this will feel invigorating. If not, you could be overwhelmed by how much your phone is buzzing! 

    Remember that every conversation you’re invited to is not a conversation you must entertain.

    More than anything, Gemini Season, as a whole, is about mental exploration. And combined with Mercury Retrograde starting it off…we’re being invited to critically reexame conversations, friendships, and thoughts from the past. Be curious, but don’t forget you’re allowed to (and should!) keep boundaries.

    Journal prompts to connect with Gemini energy:

    1. What are you learning about that excites you right now?
    2. Who are the friends that are always there when you need them?
    3. When do you feel overstimulated? How do you relax your mind?

    In addition to all the regular Gemini season stuff, 2022 features some specific standout moments…

    2022 Gemini Season Highlights

    • Friday, May 20th: Sun enters Gemini
    • Saturday, May 21st: Mercury Cazimi (Sun Conjunct Mercury) at 1° Gemini
    • Tuesday, May 24th: Mars Enters Aries
    • Saturday, May 28th: Venus Enters Taurus
    • Sunday, May 29th: Mars Conjunct Jupiter at 3° Aries
    • Monday, May 30th: New Moon at 9° of Gemini
    • Friday, June 3rd: Mercury stations direct
    • Saturday, June 4th: Saturn stations retrograde at 25° Aquarius
    • Monday, June 13th: Mercury enters Gemini
    • Tuesday, June 14th: Full Moon at 23° of Sagittarius

    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Gemini rules. That's where your energy will be focused throughout Gemini season! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a book for that.

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