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    What Are the Fall Zodiac Signs?

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    Fall is the season of change. The leaves begin to yellow and redden, the temperature drops, and people collectively get ready to hunker down for the winter. If you were born in the fall, you might wonder: what are the fall zodiac signs? And what does it mean to be born in the fall? 

    You can learn tons of information based specifically on your sign through an astrology birth chart, but signs born in the same season typically share some traits — both with each other and with the season during which they fall. 

    In astrology, there are solar seasons: the month-long period when the sun aligns with your zodiac sign. You’ve probably heard people talk about “Scorpio season” or “Libra season.” Solar seasons are what they’re referring to — aka the date range that defines a sign. During your solar season, you might feel particularly empowered or inspired, but you can feel the effects of other solar seasons, too.

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    So, what astrology signs are the fall zodiac signs? We’ve got you covered.


    September 23-October 22 

    Element: Air

    Modality: Cardinal

    Librans kick off the fall zodiac season beginning September 22nd or 23rd, depending on your timezone. This sign is associated with the element air, like Gemini and Aquarius. Because of that common thread, it does share some traits with fellow air signs. Some of the most common words used to describe air signs include: communicative, intellectual, free-spirited, and social. These signs are the ones who love a good debate just as much as they love a fun social outing. 

    Libra is represented by the scales, demonstrating their emphasis on justice and balance. These friendly, outgoing people prioritize socialization and  their need for equilibrium often helps them justify energy spent  between work, friends, and alone time. They all get their fair share! Librans are intellectual, easy-going people, which makes them interesting and easy to talk to.

    Being the first zodiac sign of the fall seasons makes sense for Libra, a cardinal sign, because the cardinal modality embodies initiative. Signs of  this modality are typically go-getters with big ideas. They like to initiate change — much like the early fall month ushers in the change of seasons. 

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    October 23-November 21 

    Element: Water

    Modality: Fixed

    As Libra season comes to an end, Scorpio season arrives. Scorpios are a powerful personality type defined by their fixed water modality.Scorpios tend to be highly emotional, which means they are very in tune with their feelings and the feelings of those around them, making them infinitely loyal partners and friends….until you break their trust.Though Scorpios are deep feelers, they don’t come off that way — and that’s how they like it. They tend to be stoic and mysterious but there’s always more than meets the eye with them.. They’re also known for their shadow work abilities and tendency to bring about transformation in themselves and others.

    As a fixed sign, Scorpios tend to shy away from change. They’re not stubborn, but they are confident in their decisions and beliefs, which is why many signs admire them.


    November 22-December 21 

    Element: Fire

    Modality: Mutable

    Sagittarius rounds out the fall zodiac season. As a fire sign, they are known for being passionate about their beliefs and desires. They are highly independent and always seeking a new adventure, which makes them fun people to be around. They are known for taking risks because of their adventurous spirit, but their intelligence and knack for business helps them turn those risks into big successes. If you’re friends with or dating a Sagittarian, you know this person is always down to try something new and is easy to connect with. 

    As a mutable sign, Sagittarians are pretty go-with-the-flow type people. This can make sense when we think about the end of fall and the beginning of winter. Sagittarians aren’t the ones who initiated the change, but they’re open to new experiences. 

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    How to Celebrate Your Fall Zodiac Sign

    Being born under a fall zodiac sign is unique. Each sign has its own associated elements, modalities and personality traits, but these three signs also share a sense of comradery. As we head into the fall, why not embrace your fall zodiac sign and light a Scorpio candle to set the seasonal mood? Or, if you’re not one of the fall zodiac signs, get in touch with this season of astrology and see how each sign’s solar season can positively impact your life.

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