Taurus Season Horoscopes

    Taurus Season Horoscopes

    April 19th - May 20th

    We’re so excited to launch monthly horoscopes for you this Taurus season. Ruled by Venus…we hope you’ll love what you discover (and we always love your feedback)! 

    Our Resident Astrologer, Erin, writes these horoscopes based on your Sun and Rising/Ascendant Sign. Don’t know your Rising Sign? The Birthdate Book can help!


    This season has you in hyper-drive over one thing: money. If you commit to working hard and staying the course, there will be tangible improvements in your material world. The April 30th Eclipse will fall in your 2nd house, so circle that date for something surprising happening related to your finances. There’s likely no use in planning on it being a “good” or “bad” surprise, but you can bet that whatever happens will ultimately carry you forward.

    May 10th brings the beginning of Mercury Retrograde which will add additional focus on your resources, as well as highlight some friendship issues that might require resolution. On the positive side, Jupiter enters Aries on the same day, lighting up your 1st house of SELF! You’ll be feeling yourself this summer and early fall, with good luck manifesting itself viscerally in your body. Finally, the May 15th Eclipse in Scorpio lights up your 8th house of transformation. There’s a powerful intensity surrounding this date for you- prepare to let go.


    What is your body telling you, dear Taurus? Pay close attention to your gut, literally and figuratively, because this season (YOUR season!), the Universe is conspiring in your favor. The April 30th Eclipse lands in your first house of self so you’ll likely be in for a surprise or two when it comes to how you show up in the world. You could be prone to accidents around this time, so exercise caution- and maybe don’t make any sudden makeover decisions just yet!

    Mercury stations retrograde on May 10th and it’s going to hit home for you personally. Pay close attention to your finances specifically, because it seems a few forgotten bills will now come due. At the same time, Jupiter, the bringer of luck, will drift into your twelfth house and inject some escapist vibes. You’ll enjoy getting lost now, and might discover losing yourself is actually the ultimate way to be found. The May 15th Eclipse will close out your birthday season with a bang. Expect the unexpected with those you love, and if they aren’t “your person” be ready to let them go.


    You’re closing out a cycle this season and are already imagining what the next one holds. Your intuition is stronger than ever, too- so heed any and all synchronicities. The April 30th Eclipse might feel like something from your wildest dreams…happening in reality. It’s bound to be shocking, but if you’re in tune with your inner knowing, it will come as less of a surprise to you than others. Remember that endings always bring new beginnings, and the reverse is also true.

    The Mercury Retrograde beginning May 10th kicks off in your sign, so it’s likely to be a tricky time. You’re not usually one to hold your tongue, but know that if you don’t, people will be ready to bite back. Information may present itself through reading between the lines, so pay special attention. Jupiter will be frolicking in your 11th house until the fall, and you’re ready to do something important for the collective. When the May 15th Scorpio Eclipse rolls around…you just might be upsetting your usual routines in favor of something much more radical.


    So many things to learn, so little time! You’re often a homebody, but this season has you growing your “social butterfly” wings. Notice the people inspiring your lightbulb moments. You want to make the world a better place and the April 30th Eclipse might be just the moment that shows you how you’re going to do it! Your ideas could easily be the talk of the town now; use the collective attention wisely and make the most of it.

    Don’t speak too soon, though, because Mercury stations retrograde on May 10th, which could elicit some “foot in the mouth” moments if you’re not careful. Let yourself retreat and recharge when you need to. Jupiter enters your 10th house at the same time though, so you’ll be shining brightly in public spheres and likely catching some lucky breaks at work! The Scorpio Eclipse on May15th will echo the "work now, play later" mentality and might have you questioning indulgences you used to love. Let yourself release- it will free up room for new forms of creativity.


    You deeply believe in the power of play, but this season is about hard work for you. Focusing on your career now will leave you feeling triumphant. Lead with pride and by the time April 30th rolls around, your work will really be taking off. The Taurus Eclipse could be a huge moment for your career, and it might just come with a surprising pay raise. Don’t doubt that you deserve whatever is beginning now.

    When Mercury stations retrograde on May 10th, you’re forced to take a closer look at all your recent productivity. There might be things that were rushed that need editing now, or some conversations with coworkers that need to be hashed out. At the same time, Jupiter is entering your 9th house of travel, so despite any hiccups…you’ll likely be planning a vacation soon! Taurus season closes out with an Eclipse in Scorpio May 15th, landing in your 4th house of home. A family member might be going through something difficult that will need your attention.


    Have you booked your (much needed) vacation yet, Virgo? It’s often hard for you to relax, but a getaway is calling your name this season. Adventure can be productive! If you haven’t taken a trip yet this year, the April 30th Eclipse will urge you, or maybe force you, to start thinking about new ways to expand your horizons. You should have good luck with traveling, even if the only way for you to get away right now is in your mind. Astral travel, anyone?

    Mercury stations retrograde on May 10th, which is a big deal for you since you're ruled by Mercury. If you do end up taking a trip, arm yourself with extra patience because there might be some unavoidable snafus. On the other hand, it might just look like you reviewing an itinerary and following up about previously made plans. This season’s Eclipses (April 30th and May 15th) will have you caught up in your head and challenging your belief systems. And when you add Jupiter in Aries into the mix, the revamp of your value systems will be enormously healing.


    You have a powerful well of resources at your disposal this season- pay special attention to the intangible ones. If you’re brave enough to dig deep, you’re set to be transformed. Circle April 30th on your calendar for one of this season's biggest breakthrough moments. While it could feel more like a breakdown right now…trust that beautiful new seeds are being planted.

    With Mercury Retrograde beginning on May 10th, it’s harder for you to appease everyone the way you usually can. The focus is on the resources you share with others, and that might look like needing to review the monthly budget with your love. It’s an opportunity to own up to what you’re responsible for, and confront (then release) what you’re not. The May 15th Eclipse in Scorpio will really bring these themes home, directly relating to your resources. Whether you’re “ready” or not, your rebirth is already underway. You likely don’t identify as a “minimalist” but this could be a true Marie Kondo moment for you. Release what doesn’t bring you joy.


    You don’t “need” anyone else, but what if you embraced the idea of sharing? This season has you focused on partnerships and the profound beauty they can bring to your life. Whether single, dating, married, or somewhere in-between, April 30th will be a powerful date for your committed partnerships. Pay close attention to the people you’re meeting around this time- new people are entering your life for a reason.

    No one likes a Mercury Retrograde, but it always has something to teach us. Beginning May 10th, you’re diving even deeper into your relationships…and likely doling out a few apologies for things you said that you didn’t really mean. If you’re able to be vulnerable enough to revisit tough conversations, this can be a beautifully healing time for you. In the same timeframe, work is getting blessedly busy. It seems like you can do no wrong in your daily routines. The May 15th Eclipse in your home sign might come as a shock…but chances are whatever leaves your life was just extra weight you didn’t need to carry.


    Supporting people in practical ways is symbiotic. While you don’t love routine, this season has you concretizing the rituals that will carry you ahead. It’s likely that you’re focused on your daily life, and trying to make it more beautiful in any way possible. The April 30th Eclipse might bring a sudden flash of insight as to what could really help organize your processes.

    When Mercury begins its backward journey through your chart on May 10th, you double-down on your health. You love to have a good time, more than most even, but you know how important physical routines are too. It’s a “work hard, play hard” feeling. Jupiter is heavy on the play side of things and might bring a new love interest (or a few) your way this season…which shifts the balance considerably. The May 15th Eclipse will encourage you to release unrealistic fantasies and see the people entering your life as who they really are. Be on the lookout for new hobbies popping up, too. Trying out a pottery class might just be where you meet that summer fling.


    People know you to be a serious person, but your inner-child is calling this season. Embracing unstructured time promotes unfettered joy. By the end of April, April 30th to be exact, you’re really ready to let loose and have some fun. And without question, you’ve earned it! Let yourself relax and maybe even pick up a new hobby. Not everything has to be tied to a tangible profit, Capricorn.

    Mercury stations retrograde mid month (May 10th) and it might not strike you as hard as most- because you tend to be thorough the first time around! However, if you’re getting frustrated at the speed, or lack thereof, of something happening, don’t. It’s called “divine timing” for a reason! If you have kids, or want to have kids, Jupiter entering Aries is an opportune time for all things home and family. You might also witness a parent having particularly good luck in life right now, which will make you feel good too. The May 15th Scorpio Eclipse could have a friend vaporizing from your life unexpectedly, but trust that anyone that’s leaving is making room for others to come in.


    You’re a “people person” through and through, but this season has you delving into your inner sanctum. Getting comfortable with your roots will promote future growth. Family, whether your actual blood-relatives or your own created family, is your current pride and joy. April 30th will bring something going on with your roots to a head, and might involve one of your parents or parental figures. You’re no stranger to surprises, but this might even come as a shock to you.

    Mercury retrograde is never very easy for air signs, because communication is their life blood. That said, it might be time for you to redo a passion project, or pick one back up that you got too busy and forgot about. You’re allowed to have fun, and this moment wants you to make time for the things that really light you up. Jupiter shifting into Aries could bring a new acquaintance in your life, which is music to your ears. They’ll seem larger than life, and have a lot to offer you. May 15th brings a rocket launcher of upsets to your work life- try to take a deep breath before takeoff.


    You get by with a little help (or a lot!) from your friends. Enjoy sweet moments with your nearest and dearest this season- they’re some of your greatest teachers. The April 30th Eclipse might bring surprising news your way about a close friend, or have you meeting someone new that you feel like you’ve known forever. You’re not one to take things as coincidences, so trust that the Universe is bringing this person your way for a reason.

    The planet of communication is elusive to you most of the time, so Mercury retrograde doesn’t usually tip your boat over. Even so, be extra mindful of your good friends and family now and triple check your texts before you hit send! You might not even think money is “real” but it will definitely feel that way once Jupiter enters Aries on May 10th. You’re going to have phenomenal luck with your physical resources now and might come into some opportunities to make more money than you ever dreamed of. The May 15th Eclipse in your fellow water sign, Scorpio, will have you letting go of outdated belief systems. Maybe you can go places you never thought you could…and it’s all becoming clear that it first starts at home.

    Erin River Sunday is the Resident Astrologer for Birthdate Co., and you can find more info on her here.

    A little more about Taurus Season

    With the arrival of Taurus season comes a welcomed celebration of all the beauty in the world. We smile every year realizing Earth Day coincides (technically 48 hours later, but still) with the beginning of this astrological season. It’s a sweet reminder that Mother Nature is something we genuinely embody. “Earth” is just "Heart" misspelled, after all…

    Taurus is the first Earth sign and it's also of the fixed modality. In short, that means it's time to get grounded in physical reality! While Aries season had us firing on all cylinders and ready for fresh starts, Taurus season slows us down and morphs fun ideas into tangible ones. 

    Journal prompts to connect with Taurus energy:

    • What is my relationship with money like right now?
    • Where can I bring more pleasure into my life?
    • How do I relate to the concept of commitment? Why?

    2022 Taurus Season Highlights:

    • April 30th: Partial Solar Eclipse at 10° Taurus (New Moon)
    • April 30th: Venus conjunct Jupiter at 28° Pisces 
    • May 10th: Mercury Retrograde begins
    • May 10th: Jupiter enters Aries
    • May 15th: Total Lunar Eclipse at 25° Scorpio (Full Moon)


    If you'd like to dig a bit deeper into Taurus season and are familiar with your birth chart, check out which house Taurus rules. That's the area of life where your energy will be focused over the next several weeks! And if you're unfamiliar with your chart but curious to learn more, we’ve got a (Birthdate) book for that.

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