Is Your Life Path Number the Same as Your Birth Number? Yes And No

    Is Your Life Path Number the Same as Your Birth Number? Yes And No

    Numerology can be both incredibly simple and incredibly complicated at the same time. Just like astrology involves learning about your sun sign or developing an entire natal chart, numerology allows you to dive in as deep as you want to. But, unlike astrology, you don’t need to know precisely what time you were born (and where you were born) to use and appreciate numerology. 

    A common question we get asked here at Birthdate Co. is about what the different numbers mean and how they relate to you. Is your life path number the same as your birth number? Yes, and no. Let’s take a deep dive.

    A Really Quick Refresher on Numerology

    In case you need a reminder of what numerology is, or if this is your first time learning more about it, here’s a quick primer.

    The general concept of numerology is based on the idea that everything in life, even humans, can be reduced to numbers. It started way, way back in 570 BC with a philosopher and mathematician known as Pythagoras (you probably know him by his contribution to mathematics, known as the Pythagorean Theorem). Since then, it has grown and developed into different schools - like Kabbalah and Vedic - that continue to be popular methods people use to understand themselves and the world around us.

    What Is Your Life Path Number?

    According to most, your life path number is the most critical number in all of numerology. It is sometimes referred to as your master number or destiny number because it tells you not only who you are but who you were meant to be.

    To find your own life path number, all you need is the month, day, and year that you were born. Let’s work through it together using the example of someone born on 9/14/2001. You’ll take each of those numbers separately, starting with the month. 

    • Because nine is already reduced down to a single digit, you don’t need to do anything more with it. 
    • Moving on to the day you were born, you’d simply add 1 and 4 together to get 5. 
    • And finally, the year. Each number is added together - 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 to get 3. 

    But it doesn’t stop there. 

    • Now that you have a 9, a 5, and a 3, you’ll add those together as well. 9 + 5 + 3 = 17, and it’s ok to break out your calculator to figure that out. 
    • Because 17 is double digits, you’ll need to do one final calculation, 1 + 7, to get a final life path number of 8. 

    It’s important to note that there are a few numbers, known as master numbers, that aren’t broken down any further. These are numbers doubled, like 11 and 22. But what does all of that mean?

    Essentially, think of your life path number as being similar to your sun sign and ascendants if you calculate it with your specific time of birth. The number that you come up with tells you plenty about yourself - not just who you are and your innate characteristics, but also what challenges and obstacles you are likely to face down in the future.

    Basic Life Path Number Definitions

    Now that you’ve got your number, let’s take a look at what it means for you!


    The life path number of One is referred to as “The Leader,” and for a good reason. People with this number are individuals who value autonomy and independence. They also often struggle with both finding and developing their inner voice in the first place, leading to issues with self-confidence.


    Life path Two, or The Diplomat, values partnership, love, and balance in all things. Unfortunately, because they want that balance and equality so bad, it can be hard for them to really tap deeply into how they actually feel and to use that information to relate more closely to others.


    The Socializer is a good way to describe people with a life path number of Three. They are social magnets, valuing all things creative, fun, and self-expressive. It can be hard for them to maintain a positive attitude, especially when faced with stumbling blocks.


    If you have a life path number of Four, you’re likely known as The Worker in your circle. Structure, discipline, and your health are number one to you, but it can be hard for you to let go of that control, especially when it comes to really reaching for your dreams.


    The life path number of Five refers to a group of people known as “The Free Spirits.” If this is your life path number, you likely crave adventure, change, and movement of all kinds. On the other hand, that makes it tricky to develop and stick with daily, less exciting routines.


    People born with the life path number of Six are Nurturers. Your family and loved ones usually come first in your life, and you value responsibility and long-term goals instead of immediate gratification. Unfortunately, this can come with a downside… it can be hard for you to focus on yourself and what makes you happy.


    Life path Seven, known as The Intuitive, represents people with a large sense of perception. You’re naturally introspective and imaginative but probably have difficulty focusing more on the “real” side of life. 


    The Power Player refers to those with a life path number of Eight. You focus most of your energy on material things and tend to respect both authority and those who have achieved success above other people. Letting other people have even a little of that control can be challenging for you.


    People with the life path number of Nine are known as Humanitarians. They strive to find a sense of acceptance and understanding for everyone and put a lot of importance on compassion. Finding the lesson in those people, even those you may disagree with, can be tricky but important.


    If you are lucky enough to be born with a master life path number, you probably see things from a higher level than many people around you, which is why these people are known as Visionaries. You also tend to be burdened with the anxiety that surrounds being able to see the bigger picture.


    Known as The Builder, life path number Twenty-Two is on a whole other level. You’re idealistic and want to build a new, better world - both for yourself and for others. It can be difficult for you when this doesn’t come through, though, leading to depression.

    What Is Your Birth Number?

    Your birth number is a little more simple. Instead of calculating your entire birthday, your birth number involves just adding up the month and day. While this is a little bit vaguer, it still gives you considerable insight into who you are. You can apply the same definitions that are assigned to your life path number to gain that insight. 

    While your life path number is similar to your sun sign calculated with your exact time of birth, your birth number is more like your sun sign by just month and day. Knowing you’re a Virgo still tells you a lot about yourself, right?

    We think so. While we created our Birthdate Book with your entire birthday, including the year and time, we created our Birthday Candles with just your month and day. They make a great pairing to help you learn a lot about yourself. 

    How To Put Your Life Path Number Into Action

    Even the desire to learn more about your life path number expresses a certain level of introspection that is important to living a healthy, fulfilled life. When you can be vulnerable and look inside yourself with honesty, you can learn and grow in ways that you never thought possible. Growth doesn’t come from staying stagnant, entrenching yourself in old patterns. Instead, it comes from making those hard changes after really owning and recognizing anything that may be working against you internally.

    That’s why both life path numbers and birth numbers also include the negative. You can’t work on yourself if you’re only looking at the positive. That’s where the idea of “toxic positivity” comes from. Embracing all of yourself really is the key to happiness, more than anything else. So, light that candle, take some time to yourself, and get a little introspective. 

    Living a Beautiful Life

    With both your life path number and your birth number figured out, there’s no end to how you can use it to improve your world (and the world around you). These numbers can tell you a lot about your inner world, and you can learn even more with a Birthdate Book or Candle. What you choose to do with that information is ultimately up to you, but it has the potential to help you develop yourself more deeply than ever before.


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