These 7 Gift Sets Are Perfect for Zodiac Fanatics

    These 7 Gift Sets Are Perfect for Zodiac Fanatics


    There is no joy in the world quite like the feeling of finding the perfect gift. For a lot of people, giving a gift is far more satisfying than getting one themselves. There’s just something magical about being able to see the look of surprise and excitement on the face of your giftee when you’ve gotten it exactly right.

    Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift may seem like a challenge. We’re here to help with these products that are meant to connect with people on a deeper level. With that in mind, we wanted to help you find the right gift for any zodiac fanatic in your life. Here are seven of our favorite gift sets that you can put together, each with an astrological twist. 


    #1) Gift Sets To Promote Self Care

    We’d like to start with what we believe is one of the kindest gifts that you can give someone: the gift of self-care. In today’s society, we sometimes focus so much on the end result that we forget to love and take care of ourselves in the process. Yes, burnout is totally real, but there are steps to take to counteract this malaise. 

    When you put together gift sets for the special people in your life who you know have trouble taking any time out for themselves, you’re helping them to realize how important they are. Sometimes, all people need is a little bit of a reminder that it’s ok to spend time alone, doing whatever they need to do to nourish both their body and their spirit. 

    Self-care gift sets are great because they can be customized to whatever the person you are gifting them to is into. You can go a unique route with customized astrological candles. Not only is lighting a candle a relaxing ritual, but these candles also take into account tarot, ruling planets, and numbers to bring clarity to the giftee’s life. Every time your loved one lights their candle and smells their custom scent, relaxation is imminent. 

    Just focus on things you know your giftee would be unlikely to do for themselves but that they’ll absolutely love and appreciate. These sets can easily be customized for the zodiac fanatic, too, as they make plenty of self-care products specifically for each zodiac sign (other ideas include zodiac teas and bath bombs).

    #2) Gift Sets for Wine Lovers

    If your giftee is both a wine lover and a zodiac fanatic, never fear! There is definitely a way to put together gift sets that honor both of these things, which make a spectacular, personalized gift that is sure to please. 

    If you’re not sure what type of wine they would like, consider their zodiac sign. Geminis may love champagne, as they are often social and the life of the party, while Scorpios are more likely to enjoy a pinot noir. You can also get multiple bottles, one white and one red, or one sweet and one dry if you want to give them options.

    Combine the bottles of wine with a personalized wine glass or chiller that has their astrological sign or constellation on it. Any zodiac fanatic will absolutely love it, and you can pop a bottle in honor of your relationship! Just don’t forget a bottle opener or wine stop, especially if you’re giving this gift for a housewarming where their supplies may still be boxed up and tucked away.


    #3) Gift Sets for Coffee Fanatics

    For astrology lovers in your life that choose not to drink, you can create similar gift sets with coffee instead of wine! You can even put them together with hot chocolate for people who prefer not to drink caffeine if you want to be extra safe.

    Just visit a local coffee shop for a bag or two of coffee (choose pre-ground if you’re not sure whether or not your giftee has a coffee grinder), then pair it with a customized mug emblazoned with their astrological sign.

    You can also include small accessories like spoons, snacks, tea towels, or anything else you think would make their coffee drinking experience even a little bit better. After all, coffee is good for you, so you’re really giving them a gift set that is both delicious and healthy.


    #4) Gift Sets for The Home

    If your giftee is the type who would rather spend their time on the couch than out partying, getting them gift sets that focus on making their home even more comfortable is a great idea. There are plenty of ways to include their love for astrology in customizing gift sets for the home, which can be adapted for any room. 

    For instance, a warm, cozy blanket with their astrological sign on it is wonderful when curled up on the couch watching Netflix or on the bed. Or you can commission a print with their natal chart, which can be done on paper or even as a wood carving. There are also kitchen or bathroom towels, pillows, charcuterie boards, or bedsheets! The possibilities are endless, which means you can put together a gift basket that perfectly fits whoever you’re giving it to.


    #5) Gift Sets for Avid Readers

    Reading is both fun and beneficial. For zodiac fanatics that are also avid readers, there are plenty of ways to put together a gift set that keeps their mind engaged and their stress level low indefinitely. You can focus on nonfiction books that discuss astrology in detail, with a focus on anything you know they’re into… work, romance, science, etc. You can also find fiction books that have astrology as the main plot point or a mix of both! 

    Throw in some cozy socks, and you’ll have a gift that any reader will love. You can also buy a copy of the books for yourself and read them together in an impromptu astrology book club.


    #6) Gift Sets for Foodies

    If you’re trying to put together a gift for a foodie who also happens to be into astrology, we have great news! With the popularity of both of these categories separately, it’s easy to throw together a single gift that includes things from each.

    As we mentioned previously, there are plenty of kitchen-based gifts to give that involve astrology, like handmade charcuterie boards or coffee mugs. You can also get them one of the main cookbooks out there that were created with the zodiac in mind. There are so many types out there; cookbooks can focus on each sign, cocktail books, dessert suggestions, etc. 

    You can also pair cookbooks and tools with food items that you know they can use to whip up the perfect drink or meal. High-quality vanilla beans or spices are a great option because many people are hesitant to spend money on themselves but would appreciate being able to use these gifts when they cook. 


    #7) Gift Sets for Astrology Lovers

    And finally, if you want to focus specifically on astrology, put together a gift that helps them better understand themselves on a deep level. For example, give them a personalized natal chart in book form that explains each aspect of their personality and how the location of each of the planets and the sun, moon, and other astral bodies help to inform that. With over 70 pages, your loved one will be able to spend hours pouring over how they factor into the universe.

    Natal charts are one of the best gifts for zodiac lovers because they really can help to open up so much more about who we are and why we tend to react the way that we do. You can also give them a print of exactly what the stars looked like at the moment they were born or jewelry with their specific constellation and astrological sign. 

    To truly customize astrology-based gifts, it’s best to know the exact date and time that your giftee was born. That’s how it’s possible to create the most accurate natal chart, which gives the most accurate details about not only where everything was located in the sky but also how that affects their personality.


    The Gift of the Present

    With the popularity of astrology, putting together gift sets that honor and amaze every zodiac fan in your life has become easier and easier. Whether they are a foodie, an avid reader, someone who needs help remembering to practice self-care, or just a person seeking to understand themselves just a little bit better, the right gift is out there.

    Birthdate Co. is here to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one or special someone. With so many great options to choose from, your friends and family will appreciate the time and consideration you put into bringing them joy. 




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