What Is My Zodiac Sign?

    What Is My Zodiac Sign?

    Understanding Your Zodiac Sign

    Studying astrology can provide insight into our personalities and deepen our relationships with the people in our lives and others we interact with. The zodiac sign that most people know is their sun sign, but getting a custom birth chart is the best way to truly understand your astrological placements. 

    This natal chart essentially acts as a map of the night sky at the exact moment of your birth, displaying where each planet was in relation to the zodiac constellations. Different aspects of your personality may be impacted by your planetary placements, but the sun sign, rising sign and moon sign are the most influential. 

    Astrology followers often take a lot of pride in their identification with their sun sign, and a great way to demonstrate your personality and connection with your sign is by investing in unique astrology decor like zodiac candles

    Before diving into an explanation of sun, rising and moon signs, here is a breakdown of the various sun signs and their corresponding birth date ranges:

    sun signs corresponding birth date ranges

    Aries (Ram): March 21-April 19

    Taurus (Bull): April 20-May 20

    Gemini (Twins): May 21-June 21

    Cancer (Crab): June 22-July 22

    Leo (Lion): July 23-August 22

    Virgo (Virgin): August 23-September 22

    Libra (Scales of Justice): September 23-October 23

    Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24-November 21

    Sagittarius (Archer): November 22-December 21

    Capricorn (Goat): December 22-January 19

    Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20-February 18

    Pisces (Fish): February 19-March 20

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    What Is My Zodiac Sign in Relation to Planetary Placements?

    what is my zodiac sign planetary placements


    Sun Signs

    Your sun sign refers to the zodiac sign that the sun was positioned at during the time of your birth. This is the sign that people are usually referring to when they ask: “What is my zodiac sign?” By interpreting each of your zodiac placements, you’ll have a fuller view of the many facets to a person’s personality. 

    Your sun sign is the most commonly known because of its importance — this sign is the essence of your identity. Some astrologers explain the sun sign as referring to the way that an individual views themself, making it an important placement in your birth chart. Add a bit of personality to your home with a zodiac candle specific to not just your sun sign but your specific birth date.

    Rising Signs

    Your rising sign (also known as your ascendent) is another important piece of your zodiac chart. This refers to the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. In order to correctly identify your rising sign, it’s important to know your birth time down to the minute as the sign on the horizon changes every two hours. Your rising sign is a vital aspect of your zodiac personality, too, because it refers to your outward expression of your personality. It can sometimes be explained as the way other people see you.

    Moon Signs

    The third more important placement in your birth chart is the moon. As with the previous placements, your moon sign refers to the moon’s position in the sky when you were born. Your moon sign explains what is often called your “inner self.” This can be interrupted as aspects of your personality that you don’t necessarily express outwardly — inner emotions and desire or subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

    What Do All of These Signs Mean?

    When you look at your sun, rising and moon signs together, you get a fuller picture of who you are, how you express yourself and how you relate to others. You may have traditionally exerted signs as your sun and/or rising but a more introverted sign as your moon sign, which could mean that you require more time to yourself than people might think because of your outwardly extroverted nature.

    zodiac signs illustrated


    Birth dates between March 21-April 19

    Element: Fire

    Modality: Cardinal

    Aries are passionate, fun-loving people who are often described as courageous and driven. They are very action-orientated, so they are typically always on the go. This sign is very direct, so they prefer people who can also communicate directly without adding in too many frivolous details or information. Aries people are assertive and will say what they mean. 

    Because they are a driven bunch, they are great at starting new projects and driven to accomplish their goals. Aries can get frustrated or impatient somewhat quickly because they value clear communication, so it’s best to be honest and practice open communication with Aries. Aries’ passion and drive is often linked to its associated element, fire. Because it is a cardinal sign, they are often the ones to initiate change and come up with new ideas. 


    April 20-May 20

    Element: Earth

    Modality: Fixed 

    Taurus loves all the finer things in life — good food, nice wine and high-quality material possessions. Taurus has a great sense of fashion and also an affinity for extravagance. Though they are sometimes referred to as stubborn, they make excellent listeners and highly value honesty. 

    Taurus is a fixed sign, which means that change can be a bit of a challenge for them, but it also drives them to complete projects and see things through. Taurus craves stability, and this is something that is evident in their relationships. They want someone who understands them and has the same type of needs. Taurus are very dependable and down to earth, thanks to their elemental associated with earth.


    May 21-June 21

    Element: Air

    Modality: Mutable

    The twins that represent Gemini also represent a certain duality that this sign tends to possess. Geminis have two sides — one may be the outgoing, witty, sociable side while the other craves a more introverted lifestyle. But Gemini balances its two sides well. 

    This sign tends to be very outwardly extroverted and likes to have many friends. Gemini highly values intelligence and could easily sit and debate any topic for hours. Geminis like debate for debate sake, however, so they’re not quick to get angry if you disagree with their beliefs. But they will try to use their wit and cleverness to prove you wrong. 

    cancer sign candle


    June 22-July 22

    Element: Water

    Modality: Cardinal

    Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac. This sign is known for being sensitive and emotional, which makes them extremely loving partners and family members. They love to care for people they love, and family is a top priority for Cancer. They are loyal, protective and caring. They look for partners and friends that can be equally as open about their thoughts and feelings. Cancers are also hyper perceptive, which is likely why many Cancers have psychic tendencies.


    July 23-August 22

    Element: Fire

    Modality: Fixed

    Leos are highly social people and very charismatic. They are generally fun people to be around and are known for their fierce loyalty. They enjoy stability and consistency because they are fixed signs. But, their association with the element of fire makes them passionate, enthusiastic and energetic. Because of their outgoing personalities and general likability, Leos are natural leaders who tend to enjoy performing, speaking and entertaining. 

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    August 23-September 22

    Element: Earth

    Modality: Mutable

    Virgos are down-to-earth, practical thinkers who tend to be humble and kind. Virgos have a keenness for attention to detail and when they start a project or find a new hobby, they dive straight in. They are highly communicative people, so they typically enjoy collaboration, though they can be stubborn, so it’s important to communicate with a Virgo openly and honestly.

    They are very ambitious and diligent workers and will work hard to achieve their goals. Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning that they can go with the flow and don’t necessarily shy away from change, but they also are not going to be the ones to initiate it.


    September 23-October 23

    Element: Air

    Modality: Cardinal

    This air sign is frequently consumed by a desire for balance, harmony and justice as symbolized by its associated image of scales. This sign tends to be outgoing and friendly — they are generally fun, easy people to be around. Like the other two air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, socialization is a key component to Libra’s life. They like to have many friends and acquaintances who they can share ideas with and who can introduce them to new experiences. 

    Because of their need for balance and harmony, Libras are great peacemakers and are often always willing to compromise, which makes them an excellent romantic partner and friend. As a sign with a cardinal modality, they are the type of people to initiate change, and they have the personality and desire for fairness to make real impacts.


    October 24-November 21

    Element: Water

    Modality: Fixed

    Though Scorpio can appear serious and stoic on the outside, they are highly emotional deep thinkers on the inside. Many people are drawn to Scorpios because they seem to be shrouded in mystery, which intrigues many other signs. Once you’ve befriended a Scorpio, you will likely be friends for life as they are very loyal people. And, they crave a certain level of stability thanks to their sign’s fixed modality. Scorpios are always known for being extremely passionate. They are the lovers of the zodiac.


    November 22-December 21

    Element: Fire

    Modality: Mutable

    This sign represented by the archer is a true adventure seeker. Sagittarius greatly values their independence and ability to pursue risks and new experiences. They are passionate about the things and people they love, thanks to their association with the element of fire. 

    Though they like to be independent, Sagittarius is highly attuned to other people’s emotions, which makes them great friends and, generally, people who are easy to get along with. They are good listeners and can offer sound advice. When hanging around a Sagittarius, you may just get caught up in their enthusiasm for life and spontaneity, leading to exciting new experiences.

    capricorn sign candle


    December 22-January 19

    Element: Earth

    Modality: Cardinal

    Because of Capricorn’s driven, hardworking spirit, they are often very successful individuals particularly in business ventures. They are realistic and ambitious, which leads them to set high goals for themselves that they typically attain. But their practical nature associated with the earth element keeps them grounded in reality, allowing them to think logically and set goals that seem reasonably attainable. Though Capricorns prefer to keep a smaller social circle, they are very loyal to their friends and family and will go to great lengths to protect and defend them.


    January 20-February 18

    Element: Air

    Modality: Fixed

    Aquarius is the eccentric sign of the zodiac. These air signs are highly sociable like Gemini and Libra, and they require a great sense of freedom and independence. Aquarius refuses to be tied down, so they need a romantic partner who understands that desire for freedom and respects their independence. 

    Aquarius are often advocates and become involved in humanitarian issues or social justice causes. They are quirky people who love to be described that way. They are social creatures who have a lot of friends, but are extremely loyal to those closest to them. They value creativity, communication, intellect and quick wit.


    February 19 - March 20

    Element: Water

    Modality: Mutable 

    Pieces are often pointed to as the most psychic signs in the zodiac because of their high emotional intelligence. They are very in tune with the people around them and can easily pick up on nonverbal signs of communication. They are often emotional people themselves and very sympathetic, which allows them to easily connect with others. They are trustworthy and empathetic, and they value imagination and creative endeavors. 

    embracing your zodiac sign

    Embracing Your Zodiac Sign

    Many people identify with their zodiac sign and want to learn more about their natal chart to fully understand how they express their personality and interact with others. A great way to show your love for astrology is by buying zodiac candles for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member. These candles are scented to match your personality and provide further insight into your sun sign with information on the specific date of your birthday. They make for excellent gifts or just a unique piece of home decor.


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