Making Every Birthday Wish Come True with Customized Birthdate Candles

A special kind of magic develops every year around a person’s birthday. Whether you’re a “birthday person” or not, it’s hard to deny the feeling that just seems to be in the air around that time of year! Maybe you’re a person that likes to jetset off to a far-flung beach location to celebrate, or perhaps you prefer to have a cozy night in with your favorite people.

However, you celebrate your special day. Custom birthday candles can help to make every birthday wish come true. After all, no matter where you are on your birthday- the day wouldn’t be complete without blowing out a candle and making a wish!

Keep reading to discover what makes a Birthdate Co. customized candle stand out from all the rest.


Astrology, Tarot + Numerology

While many astrology candles are on the market, Birthdate Co. birthday candles NYC take the (birthday) cake for in-depth information! Rather than simply being labeled “Aries” or “Pisces,” they’re custom-made candles with pictures.

You will see an image of the Tarot card associated with your birthday on the back of the customized candle, for example, to give you an idea of the correspondence and what it means. There’s also an image of the symbol associated with your sign emblazoned on the front. So if you’re a Cancer, you’ll see an image of the crab, and if you’re a Leo, you’ll see a Lion!

There’s also a detailed reading included that’s customized (that’s a total of 366 different labels!) for your birthday and includes all the astrology, numerology, and Tarot that goes along with it.


The Scent + Materials

Candle scents can make or break the whole custom candle experience. While the jar it’s housed in might be beautiful or your favorite shade of blue, the Scent has to be right, or you won’t be happy with your customized candle.

The Birthdate Co. candle scents are all intentionally chosen to relate to the astrology the candle represents. It’s also 100% soy + coconut wax with natural fragrance oils, hand-poured in the USA. You will be able to smell the difference!

In addition, the glass that the Birthdate Co. custom candle is poured in is recyclable. When you’re done burning your candle, rather than wastefully throwing it away and moving on, you can simply clean out any remaining wax and get creative with the remaining glass container! This makes the Birthdate Co. customized candle the gift that keeps on giving.

Here are just a few ways you can re-use your customized candle:

  • Fill it first with rocks in the bottom to help with drainage, then with soil, and finally, top with a small succulent for a little living window plant!
  • Fill with ice and pour in your favorite beverage of choice!
  • Fill with water and add any assortment of fresh flowers, or simply add long stem dried flowers for an elegant, low maintenance look year round.


The Customization

Birthdate Co.’s custom birthday candles have a plethora of things to love. Detailed information about astrology, Tarot, and numerology coupled with an amazing scent isn’t all. In saving the best for last, it’s all customized for you!

Not only are birthday candles nyc aligned with all the latest spiritual trends, but purchasing one also means you’re acquiring a truly custom candle! Simply add your birthdate when you checkout online, and a candle that is tailored to your specific astrology will be sent (and Scent) to your door.

Astrologers and perfumers worked together to create a lovely smelling birthday candle and twelve custom astrological scents! Other custom made candles with pictures might smell nice- but the intentionality behind a Birthdate Co. custom candle is what birthday wishes are made of! So what are you waiting for, purchase your Birthdate Co. customized candle today.



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