Unique Wedding Shower Gifts for the Bride

Unique Wedding Shower Gifts for the Bride

It’s no surprise that weddings bring us so much joy. It’s a wonderful reminder to treasure the platonic and romantic love we have for everyone in our lives. When it comes to the wedding shower, you have a chance to give a gift that is solely focused on the bride. This is a wonderful opportunity to show how much you care. 

By getting the bride the exact right gift for her wedding shower, you are both sharing in her joy and thanking the happy couple. The right gift can improve the bride’s life and show her she is important to you and add to the overall elation of the upcoming wedding.

There are a few ways to really stand out and make sure the memory of this day is one she will always treasure.


A Custom Purse or Wristlet

For the stylish bride, a cute and customized bag might be just the thing. Not only will the bag compliment any of her favorite outfits, but a purse or wristlet is also a very useful gift. She is sure to think about you fondly the next time she goes out and takes your gift with her and will get a great deal of use out of it for years to come.

First, consider the type of bag that would be best for her. If she is frequently on the move, not taking much with her, a wristlet is a convenient, thoughtful option. If she tends to take more items with her on a daily basis, a purse could be more her style.

Then, to customize the gift, you can include her name, initials, or anything else she may find the most significant. Really consider what you know about her and what she holds the dearest. Then, hopefully, the new item she will hold the dearest will be your excellent gift.


Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes

If the new bride appreciates some of the finer things in life, wine glasses or champagne flutes will make for a fantastic present. You can get them a whole matching set or possibly even look into handmade ones made by small businesses. For an even more personal touch, try customizing the glasses with either her name, a message, or an inside joke.


A Custom Candle

Candles already make a delightful gift. They smell calming and lovely and can immediately enliven a space. Customizing a candle, though, makes them stand out even more as a thoughtful present. There are a number of ways to customize candles, from their scent notes to printing a personal message on the label or something even more profound.

The Birthdate Candle takes customized candles to the next level. Using astrology, numerology, and tarot, they determine fragrance notes that will specifically appeal to you based on your birthday and birth chart. These are a perfect gift for a bride looking to get more in touch with her spiritual side or would just appreciate a candle made especially for her.

The Birthdate Candle uses information from a special date to create a unique profile. However, with a wedding shower, you have different options of dates to pick. You could gift the bride-to-be a candle with her own birthday or even a set of two: one for her and her future partner. This way, they can burn their candles next to each other’s, a truly romantic thought.

An especially fun idea is to get a candle for their wedding date. Not only will this give them something to meditate over on their wedding day, but the candle’s jar can serve as a keepsake reminder of their one-of-a-kind love for years to come. 


A Set of Bath Bombs

Everyone can use more opportunities for self-care, especially those who are in the midst of planning their own wedding. The bride is likely experiencing a flurry of excitement, but the right gift can let her take a deep breath and really enjoy this moment of her life. A set of bath bombs will allow her a chance to relax, and getting her multiple bath bombs assures that she can turn to this comfort whenever she pleases.


A Personalized Robe

Possibly after using a set of marvelous, calming bath bombs, the bride could really round out her relaxing at-home spa day with a luscious robe. Robes are a classic gift for a reason: they are soft, comfortable, and everyone loves them. This timeless gift can be made even more unique and thoughtful, though, with some added touches of personalization.

Having the bride’s initials or name embroidered on the robe is an excellent touch that she will appreciate. If initials are not quite her style, having “Bride” or “Mrs.” put on the back is a fun customization that will always bring her back to the days around her wedding. Also, carefully consider the color and fabric to make sure they fit her fashion sense.


A Wonderfully Soft Blanket

A wedding shower is an absolutely wonderful chance to get the bride-to-be an indulgence she may not generally get for herself, and blankets perfectly fit into this category.

The right blanket can inspire a level of comfort that few other things can and can help turn a house into a home. Look into cashmere blankets or ones made with other luxuriously soft fabrics that also have colors or patterns she’s sure to love.


A Custom Book That Reads Their Birth Chart

For a bride in touch with the mystical or can never get enough of astrology, numerology, or tarot, The Birthdate Book provides an unmatched level of personalization. These books are individualized to each person, using their specific birthday, location, and time to create a comprehensive horoscope analysis. They are over 70 pages, and the beautiful hardcover would be a welcome addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.

This book will help give the bride a look into her true self as an individual. Relationships are made stronger when the people involved maintain their individuality. After all, that individuality is what made them fall in love in the first place. 



The excitement of getting a brand new perfume is a luxury we do not get to experience anywhere near often enough. You can provide this joy to the bride by giving her a beautiful-smelling fragrance that she (and her partner) just cannot get enough of. 

Think about what fragrance notes the bride-to-be would prefer. If you can, check out what perfumes she uses already and if they have anything in common. There are countless kinds of perfume to choose from, too, so you are sure to find something she loves. Determine if she would prefer something more floral, fruity, or fresh, and go from there.


A Gift Card for Something They Love

In the case that the bride in question already has many of the things they love or gifts you considered getting them, this is where gift cards can really excel. By getting the bride a gift card to or for something they love, they can make the ultimate decision on what gift would be best for them. This way, it will certainly not be something they already have.

Be sure to consider their interests and hobbies in order to find the very best gift card for this special occasion. If they are passionate about astrology, candles, or books, the bride will be sure to find something perfect for her with a gift card from Birthdate Co.


A Pizza Stone

For the woman who loves pizza nearly as much as her partner-to-be, a pizza stone may just be the perfect gift. These stones tremendously elevate any homemade pizza without any real extra effort.

Not many people have this staple of Italian cuisine in their kitchens, making it a special present that will not only be well-loved and used often but is also likely to be something she does not already own.



After a long day, a pair of fuzzy, cute slippers can signify that it is time to relax better than almost anything else. This is what makes them such a great gift, for brides especially. Find a pair that is especially soft, perhaps with memory foam insoles or arch support. If done right, these slippers should be the height of foot luxury and will absolutely make the bride-to-be both happy and comfortable.


Say Yes to the Gift

While weddings are the ultimate time of two people coming together, a wedding shower gift for the bride is a great way to express your love for her as an individual, too. The wedding gift itself is for the two of them, but this is just for her.

Though so much about the very nature of love is an enigma, finding the perfect wedding shower gift does not have to be. Consider what the bride really cares about, as well as her passions and interests. From there, finding a gift she will love and use for years to come is a much easier process. If you want to make your gift even more unique and memorable, add a personalized element.  

At the end of the day, the bride will be deeply appreciative of your gift, simply because you took the time to get it for her. The perfect gift is just the cherry on top. 


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