Best Small Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

    Best Small Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


    If you’re here looking for small gift ideas to purchase, you’ve come to the right place! Not every occasion needs a big, over-the-top gift. Small gifts are just as great for saying that you care and that you want to make any day special.

    You can even give gifts just because! Birthdate Co. has a few unique gift ideas that can help you choose a great small gift for any occasion. Affordable gifts can absolutely impress and excite your recipient, after all!

    It’s the thought that counts, and not the money spent.

    Why You Should Give a Gift “Just Because”

    Gifts are somewhat expected for holidays, like birthdays, Mother's Day, and Valentine’s Day. It’s a traditional part of those holidays to go all out and present your loved ones and family members with a wide variety of different gifts, from big to small. Flowers, candy, expensive bottles of wine, jewelry… these are all common gifts that people give for the big holidays. 

    But giving a gift for a small occasion, or even just because you’re thinking of someone, can be even more exciting. What’s more fun than getting a gift out of nowhere, especially if you’re not expecting it.

    Small gifts can be a way to show someone that you’re thinking about them if they’re going through a tough time, a way to celebrate something like a new job or a promotion, or just to leave at your best friend’s front door.

    If you want to take the gift up a notch, give it with a hand-written note of love and gratitude. It doesn’t take much to be thoughtful, but not relying on the premade card sentiment can really mean a lot. 

    Astrological Candles

    One of our favorite gifts is our personalized astrology-inspired birthday candles. Each candle that we make has been personally created with a single birthday in mind.

    We take into account not just their astrological sign but also the makeup of various elements of numerology (your giftee’s ruling number, which can significantly influence their life), their ruling planet (which can impact their mood and identity), their emblematic tarot card, and an in-depth personality description to provide insight and guidance. 

    Each candle is also made with a unique, custom scent, from woodsy to floral, designed by our master perfumers, and made with natural fragrances. They were created to enliven the spirit, and each is different.

    The scent is added to a blend made from all-natural soy and coconut wax and placed into a 13-ounce glass jar that can be used over and over again. Once the candle is all the way burnt, they’ll still be able to hang onto the insights they gained from the candle; plus, they can use it to hold pencils, their favorite gadget, or their go-to paintbrush!

    While this is an amazing birthday gift, they are also thoughtful gifts for any other special occasion too, like housewarming gifts. 


    Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are a perfect gift, and people of any age (from kids to teens to adults) love to get them. The best part about flowers is that you can customize them to say anything that you want them to, from romantic feelings to sympathy. They’re universal, which is a major part of their appeal.

    Flowers are one of the best small gift ideas that you can pick because they can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want or as elaborate or simple as you feel. Even a single rose can bring a big smile to someone’s face. It’s the thought that counts with flowers, too, even the ones that you picked yourself.

    If you’re having a hard time deciding what color flowers to get, yellow generally stands for friendship or happy occasions; white is used mainly for sympathy, red for romance, and pink for appreciation. People will love the scent and pop of color of this little gift. 


    If the person you’re looking for small gift ideas for is someone who loves sweet stuff, you can either pick them up a few or bake some yourself! Making someone a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies or dropping off their favorite candy at their front door can really make a huge difference in someone’s life. If you want to take it up a level, you can even buy them one of those edible chocolate-covered fruit arrangements as a unique, sweet alternative to flowers. 

    With sweets, you can even leave them at their front door as a surprise. They don’t even have to know that they’re from you if you don’t want them to. Just make sure that they don’t have any allergies before you buy or bake. To up your wrapping game, pack some mini candy bars in a coffee mug or reusable water bottle. Come winter; sweets are also great as stocking stuffers. 

    Self-Care Gifts

    Another of our favorite small gift ideas that work great for anyone, from new moms to people who have recently experienced a loss, are gifts that can help them focus on their own self-care. It’s basic human nature to neglect our own needs during times of stress that we can focus on getting done what needs to be done.

    While that’s great in the short term, it’s much more difficult to maintain over the long run. It can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, and negatively impact your relationships with even the most important people around you.

    When you give someone the gift of self-care, you help them remember how important it is to be able to take even just a few minutes of their time out to take care of their own needs, too. 

    This can be anything that you know that they enjoy but won’t likely spend money on themselves. A gift certificate to a day spa, some face masks, nail polish, a night out bowling or seeing a concert, or just ordering a pizza to their house so that they don’t have to cook. All of these things can and are considered self-care. 

    Coffee, Wine, or Beer

    Or all three! Coffee and alcoholic drinks both make great small gift ideas for any day of the year, special occasion or not. They are something that almost anyone can use, and you can also enjoy them with them!

    A small bag of pre-ground coffee or a relatively inexpensive bottle of wine (throw in a bottle of orange juice with some champagne or prosecco for some morning mimosas) show them that you’re thinking about them.  On the plus side too, isn’t a “big” enough gift to make them feel bad that you’ve spent money on them.

    They’re another great gift to just drop by with, too. 


    If you’re looking for small gift ideas for someone who prides themselves on how intellectual or literate they are, why not honor that by getting them a book? If they have any special interests, you can buy them books about them, or just pick up a bestseller you know they haven’t read but will enjoy.

    Throw in a gift card for their favorite bookstore or a subscription to an online book club or book of the month box. You can even buy yourself a copy so that you can read it alongside them and learn more about what they’re into and what makes them tick.

    If you are unsure what book they would like, try looking at Facebook or Instagram to see their "likes" page or doing a search on Google of their favorite author to check for signed copies or new additions. 

    The Gift Of Time

    Instead of giving a gift (or in addition to), give someone the gift of your time. Whether that is a coffee date where you sit outside and just listen to someone vent, to a movie where it can be quiet if they’re going through a lot of stress, to a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant, just spending quality time with the people around you is one of the best gifts you can give.

    Our society is so busy that we often lose touch with even the people we’re closest to. Unfortunately, text messages and social media can give us a false sense of closeness. But, nothing beats being able to sit face to face with someone and see them react and emote. After the year we’ve all had, getting back to being able to be physically present with someone is just the thing all of us need.

    It can also help to promote a greater sense of mindfulness, which is so important to be able to live as peaceful of a life as possible. When you’re able to put down your cell phone, filter out any extra distractions, and just listen to someone, it makes a whole world of difference for both of you. You may even be surprised by how much distraction you may have been facing.

    Gift Guides and Essentials

    If you’re looking for perfect small gift ideas to surprise someone that’s important to you or congratulate them on an accomplishment, Birthdate Co. has all the tips and tricks you need to find the right one.

    From candles to cookies and gifts meant to help remind them to continue to take care of themselves, the essential part is that you put some thought into it and even include a handwritten note to let them know how much you care.

    The money you spend doesn’t matter; in the end, it’s really the thought that matters the most.


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