Top Luxury Gifts for Your Wife

Top Luxury Gifts for Your Wife

Giving gifts is a remarkable way to show someone how much your care for them, especially when the gift is personal and thoughtful. An item that hits this mark while also being stylish and luxurious is the absolute sweet spot of gifts, and it is bound to be loved by its recipient. 

The qualities above are the most important things to look for in something you’re hoping to woo your wife with. They will show her that you put time and effort into getting an item that’s not only personal, but also polished, refined, and modern. While finding the perfect gift may feel overwhelming, it has a huge payoff and can be a valuable expression of love in your relationship.

The Importance of Surprising Your Spouse With Something Special

If you’re reading this, we commend you for putting some thought into gift-giving because it can really be such an important gesture when it comes to relationships. Surprising your wife with something special can show her how much you appreciate her and benefit the health of your partnership in the long run.

Putting effort into your gift search will show your wife that you care enough to dedicate that extra bit of time and thought to her, and it can be a refreshing change from picking the same old cardigan off the rack that you always grab. 

But what characteristics should you look for to ensure you find a special item that she’ll love?  We think that the following can make or break a great gift:

  • Personalization 
  • Function
  • Style

When you strip your search down to these three characteristics, it doesn’t need to be as daunting. Let’s launch deeper into what kinds of gifts women are statistically proven to prefer as well as the gifts that we think should be your top, luxury picks for your wife the next time you’re looking for something extra special.

What Kinds of Gifts Do Women Prefer?

While you definitely know your wife best, the least we can do is highlight some statistics that show what kinds of gifts women, in general, lean toward. While your brain might immediately jump to a category like “jewelry,” these stats actually show that:

  • 63.9% of women actually wanted homemade gifts
  • 57.6% preferred books
  • 62.7% expressed a desire for household goods

That being said, we fully recognize that not everyone has the talent or skill for homemade gifts. That’s why we recommend keeping homemade’s close cousin on your radar: the personalized gift. 

A customized present is in some ways “homemade” because it requires that you take the initiative to provide the personal information that later goes into the gift creation. In other words, it has all of the thoughtfulness without really requiring you to do anything with your own hands.  

Unsurprisingly, the top luxury gifts we recommend getting for your wife actually fall into the above categories. Let’s take a closer look.

Top Notch Gifts That Will Wow the Woman in Your Life

Specific To Her Birthdate

Birthdate Co. creates two different products made up of customized, astrological descriptions that are specific to a person’s unique birthday. Astrology gives an inside look into the depths of your loved one’s personality by exploring the influence of how the celestial bodies were placed in the sky at the exact moment of their birth. 

Because of this, astrology is deeply personal and makes for a thoughtful, distinct gift. The following luxury astrology items can be customized to reflect your wife’s specific birthdate: 

1.Birthdate Candles: These are a functional, aesthetically pleasing way to display your loved one’s personal astrology, which includes elements like the following:

  • Their sun sign
  • Their personality description 
  • Their ruling planet
  • Their ruling number
  • A tarot card
  • A customized scent

Remember, we mentioned previously that a large percentage of women have shown a preference toward household goods as gifts in the past, and a candle lands gracefully into that category. These serve the practical purpose of freshening up the room while also showcasing the details of a unique zodiac sign.  

2. The Birthdate Book: If you want an even more in-depth look into your loved one’s astrology, this book contains over 70 pages of detailed exploration into your recipient’s entire birth chart. The chart is made up of elements like the following:

  • Their sun sign
  • Their rising sign
  • Their moon sign
  • Their mercury sign
  • Their venus sign
  • Their mars sign
  • The house system

We’ve hit the motherload again when it comes to female preference because books were another popular item in the survey we mentioned earlier. 

If all of this sounds completely new to you, never fear. We’re here to explain why women love astrology and how each of these features reveals a different layer of your loved one’s personality.

Why Personalized Astrology Is Thoughtful and Popular

Astrology is inherently personal because it is all about examining the different aspects of your essence. But on top of that, it’s incredibly popular, specifically within the female demographic. 

A Deeper Look at Women and Astrology

Many women enjoy partaking in astrology because women are often more open to self-reflection and improvement and because it can lead to fun, social conversations about shared knowledge of the subject. Astrology can sometimes be marketed more heavily toward women. 

Feature Breakdown

Now that we’ve looked at all of the reasons that these items are your next best luxury gift for your wife, let’s do a quick rundown of the meaning behind some of the astrological elements. This way, you can truly appreciate the depth of information that you’ll be giving.

Even if you’re not familiar with astrology, chances are the following zodiac signs ring a bell: Aquarius, Pices, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. 

What these signs describe are 12 sections that the sky is divided into. The placement of the celestial bodies within these sections at the time of your birth determines all of your different astrological information.

Read on to learn about all of the astrological elements that our candles and birthdate book unlock. 

Birthdate Candles

  • Sun Sign: This is the most commonly known zodiac sign, defined by the position of the sun at the time of your birth. It determines the dominant traits that drive your being.
  • Personality Description: Your personality strengths and weaknesses are listed based on your specific sun sign.
  • Ruling Planet: Each sun sign is ruled over by a specific planet whose focus holds greater influence over your personality traits.
  • Ruling Number: Determined by adding up all of the digits in specific birth dates, ruling numbers are symbolic of different qualities. 
  • Tarot Card: Tarot cards are a tool used in divination to represent real figures and events that you will encounter in the tangible universe. 

The Birthdate Book

The Birthdate Book includes an entire natal chart (also known as a birth chart) and breaks down each aspect of your chart into detailed, intricate descriptions. It of course delves into the specifics of your sun sign and personality traits, but it also includes the following elements:

  • Dedication Page: The ability to add your own personalized note to the book makes for an extra intimate touch to the gift.
  • Rising Sign: This is determined by what was moving up the easternmost horizon at the exact time of your birth and explains nuances and deviations from the defining qualities of your sun sign.
  • Moon Sign: The location of the moon at your birth can provide supplemental revelations and gives you better insight into your whole being.
  • Mercury Sign: The placement of Mercury influences intelligence and communication.
  • Venus Sign: Venus influences beauty and aesthetic sense.
  • Mars Sign: Mars influences passion and desire.
  • The House System: The house system divides the sky into sections that each possess a different focus and impact each of the planets accordingly.
  • Shared Celebrity Birthdays and Sun Signs: These are exactly what they sound like. Who doesn’t love finding out that they have commonalities with their favorite celebrity or figurehead?

A Gift To Remember

Giving the gift of astrology means giving a gift that shows you put thought into finding something that reflects the unique personality of your loved one. 

Whether it’s showcased on a candle that adds a peaceful glow to her room or within a chic, stylish coffee table book that is sure to start conversations during any gathering, astrology is a deeply personal and fun way to celebrate an individual. Show your wife how much you care by uncovering the most special, intrinsic pieces of her soul. 


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