Top Six Best Bridal Party Gifts

Top Six Best Bridal Party Gifts

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, and it is made that much more important because of the people standing by your side. In order to show those people how much they mean to you, they may be a part of your bridal party.

If so, you have likely spent a lot of time together in the past months reminiscing over beloved memories and feeling alight with excitement over things to come.

Being in a bridal party is incredibly rewarding but also takes time, effort, and planning. To show your appreciation for that, it is traditional to get gifts for the members of your bridal party. The gift itself, though, can be anything but traditional. It should mimic your relationships with your bridal party and should be unique, fun, and true to you. 

If you are unsure of the most meaningful gifts to get for your bridal party, we have some suggestions.

1. A Custom Bag

From a weekend bag to a hand-held wristlet, we all have a lot to carry around. Getting the beloved members of your bridal party custom bags is both a thoughtful gift and a useful one. Think about what kind of bag would be best, and you do not necessarily have to get the same one for each person.

These are likely some of your closest friends, so show them how well you know them by finding a bag that would specifically fit their needs.

For a friend who always has the perfect winged eyeliner, a makeup bag could be perfect. For someone who is always on the move, there are larger bags that can hold their clothes and necessities while also letting them take a piece of home wherever they go. Your bridal party is sure to appreciate the thought and time you have put into their gifts.

These bags can be customized in a number of ways, but the most popular is definitely to embroider or to otherwise feature some writing. So the real personalization comes in when determining just what you would like to put on the bag.

Consider including either their name, the date of the wedding or an individualized message to each one of your bridal party.

2. A Self-Care Kit

There is nothing quite like a day totally dedicated to self-care to enliven the spirit and renew energy. By putting together self-care kits for each person in your bridal party, you are telling them that their time and effort are valuable and that they deserve some me-time.

This gift could be even more meaningful than you realize because having a self-care routine can help immensely with promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle. After all, because at Birthdate Co., we love burning candles, just not at both ends.

Now it is time to consider what should go into the self-care kit. The good news is, since the kit consists of items that you are choosing and cultivating yourself, it could easily be customized to each person. This really goes a long way to show that you know and care about the individuals in your bridal party.

Just a few possible self-care kit items include:

  • A favorite book or movie
  • Nail polish
  • A calming tea blend
  • Personalized wine glasses
  • An eye mask
  • Comfortable, luxurious socks
  • A moisturizing face mask

A necessity in your self-care kit is a beautiful, sweet-smelling candle. The Birthdate Candle takes this to the next level by customizing every candle for the user’s specific birthdate, using astrology, numerology, and tarot to find the perfect blend. 

Your bridal party knows you better than anyone, so an astrological candle can help them have similar insight into their lives and personalities.

3. A Box of Gourmet Candy

If there is one thing people could appreciate as much as a customized self-care kit, it is undoubtedly candy. There are so many options of delicious and elegant candies to get for your bridal party.

A beautiful box of chocolate is a classic for a reason, but your candy choices do not end there. You can also choose from caramel, fudge, nuts, taffies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and much more.

Try to find a snack as sweet and classy as your bridal party, and they are sure to love your delectable gift. And, when in doubt, always go for the chocolate.

4. Jewelry

For the glamorous bridal party, jewelry is a classic, tried-and-true gift. For some, a bracelet, necklace, or ring is the absolute perfect present to know they are appreciated. In this case, there are advantages to both customizing everyone’s items and to leaving them as they are.

There are definitely some benefits to deciding not to customize each individual item. Instead, give each member of your bridal party the same piece of beautiful jewelry. This way, they can all match and possibly wear the thoughtfully selected pieces on the day of the wedding.

Wearing them on the wedding day will make the jewelry even more meaningful to both you and your wedding party. Whereas before, it was a beautiful piece that represented your friendship, now it is also imbued with the magic of your wedding day. The bridal party can wear the piece going forward and smile, knowing what your gift represents.

Meanwhile, there is also the option to get your bridal party personalized pieces of jewelry. This way, you have the advantage of considering what people tend to wear. Possibly someone is more of a bracelet person, while another never goes out without a ring on every finger. So not only can you customize the type of jewelry, but you can also customize what it says. 

In the case of a bracelet, it can feature charms or writing that show how much you care and how well you know them. For a ring, a personal engraving on the inside is always a meaningful addition. These pieces can always serve as a reminder of your connection as well as your love and appreciation for them being a part of your big day.

5. Something That Centers and Grounds Them

Similar to a self-care kit, getting something for your bridal party that allows them to connect, center themselves, and practice gratitude is a deeply meaningful gift. In the rush of daily life, it is all too easy for moments of genuine reflection to get left by the wayside. This kind of gift reminds all of you to take a second to just breathe and appreciate where you are in life.

People find their center in different ways, but gems, crystals, and incense are all good starting points. Books are also wonderful tools for learning and growing. The Birthdate Book allows for this and more by providing the reader’s comprehensive birth chart, all in a beautiful, coffee table-friendly hardcover package. With over 70 pages of carefully researched information, your bridal party will be able to treasure this item as a keepsake and eventually an heirloom. 

A wedding is a very exciting time for both the happy couple and those involved in the wedding party. It is important to find moments within the excitement to look back and appreciate the situation. A centering and grounding gift allows your bridal party to do just that and will also make them more present in the moment for the big day itself.

6. Something Soft

Cozying up after a long day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Facilitate and enhance your bridal party’s comfort by giving them something soft and lush to enjoy. Luckily, there is no shortage of delightfully soft and warm items to give to those you care about, and many of them can be customized if desired.

An elegant set of towels (embroidered with their initials for an added touch) is such a simple and often overlooked way to add a hint of luxury to daily life. Other than that, a particularly warm blanket (perhaps even a weighted blanket) or a beautiful robe will have your bridal party feeling like the royalty they are.

Customization can be such an important part of both the process of gift-giving and receiving. For the gift-giver, the sense of having control over your gift is deeply rewarding. For the gift-receiver, a personalized gift makes you feel heard and seen, elevating a great present to an unforgettable one.

Saying “I Do”

The act of gift-giving is a wonderful process and can be just as rewarding as receiving a gift. So let yourself revel in it, and enjoy this part of your life. Finding a physical manifestation of your appreciation for people is a wonderful opportunity, and doing so because of your wedding is even more so.

Use the increased time you are spending together to really get to know the people in your bridal party in new ways. Every like and dislike can go to finding the perfect gift, and actively listening will deepen your friendships with one another, especially when gift-giving is their love language

In the end, a bridal party gift should be a representation of your gratitude for their time, support, and unconditional love. This is a great chance to show them how much they mean to you while also reflecting on the meaningful relationships in your life, beyond just the person you are marrying.

As long as you put thought and care into your gifts, your bridal party will be sure to love it, almost as much as they love you.


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