Top Six 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

    Top Six 30th Birthday Gift Ideas


    Turning 30 is a big deal. It’s incredibly exciting to begin a new decade of life. Turning 30 is another reminder to really go for what you want out of life and follow what makes you happy.

    So how do you help someone celebrate such a momentous milestone, whether they are a close friend, family member, or a casual acquaintance? You want to get something perfect that shows you appreciate who they are and how you look forward to accompanying them through this new chapter of their life.

    All of this begins, of course, with finding the right gift to kick off this new decade. How do you find a gift that perfectly encapsulates their youth, but also recognizes their maturing interests and tastes? This can be a tricky and fine line to walk, but luckily we’ve got some suggestions for you.

    A Self-Care Kit

    Turning 30 is a huge achievement, one that warrants a little rest and relaxation.

    Self-care can mean many different things and take many different forms, such as:

    • Resting
    • Exercising
    • Taking part in a favorite hobby
    • Practicing good hygiene
    • Reminding yourself to feel grateful and practice gratitude
    • Doing whatever it takes to center oneself

    Any and all of these activities are worthwhile endeavors in our day-to-day lives, so a reminder to someone to nourish their relationship with themselves is always a welcomed one. A self-care kit can look different depending on the intended recipient. 

    If the person turning 30 is a nature lover, maybe provide them with the ingredients for s’mores and an IOU to take a wonderful hike together at some point in the near future.

    If they enjoy being pampered, try a bath bomb, some bubble bath, or a wonderful scented candle (or all three!). If they’re a film buff, maybe get them a copy of their favorite movie and a brand of gourmet popcorn.

    A gift like a customized astrological candle says you really know their interests. Fans of astrology will love the personality reading on this candle that’s derived from their birthdate, ruling planet, ruling number, and tarot reading. With 60 to 80 hours of burn time, this candle will provide many hours of relaxation. 

    Something That Allows Them To Pursue an Interest

    We all wish we had more time to dedicate to our hobbies and passions, and a birthday is a great opportunity to give someone a chance to do just that! If you know your loved one has always wanted to get into painting, consider buying them classes or some new watercolors. 

    If they are an astrology lover like us, think about something like a personalized deep-dive into their birth chart. This book from Birthdate Co. reveals over 70 pages of information put together by world-class astrology experts. As your friend enters this next decade of their lives, this information can help prepare them for what lies ahead. 

    A Personalized Mug

    With every passing year, the more our appreciation for things we didn’t recognize previously grows stronger. This applies to a lot of things. Sleeping in, a good book, fuzzy socks, and intense period dramas all make the list. But all of these more mature vices pale in comparison to the most adult enjoyment (or necessity) of all: coffee.

    Alright, we are exaggerating a bit. Not everyone drinks coffee, and it’s certainly not a part of everyone’s lives. Whether your friend loves coffee, tea, or a nice cup of cocoa, this could be the gift for them. 

    The world of customized and personalized mugs is vast and just waiting to be traversed. Mugs can be made with pictures of loved ones on them, or art of pets, or quotes from a favorite book or movie. You could maybe even find a mug that features all three of those! 

    This specific kind of personalization makes for such a great gift because many people use mugs to start their day or throughout the workday. Putting some kind of message or art on a mug lets the giftee think about the things they care about in moments when they may need a pick-me-up.

    A Cozy Blanket

    Just as the personalized adorable (or sassy) mug got the birthday guest of honor’s day started on the right foot, the cozy blanket is the perfect end to a stressful day.  A cozy blanket is a sign to your friend that you think about their mental well-being. 

    There are so many different types of blankets to choose from; the possibilities are endless.

    • Sherpa blanket: If your friend is always cold or happens to live in an area with chilly and icy winters, this is the blanket to get. The soft fluff will keep them bundled up and warm no matter what. Props for finding a blanket that is machine washable!
    • Cooling blanket: If your friend is always sweating, no matter what, or lives in a dry and hot place, give these blankets a try. Blankets made out of bamboo feels like a cooling breeze. Plus, many of them are more environmentally friendly than cotton options.
    • Weighted blanket: If your friend experiences anxiety or has trouble sleeping, this gift is sure to be appreciated. A weighted blanket is full of plastic or glass beads, and the deep pressure therapy it provides can ensure a calm and restful sleep. 

    Something That Lets Them Choose

    To some people, there is no better gift than the gift of choice. That is incredibly understandable, but it can sometimes leave the gifter with somewhat limited options. After all, cash or a check feels impersonal and can leave you feeling like you missed out on a great gift-giving opportunity for someone you care about. 

    If you want something more personal than cash, but that doesn’t lock you or the gift receiver into any one item, gift cards can be the perfect alternative. We know gift cards can often get a bad rap, but there’s no reason for that. In reality, people really enjoy gift cards and generally use them to buy things they wouldn’t have otherwise considered

    With that in mind, a gift card can actually be one of the best gifts to get someone. As long as you know what they are interested in, in general, you can easily find a gift card that supports that.

    From there, they can get whatever they want the most and will likely get something more focused on fun or leisure rather than practical use. Also, they will always associate their beloved new purchase with you.

    A Subscription Service

    Another potential way to help a loved one pursue their interests is through the use of a subscription service. There are so many options out there for subscription services, from ones that deliver meals (pre-made or ingredients for you to cook) to coffee, wine, whiskey, puzzles, books, socks, and so much more.

    Really, there is a subscription service out there for everyone.

    Gifting someone an amount of time on a subscription service is the perfect mix of a gift that you select for them, but something that feels dynamic and like the giftee plays a large part in it. They get to interact and have their own opinions on what they get delivered. They might just discover their favorite new thing. Either way, though, they get a fun experience and opportunity to take part in something that they enjoy, courtesy of you.

    Another advantage of gifting someone a subscription service is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It isn’t just a one-time present, and it will continue to excite them and make them think of you each time they receive a new shipment.

    A Day to Celebrate

    A birthday is just another chance to show a loved one that you truly care about them and that you take care to listen carefully to their wants and interests. This celebration is all about them, and a gift is a great way to extend their joy long beyond just the day itself. 

    Think about what would be the most meaningful to the birthday celebrator, and go from there. Personalization is always a good route to go, as it makes the person feel heard and understood by you. Also, it makes something that could otherwise be unexciting a new, fun part of their day.

    Remember not to get too hung up on the wrapping. Studies actually show that, in close relationships, messy wrapping can be better than a neater presentation.

    Turning 30 is incredibly exciting. So, find the right gift to help them kick off this new decade right: remind them to practice self-care, pursue what makes them happy, and overall to always get the most out of life.


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