How To Give Thoughtful Gifts That Will Really Light Up Their Day

How To Give Thoughtful Gifts That Will Really Light Up Their Day


There is perhaps only one thing better than receiving the perfect gift, and that’s giving the perfect gift to a loved one. The moment of total joy and surprise on someone’s face after receiving something you know they will treasure is unmatched. That said, it can be difficult to think of or find that exact right item. 

So how do you figure out the very best thing to give someone you care about? It may not be an exact science, but there are some helpful ways to guarantee a wonderful gift-giving experience for both the gifter and the giftee.


Pay Attention to What Brings Them Joy

If you care about someone, you probably do this already. Gift-giving is all about showing someone you care and that you think of them. In order to really get to know someone, you have to truly, actively listen to them. What are their likes? And perhaps even more importantly, what are their dislikes? When you have a thorough sense of their tastes, finding the right gift becomes a much simpler process.

On a similar note, while everyone appreciates getting a gift, the act can have an even deeper meaning to some. Love languages are the five major categories of how different people both give and accept love. These categories include: 

  • Words of Affirmation (appreciating compliments and being told they are cared for)
  • Quality Time (treasuring leisure time spent with loved ones)
  • Physical Touch (expressing affection through hugs, kisses, and more forms of touch)
  • Acts of Service (either performing helpful acts for others or having others perform helpful acts for them)
  • Receiving Gifts (giving or receiving presents)

That’s right; there’s a significant number of people whose primary method of expressing love is through both giving and receiving gifts. This is in no way to say that the rest of the population won’t appreciate a thoughtful present, but if you think that receiving gifts is the love language of someone in your life, know that your gifts are appreciated on an even more profound level.


For the Sweetest Surprise, Customize!

A gift is a fantastic opportunity to show someone you care for them with a tangible item. Your gift tells the receiver they are not only seen by you, but also appreciated. And what better way to show someone you see them than with something customized especially for them? 

For ultimate (and beautiful) customization, there’s The Birthdate Book, perfect for the lovely Libra or timeless Taurus in your life. Whether the one receiving the gift is new to astrology or if they prepare for Mercury to be in retrograde starting months in advance, it’s always a treat to learn more about your personalized birth chart.


It’s the Thought That Counts

The age-old adage “it’s the thought that counts” is a classic for a reason. The sentiment behind a gift is often even more important than the gift itself. A present to a loved one doesn’t need to be incredibly expensive to be incredibly meaningful. All people want in a gift is to know that they are loved and cared for by the one who gave it to them. 

A gift that references an inside joke or a shared interest is generally a great way to go. Just as the gift should be specific to the person receiving it, it might also reflect something about both the gift giver and your relationship in general. The present can also be one meant to be enjoyed together or something experiential.


When in Doubt, Talk It Out

So you have a potential gift in mind that could either be the present of the millennium or a flop of absolutely astronomical proportions. They say go big or go home, but in this case, doing some slight research is likely for the best.

If you’re totally lost, you can always ask the recipient for their thoughts. While eliminating the surprise does take away a bit of the fun of both gift-giving and getting, it won’t make them appreciate the gesture any less. Having this conversation could also save you a not-so-ideal gift reveal in the long run. If subtlety is more your style, though, try to ask questions that are a bit vaguer so as not to give it away. 

We know that some people are harder to shop for than others. Maybe they’re more particular than most, or you just want them to have the option to get whatever they would like. If you want to eliminate any potential gift-giving anxiety entirely, a gift card can be a great alternative. 

For example, the Birthdate Co. Gift Card allows the gifter to select a gift amount, and then the gift receiver can pick something great for themselves. As well as knowing they’ll love their gift, perhaps the best part of giving a gift card is that they will always look at their new item and know they have it because of you.


Give Often and Give Freely

People tend to forget that gift-giving doesn’t have to only be reserved for holidays and birthdays. Luckily, giving gifts more frequently doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank—you can give small, thoughtful gifts, and often. There are plenty of occasions that lend themselves to giving a loved one a great gift, such as:

  • When they accomplish a goal (big or small)
  • If they’ve had a hard day/week
  • To show them you care
  • Just to make them smile

There are also gifts that are given for no particular or specific reason at all. Even a small item, like something as inconsequential as a piece of their absolute favorite candy at the grocery store, shows the receiver they’re both cared about and cared for. Giving someone an item that made you think of them shows that they’re always with you throughout your day, even if you are apart. Receiving a “just because” gift can be a wonderful bonding experience for both of you.


Find an Item That Makes You Think of Them

Another method of gift-giving is to search for something that reminds you of your loved one. Maybe this gift is a well-documented interest of theirs that they just can’t stop talking about (like astrology is for us), or it’s something that elicits a positive feeling you associate with them. 

Look for an item that makes you feel happiness, safety, love, or just whatever feels the most authentic to you and your relationship. The gift could be something that you only use once and savor, or it could be an item you can use many times to create a comforting aura, like a personalized Astrology Inspired Birthday Candle.


Try To Enjoy the Search

We know finding a great gift for someone you cherish can be daunting at times, but don’t forget that this process should be enjoyable for you as well! There are so many exciting presents out there, and while that can be a bit overwhelming, it can be really fun too.

There is also always the possibility that you’ll stumble upon something that isn’t perfect for someone else, but is perfect for you. Don’t forget that treating yourself is a crucial and integral part of self-care. After all, while relationships with others are important, one of the most meaningful relationships you have is with yourself.


There Are Different Gifts for Different Occasions

Sometimes, the best gift a person could receive is a pair of socks—and sometimes it’s not. And, hey, we’re not judging! Socks can be great, but something so utilitarian doesn’t always make for the best or most thoughtful gift. A gift doesn’t have to be a necessity for one’s life, but it should always enhance one’s life. 

If someone needs and asks for socks, then, by all means, get them the best pair of socks you can find. Otherwise, gifts are often something that a person wouldn’t get for themselves, even if it would make them happy. So truly think, what would make this person happy, and how can you help to provide them that joy?


To Wrap It Up

There are so many different kinds of gifts to give your loved ones, but the most appreciated ones are usually those that have some kind of special meaning to the gift receiver. A great way to create that connection is with a personalized or customized gift that is in some way specific to them. 

Make sure you listen to your intended giftee and truly get to know them. For one thing, active listening is a gift in and of itself as it enhances communication and deepens relationships, but it will also assure you know you’re getting them a gift that will bring a great deal of happiness.

Your gift receiver will surely appreciate the present simply because it’s from you, and it means you were thinking of them. However, few things say you care quite like a perfect and thoughtful gift. While finding that perfect present can feel overwhelming in a sea of options, we hope we’ve given you some helpful tips and tricks to ease your gift giving journey.




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