Best Modern Gifts That Look Stylish and Cool

Best Modern Gifts That Look Stylish and Cool

Astrology is a practice that dates back all the way through our history but is still as popular as ever. Almost every single person can name their zodiac sign and have read their monthly horoscope at least once (or maybe a few dozen times). 

The simple, commonly known elements of astrology like your sign or your horoscope only begin to touch upon the many, complex layers of the zodiac world. The study of the placement of celestial bodies at different points in time can reveal deeply personal characteristics about one’s personality and essence. 

What’s even more special is that an individual’s personal astrology is completely unique to their specific birthday. All that being said, if you’re looking to give a gift that is on-trend, personalized, and thoughtful, then look out for presents centered in customized astrology.  

The Rise of Astrology

In recent years, astrology has surged in popularity thanks to the increased accessibility of specialty apps and the prevalence of social media. Its rise has only been exemplified by the extra time for introspection inherently caused by the lockdowns of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In times of trouble or anxiety, astrology provides essential self-appreciation and reflection as well as hope for the future. More so than that, it is also an awesome self-help tool because it is a fun tool for uncovering the distinctly personal depths of your personality.

The Personalized Nature of Astrology

 Whether you’re looking to find a gift for the astrology-obsessed person in your life or for someone who doesn’t know a single thing about the zodiac signs, giving an astrology-themed gift means giving the gift of personalization.

Birthdate Candles from Birthdate Co. are special gifts in that they come in 365 different variations, each one including customized astrology information for every single birthday of the year. By giving this gift to someone, you are providing them with a symbolic reading that is unique only to the select few born on their given day of birth.

These candles include the following elements:

  • Your Personality Description
  • A Tarot Card
  • Your Ruling Number
  • Your Ruling Planet
  •  A Customized Scent

Their somewhat minimalist design of only text, black and white colors and simple symbols means that these candles still look incredibly stylish and cool while tastefully showcasing a surprising depth of information. 

To delve even deeper into the inner workings of your soul, The Birthdate Book outlines over 70 pages of detailed information, all exclusive to your particular birthday, including…

  • Your birth chart
  • Your sun sign
  • Your rising sign
  • Your moon sign
  • You planetary positions
  • A place for a personalized note
  • An explanation of your birth chart
  • Shared celebrity birthdays and sun signs

This gift is incredibly informational, and its sharp, geometric designs make for a really chic coffee table book. It’s bound to catch the eyes of onlookers, but they’ll stay for the shrouds of mystical information contained under the cover.

The Science of Gift-Giving

When it comes to buying someone a gift, we often want to find the perfect item that is special or personal to our friend or family member. What’s especially interesting, however, is that studies have shown that the receiver actually also really values the “usability” of a gift.

That’s why these astrology-focused gifts are so beneficial. They fulfill both of these desires. They are customized to the individual recipient, but their lifespan extends far beyond the moment that they’re pulled out of their wrapping paper.

70 pages of astrological revelations can be uncovered over time and frequently revisited after that. Any kind of personal, astrological description can be turned to when someone is looking for comfort or the chance to boost their deeper sense of self.

In a more literal sense, Birthdate Candles are a very “usable” item because they have a practical use that extends past their astrological text. They have the potential to improve the ambiance and permeate your room with a pleasant scent, burning for up to 60-80 hours. After the wax is gone, use them to store sentimental or beautiful items. 

The Social Factor

Something additional that we love about astrology is that, along with being deeply personal, it is simultaneously incredibly social and makes for a fascinating topic of conversation. 

For example, people that have the same sun sign may find it easy to share and speculate over their shared experiences, resulting in a huge relatability boost. On the flip side, it can often be exciting to explore our differences too.  

For those reasons, when catching the attention of house guests, an item as simple as a Birthdate Candle or The Birthdate Book can spark an intimate conversation that will especially draw people together or form a shared connection.

The Birthdate Book even includes a list of celebrities who share your same birthday and sun sign, lending itself to fun discoveries of commonality amongst yourself and your favorite stars. Not to mention, sharing a birthday with Taylor Swift or Dick Van Dyke comes with some bragging rights too.

How Your Birthday Defines You

Your specific birth date determines the unique way in which the planets were aligned at that specific point in time. That alignment determines the qualities that you may share between other souls of the same sign or ways you may differ from souls that are home to different signs.

Sun Signs and Personality Traits

When looking at sun signs (the kind of sign most commonly used in horoscopes), you’ll see that someone who was born on November 25 is a Sagittarius and has strengths in being frolicsome, astute, and hardworking, as well as weaknesses in being willful, excessive, and exacting.   

However, a person born on February 29 is a Pisces and has strengths in being logical, assertive, and authoritative, as well as weaknesses in being ungrounded, enervated, and unprepared. 

All of these character traits are outlined when you analyze your specific astrological birth date, whether it be on the surface of a candle or in an extensive natal chart bound within a book. 

Your Birthday’s Ruling Number Explained

If you are new to astrology, you may find yourself asking questions like, what even is a ruling number? Again, features like this are so special because they are completely unique to your specific day of birth. 

The ruling number, in particular, is established by literally adding up the digits in your birthday. To use our previous example, if you were born on February 29, then your ruling number is Two because…

2 + 9 = 11 and 1+1 = 2.

Similar to a specific sun sign, a ruling number of Two indicates certain personality traits like a love of harmony and companionship. It also suggests someone likely to be intuitive and talented when it comes to deciphering arguments. 

Why These Gifts Are Sleek and Stylish

A lot of looking “cool” is actually just about looking knowledgeable and like you’re staying on top of current trends. As we’ve already discussed, the science of astrology continues to be hugely popular. Not only that, but it requires an immense attention to detail and an ability to absorb a wide spectrum of facts and information.

Similar to impressing your friends on trivia night, expressing knowledge about astrology reveals one’s ability to understand complex topics and focus on investing in themselves and their own internal exploration.

In other words, style can actually just be largely equivalent to other traits like confidence and knowledge.

Less is More

Aside from this more figurative look at style, there is, of course, the more obvious definition that lies in an object’s visual appearance. We mentioned earlier the value of minimalism when it comes to design. Oftentimes, an item ends up looking distracting when it becomes overloaded with too many clashing colors, patterns, or graphics.   

When it comes to astrology, visual elements like zodiac symbols themselves or the shapes and outlines that make up a birth chart are inherently interesting to the eye. Because of this, look for gifts that utilize simple, geometric shapes in their designs and sleek tones like black and white accompanied by an occasional pop of color. 

By doing so, these products retain their focus on the aesthetically pleasing complexity of the zodiac text and symbols themselves.   

A Special Birthday Ahead

Everyone knows that feeling of pressure that comes with the determination to find special, exciting gifts for the people they love in life. But finding the perfect thing that brings a twinkle to someone’s eye is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. 

Personal, astrological charts and descriptions are the perfect birthday gift when it comes to celebrating your loved one’s unique place in the universe. They are completely centered in the depths of the individual’s personality, and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made someone feel deeply seen and valued.  


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